Advokáti (Practice, The) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Part II (Part II)
3. Trial and Error (Trial and Error)
4. Part IV (Part IV)
5. Part V (Part V)
6. Part VI (Part VI)
2. série
1. Reasonable Doubts (Reasonable Doubts)
2. Betrayal (Betrayal)
3. The Blessing (The Blessing)
4. Dog Bite (Dog Bite)
5. First Degree (First Degree)
6. Sex, Lies and Monkeys (Sex, Lies and Monkeys)
7. Search and Seizure (Search and Seizure)
8. The Means (The Means)
9. Save the Mule (Save the Mule)
10. Spirit of America (Spirit of America)
11. Hide and Seek (Hide and Seek)
12. Race with the Devil (Race with the Devil)
13. The Civil Right (The Civil Right)
14. The Pursuit of Dignity (The Pursuit of Dignity)
15. Line of Duty (Line of Duty)
16. Truth and Consequences (Truth and Consequences)
17. Burden of Proof (Burden of Proof)
18. Ties That Bind (Ties That Bind)
19. The Trial (The Trial)
20. Cloudy with a Chance of Membranes (Cloudy with a Chance of Membranes)
21. In Deep (In Deep)
22. Another Day (Another Day)
23. Checkmate (Checkmate)
24. Trees in the Forest (Trees in the Forest)
25. Food Chains (Food Chains)
26. Axe Murderer (Axe Murderer)
27. Duty Bound (Duty Bound)
28. Rhyme and Reason (Rhyme and Reason)
3. série
1. Passing Go (Passing Go)
2. Reasons to Believe (Reasons to Believe)
3. Body Count (Body Count)
4. The Defenders (The Defenders)
5. The Battlefield (The Battlefield)
6. One of Those Days (One of Those Days)
7. Trench Work (Trench Work)
8. Swearing In (Swearing In)
9. State of Mind (State of Mind)
10. Love & Honor (Love & Honor)
11. Split Decisions (Split Decisions)
12. A Day in the Life (A Day in the Life)
13. Judge and Jury (Judge and Jury)
14. Of Human Bondage (Of Human Bondage)
15. Lawyers, Reporters and Cockroaches (Lawyers, Reporters and Cockroaches)
16. End Games (End Games)
17. Target Practice (Target Practice)
18. Crossfire (Crossfire)
19. Closet Justice (Closet Justice)
20. Home Invasions (Home Invasions)
21. Infected (Infected)
22. Do Unto Others (Do Unto Others)
23. Happily Ever After (Happily Ever After)
4. série
1. Free Dental (Free Dental)
2. Boston Confidential (Boston Confidential)
3. Loser's Keepers (Loser's Keepers)
4. Legacy (Legacy)
5. Oz (Oz)
6. Marooned (Marooned)
7. Victimless Crimes (Victimless Crimes)
8. Committed (Committed)
9. Bay of Pigs (Bay of Pigs)
10. Day in Court (Day in Court)
11. Blowing Smoke (Blowing Smoke)
12. New Evidence (New Evidence)
13. Hammerhead Sharks (Hammerhead Sharks)
14. Checkmates (Checkmates)
15. Race Ipsa Loquitor (Race Ipsa Loquitor)
16. Settling (Settling)
17. Black Widows (Black Widows)
18. Death Penalties (Death Penalties)
19. Till Death Do Us Part (Till Death Do Us Part)
20. Liberty Bells (Liberty Bells)
21. Honorable Man (Honorable Man)
22. Life Sentence (Life Sentence)
5. série
1. Summary Judgments (Summary Judgments)
2. Germ Warfare (Germ Warfare)
3. Officers of the Court (Officers of the Court)
4. Appeal and Denial (Appeal and Denial)
5. We Hold These Truths... (We Hold These Truths...)
6. Show and Tell (Show and Tell)
7. Brothers' Keepers (Brothers' Keepers)
8. Mr. Hinks Goes to Town (Mr. Hinks Goes to Town)
9. The Deal (The Deal)
10. Friends and Ex-Lovers (Friends and Ex-Lovers)
11. An Early Frost (An Early Frost)
12. Payback (Payback)
13. The Thin Line (The Thin Line)
14. The Day After (The Day After)
15. Awakenings (Awakenings)
16. Gideon's Crossover (Gideon's Crossover)
17. What Child Is This? (What Child Is This?)
18. The Confession (The Confession)
19. Home of the Brave (Home of the Brave)
20. The Case of Harland Bassett (The Case of Harland Bassett)
21. Poor Richard's Almanac (Poor Richard's Almanac)
22. Public Servants (Public Servants)
6. série
1. The Candidate (The Candidate)
2. Killing Time (Killing Time)
3. Liar's Poker (Liar's Poker)
4. Vanished: Part 1 (Vanished: Part 1)
5. Vanished: Part 2 (Vanished: Part 2)
6. Honor Code (Honor Code)
7. Suffer the Little Children (Suffer the Little Children)
8. Dangerous Liaisons (Dangerous Liaisons)
9. Inter Arma Silent Leges (Inter Arma Silent Leges)
10. Eyewitness (Eyewitness)
11. The Test (The Test)
12. Pro Se (Pro Se)
13. Judge Knot (Judge Knot)
14. Man and Superman (Man and Superman)
15. M. Premie Unplugged (M. Premie Unplugged)
16. Manifest Necessity (Manifest Necessity)
17. Fire Proof (Fire Proof)
18. The Return of Joey Heric (The Return of Joey Heric)
19. Eat and Run (Eat and Run)
20. Evil/Doers (Evil/Doers)
21. This Pud's for You (This Pud's for You)
22. The Verdict (The Verdict)
7. série
1. Privilege (Privilege)
2. Convictions (Convictions)
3. Of Thee I Sing (Of Thee I Sing)
4. The Cradle Will Rock (The Cradle Will Rock)
5. Neighboring Species (Neighboring Species)
6. The Telltale Nation (The Telltale Nation)
7. Small Sacrifices (Small Sacrifices)
8. Bad to Worse (Bad to Worse)
9. The Good Fight (The Good Fight)
10. Silent Partners (Silent Partners)
11. Down the Hatch (Down the Hatch)
12. Final Judgement (Final Judgement)
13. Character Evidence (Character Evidence)
14. The Making of a Trial Attorney (The Making of a Trial Attorney)
15. Choirboys (Choirboys)
16. Special Deliveries (Special Deliveries)
17. Burnout (Burnout)
18. Capitol Crimes (Capitol Crimes)
19. Les Is More (Les Is More)
20. Heroes and Villains (Heroes and Villains)
21. Baby Love (Baby Love)
22. Goodbye (Goodbye)
8. série
1. We the People (We the People)
2. The Chosen (The Chosen)
3. Cause of Action (Cause of Action)
4. Blessed Are They (Blessed Are They)
5. The Heat of Passion (The Heat of Passion)
6. The Lonely People (The Lonely People)
7. Rape Shield (Rape Shield)
8. Concealing Evidence (Concealing Evidence)
9. Victims' Rights (Victims' Rights)
10. Equal Justice (Equal Justice)
11. Police State (Police State)
12. Avenging Angels (Avenging Angels)
13. Going Home (Going Home)
14. Pre-Trial Blues (Pre-Trial Blues)
15. Mr. Shore Goes to Town (Mr. Shore Goes to Town)
16. In Good Conscience (In Good Conscience)
17. War of the Roses (War of the Roses)
18. The Case Against Alan Shore (The Case Against Alan Shore)
19. The Firm (The Firm)
20. Comings and Goings (Comings and Goings)
21. New Hoods on the Block (New Hoods on the Block)
22. Adjourned / Cheers (Adjourned / Cheers)