100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd

100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd (100 Deeds for Eddie McDowd)
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1. série
1. Tagged (Tagged)
2. Dog Gone (Dog Gone)
3. Dog Day Out (Dog Day Out)
4. All Howls Eve (All Howls Eve)
5. Slam Punk (Slam Punk)
6. Cheaters Sometimes Prosper (Cheaters Sometimes Prosper)
7. Mutts and Robbers (Mutts and Robbers)
8. Dog Years (Dog Years)
9. Puppy Love (Puppy Love)
10. The Students Are Revolting (The Students Are Revolting)
11. False Hero (False Hero)
12. A Dog's Life (A Dog's Life)
13. Return of Gigi (Return of Gigi)
14. Meet the New Boss (Meet the New Boss)
15. Lie Like a Dog (Lie Like a Dog)
16. April Fools (April Fools)
17. Good Cop, Bad Dog (Good Cop, Bad Dog)
18. Big Dog (Big Dog)
19. Fur Better or Worse (Fur Better or Worse)
20. A Very Canine Christmas (A Very Canine Christmas)
2. série
1. Homeward Hound, Part 1 (Homeward Hound, Part 1)
2. Homeward Hound, Part 2 (Homeward Hound, Part 2)
3. Personal Trainer (Personal Trainer)
4. Eddie Loves Tori (Eddie Loves Tori)
5. A Star is Born (A Star is Born)
6. Matchmaking Mutt (Matchmaking Mutt)
7. So Shoe Me (So Shoe Me)
8. Sick as a Dog (Sick as a Dog)
9. Ruby (Ruby)
10. Whistle a Happy Tune (Whistle a Happy Tune)
11. You Talk Too Much (You Talk Too Much)
12. Eye of the Mongrel (Eye of the Mongrel)
3. série
1. Doggie Do Right (Doggie Do Right)
2. Fowl Deeds (Fowl Deeds)
3. Slap Shot (Slap Shot)
4. Dog Interrupted (Dog Interrupted)
5. Welcome to the Doghouse (Welcome to the Doghouse)
6. Teacher's Pet Peeve (Teacher's Pet Peeve)
7. Deep Blue Deed (Deep Blue Deed)
8. Found and Dead/Lost and Found (Found and Dead/Lost and Found)
9. Dog Day (Dog Day)
10. Furryious, Part 1 (Furryious, Part 1)
11. Furryious, Part 2 (Furryious, Part 2)
12. Dog Show (Dog Show)
13. Happy Birthday (Happy Birthday)
14. Doggy gose Hollywood, Part 1 (Doggy gose Hollywood, Part 1)
15. Doggy gose Hollywood, Part 2 (Doggy gose Hollywood, Part 2)