Addamsova rodina

Addamsova rodina (Addams Family, The)
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1. série
1. The Addams Family Goes to School (The Addams Family Goes to School)
2. Morticia and the Psychiatrist (Morticia and the Psychiatrist)
3. Fester's Punctured Romance (Fester's Punctured Romance)
4. Gomez the Politician (Gomez the Politician)
5. Addams Family Tree (Addams Family Tree)
6. Morticia and the Ladies League (Morticia and the Ladies League)
7. Hallowe’en (Hallowe’en)
8. Green Eyed Gomez (Green Eyed Gomez)
9. New Neighbors (New Neighbors)
10. Wednesday Leaves Home (Wednesday Leaves Home)
11. The Addams Family Meets the VIPs (The Addams Family Meets the VIPs)
12. Morticia the Matchmaker (Morticia the Matchmaker)
13. Lurch Learns to Dance (Lurch Learns to Dance)
14. Art and the Addams Family (Art and the Addams Family)
15. Beatnik (Beatnik)
16. Undercover Man (Undercover Man)
17. Mother Lurch Visits (Mother Lurch Visits)
18. Uncle Fester's Illness (Uncle Fester's Illness)
19. The Addams Family Splurges (The Addams Family Splurges)
20. Cousin Itt Visits the Addams Family (Cousin Itt Visits the Addams Family)
21. The Addams Family in Court (The Addams Family in Court)
22. Amnesia in the Addams Family (Amnesia in the Addams Family)
23. Thing Is Missing (Thing Is Missing)
24. Crisis in the Addams Family (Crisis in the Addams Family)
25. Lurch and His Harpsichord (Lurch and His Harpsichord)
26. Morticia the Breadwinner (Morticia the Breadwinner)
27. The Addams Family and the Spacemen (The Addams Family and the Spacemen)
28. My Son the Chimp (My Son the Chimp)
29. Morticia's Charity (Morticia's Charity)
30. Progress and the Addams Family (Progress and the Addams Family)
31. Uncle Fester's Toupee (Uncle Fester's Toupee)
32. Cousin Itt and the Vocational Counselor (Cousin Itt and the Vocational Counselor)
33. Lurch the Teenage Idol (Lurch the Teenage Idol)
34. Winning of Morticia Addams (Winning of Morticia Addams)
2. série
1. My Fair Cousin Itt (My Fair Cousin Itt)
2. Morticia's Romance, Part 1 (Morticia's Romance, Part 1)
3. Morticia's Romance, Part 2 (Morticia's Romance, Part 2)
4. Morticia Meets Royalty (Morticia Meets Royalty)
5. Gomez the People's Choice (Gomez the People's Choice)
6. Cousin Itt's Problem (Cousin Itt's Problem)
7. Second Hallowe’en Episode (Second Hallowe’en Episode)
8. Morticia the Writer (Morticia the Writer)
9. Morticia the Sculptress (Morticia the Sculptress)
10. Gomez the Reluctant Lover (Gomez the Reluctant Lover)
11. Feud (Feud)
12. Gomez the Cat Burglar (Gomez the Cat Burglar)
13. Portrait of Gomez (Portrait of Gomez)
14. Morticia's Dilemma (Morticia's Dilemma)
15. Christmas (Christmas)
16. Uncle Fester, Tycoon (Uncle Fester, Tycoon)
17. Morticia and Gomez vs. Fester and Grandmama (Morticia and Gomez vs. Fester and Grandmama)
18. Fester Goes on a Diet (Fester Goes on a Diet)
19. Great Treasure Hunt (Great Treasure Hunt)
20. Ophelia Finds Romance (Ophelia Finds Romance)
21. Pugsley's Allowance (Pugsley's Allowance)
22. Happy Birthday Grandm1a Frump (Happy Birthday Grandma Frump)
23. Morticia the Decorator (Morticia the Decorator)
24. Ophelia Visits Morticia (Ophelia Visits Morticia)
25. Addams Cum Laude (Addams Cum Laude)
26. Cat Addams (Cat Addams)
27. Lurch's Little Helper (Lurch's Little Helper)
28. Addams Policy (Addams Policy)
29. Lurch's Romance (Lurch's Romance)
30. Ophelia's Career (Ophelia's Career)