Airwolf (Airwolf)
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1. série
1. Shadow of the Hawke (Shadow of the Hawke)
2. Daddy's Gone a Hunt'n (Daddy's Gone a Hunt'n)
3. Bite of the Jackal (Bite of the Jackal)
4. Proof Through the Night (Proof Through the Night)
5. One Way Express (One Way Express)
6. Echoes from the Past (Echoes from the Past)
7. Fight Like a Dove (Fight Like a Dove)
8. Mad Over Miami (Mad Over Miami)
9. And They Are Us (And They Are Us)
10. Mind of the Machine (Mind of the Machine)
11. To Snare a Wolf (To Snare a Wolf)
2. série
1. Sweet Britches (Sweet Britches)
2. Firestorm (Firestorm)
3. Moffett's Ghost (Moffett's Ghost)
4. The Truth About Holly (The Truth About Holly)
5. The Hunted (The Hunted)
6. Sins of the Past (Sins of the Past)
7. Fallen Angel (Fallen Angel)
8. HX-1 (HX-1)
9. Flight #093 Is Missing (Flight #093 Is Missing)
10. Once a Hero (Once a Hero)
11. Random Target (Random Target)
12. Condemned (Condemned)
13. The American Dream (The American Dream)
14. Inn at the End of the Road (Inn at the End of the Road)
15. Santini's Millions (Santini's Millions)
16. Prisoner of Yesterday (Prisoner of Yesterday)
17. Natural Born (Natural Born)
18. Out of the Sky (Out of the Sky)
19. Dambreakers (Dambreakers)
20. Severance Pay (Severance Pay)
21. Eruption (Eruption)
22. Short Walk to Freedom (Short Walk to Freedom)
3. série
1. The Horn of Plenty (The Horn of Plenty)
2. Airwolf II (Airwolf II)
3. And a Child Shall Lead (And a Child Shall Lead)
4. Fortune Teller (Fortune Teller)
5. Crossover (Crossover)
6. Kingdom Come (Kingdom Come)
7. Eagles (Eagles)
8. Annie Oakley (Annie Oakley)
9. Jennie (Jennie)
10. The Deadly Circle (The Deadly Circle)
11. Where Have All the Children Gone? (Where Have All the Children Gone?)
12. Half-Pint (Half-Pint)
13. Wildfire (Wildfire)
14. Discovery (Discovery)
15. Day of Jeopardy (Day of Jeopardy)
16. Little Wolf (Little Wolf)
17. Desperate Monday (Desperate Monday)
18. Hawke's Run (Hawke's Run)
19. Break-In at Santa Paula (Break-In at Santa Paula)
20. The Girl Who Fell from the Sky (The Girl Who Fell from the Sky)
21. Tracks (Tracks)
22. Birds of Paradise (Birds of Paradise)