All in the Family

All in the Family (All in the Family)
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1. série
1. Meet the Bunkers (Meet the Bunkers)
2. Writing the President (Writing the President)
3. Archie's Aching Back (Archie's Aching Back)
4. Archie Gives Blood (Archie Gives Blood)
5. Judging Books by Covers (Judging Books by Covers)
6. Gloria Has a Belly Full (Gloria Has a Belly Full)
7. Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit (Mike's Hippie Friends Come to Visit)
8. Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood (Lionel Moves Into the Neighborhood)
9. Edith Has Jury Duty (Edith Has Jury Duty)
10. Archie Is Worried About His Job (Archie Is Worried About His Job)
11. Gloria Discovers Women's Lib (Gloria Discovers Women's Lib)
12. Success Story (Success Story)
13. The First and Last Supper (The First and Last Supper)
2. série
1. The Saga of Cousin Oscar (The Saga of Cousin Oscar)
2. Gloria Poses in the Nude (Gloria Poses in the Nude)
3. Archie in the Lock-Up (Archie in the Lock-Up)
4. Edith Writes a Song (Edith Writes a Song)
5. Flashback: Mike Meets Archie (Flashback: Mike Meets Archie)
6. The Election Story (The Election Story)
7. Edith's Accident (Edith's Accident)
8. The Blockbuster (The Blockbuster)
9. Mike's Problem (Mike's Problem)
10. The Insurance Is Canceled (The Insurance Is Canceled)
11. The Man in the Street (The Man in the Street)
12. Cousin Maude's Visit (Cousin Maude's Visit)
13. Christmas Day at the Bunkers' (Christmas Day at the Bunkers')
14. The Elevator Story (The Elevator Story)
15. Edith's Problem (Edith's Problem)
16. Archie and the F.B.I. (Archie and the F.B.I.)
17. Mike's Mysterious Son (Mike's Mysterious Son)
18. Archie Sees a Mugging (Archie Sees a Mugging)
19. Archie and Edith Alone (Archie and Edith Alone)
20. Edith Gets a Mink (Edith Gets a Mink)
21. Sammy's Visit (Sammy's Visit)
22. Edith the Judge (Edith the Judge)
23. Archie Is Jealous (Archie Is Jealous)
24. Maude (Maude)
3. série
1. Archie and the Editorial (Archie and the Editorial)
2. Archie's Fraud (Archie's Fraud)
3. The Threat (The Threat)
4. Gloria and the Riddle (Gloria and the Riddle)
5. Lionel Steps Out (Lionel Steps Out)
6. Edith Flips Her Wig (Edith Flips Her Wig)
7. The Bunkers and the Swingers (The Bunkers and the Swingers)
8. Mike Comes Into Money (Mike Comes Into Money)
9. Flashback - Mike and Gloria's Wedding: Part 1 (Flashback - Mike and Gloria's Wedding: Part 1)
10. Flashback - Mike and Gloria's Wedding: Part 2 (Flashback - Mike and Gloria's Wedding: Part 2)
11. The Locket (The Locket)
12. Mike's Appendix (Mike's Appendix)
13. Edith's Winning Ticket (Edith's Winning Ticket)
14. Archie and the Bowling Team (Archie and the Bowling Team)
15. Archie in the Hospital (Archie in the Hospital)
16. Oh Say Can You See (Oh Say Can You See)
17. Archie Goes Too Far (Archie Goes Too Far)
18. Class Reunion (Class Reunion)
19. The Hot Watch (The Hot Watch)
20. Archie Is Branded (Archie Is Branded)
21. Everybody Tells the Truth (Everybody Tells the Truth)
22. Archie Learns His Lesson (Archie Learns His Lesson)
23. Gloria the Victim (Gloria the Victim)
24. The Battle of the Month (The Battle of the Month)
4. série
1. We're Having a Heat Wave (We're Having a Heat Wave)
2. We're Still Having a Heat Wave (We're Still Having a Heat Wave)
3. Edith Finds an Old Man (Edith Finds an Old Man)
4. Archie and the Kiss (Archie and the Kiss)
5. Archie the Gambler (Archie the Gambler)
6. Henry's Farewell (Henry's Farewell)
7. Archie and the Computer (Archie and the Computer)
8. The Games Bunkers Play (The Games Bunkers Play)
9. Edith's Conversion (Edith's Conversion)
10. Archie in the Cellar (Archie in the Cellar)
11. Black Is the Color of My True Love's Wig (Black Is the Color of My True Love's Wig)
12. Second Honeymoon (Second Honeymoon)
13. The Taxi Caper (The Taxi Caper)
14. Archie Is Cursed (Archie Is Cursed)
15. Edith's Christmas Story (Edith's Christmas Story)
16. Mike and Gloria Mix It Up (Mike and Gloria Mix It Up)
17. Archie Feels Left Out (Archie Feels Left Out)
18. Et Tu, Archie? (Et Tu, Archie?)
19. Gloria's Boyfriend (Gloria's Boyfriend)
20. Lionel's Engagement (Lionel's Engagement)
21. Archie Eats and Runs (Archie Eats and Runs)
22. Gloria Sings the Blues (Gloria Sings the Blues)
23. Pay the Twenty Dollars (Pay the Twenty Dollars)
24. Mike's Graduation (Mike's Graduation)
5. série
1. The Bunkers and Inflation: Part 1 (The Bunkers and Inflation: Part 1)
2. The Bunkers and Inflation: Part 2 (The Bunkers and Inflation: Part 2)
3. The Bunkers and Inflation: Part 3 (The Bunkers and Inflation: Part 3)
4. The Bunkers and Inflation: Part 4 (The Bunkers and Inflation: Part 4)
5. Lionel the Live-In (Lionel the Live-In)
6. Archie's Helping Hand (Archie's Helping Hand)
7. Gloria's Shock (Gloria's Shock)
8. Where's Archie?: Part 1 (Where's Archie?: Part 1)
9. Where's Archie?: Part 2 (Where's Archie?: Part 2)
10. The Longest Kiss (The Longest Kiss)
11. Archie and the Miracle (Archie and the Miracle)
12. George and Archie Make a Deal (George and Archie Make a Deal)
13. Archie's Contract (Archie's Contract)
14. Mike's Friend (Mike's Friend)
15. The Best of All in the Family (The Best of All in the Family)
16. Prisoner in the House (Prisoner in the House)
17. The Jeffersons Move on Up (The Jeffersons Move on Up)
18. All's Fair (All's Fair)
19. Amelia's Divorce (Amelia's Divorce)
20. Everybody Does It (Everybody Does It)
21. Archie and the Quiz (Archie and the Quiz)
22. Edith's Friend (Edith's Friend)
23. No Smoking (No Smoking)
24. Mike Makes His Move (Mike Makes His Move)
6. série
1. The Very Moving Day (The Very Moving Day)
2. Alone at Last (Alone at Last)
3. Archie the Donor (Archie the Donor)
4. Archie the Hero (Archie the Hero)
5. Mike's Pains (Mike's Pains)
6. Chain Letter (Chain Letter)
7. Mike Faces Life (Mike Faces Life)
8. Edith Breaks Out (Edith Breaks Out)
9. Grandpa Blues (Grandpa Blues)
10. Gloria Suspects Mike (Gloria Suspects Mike)
11. The Little Atheist (The Little Atheist)
12. Archie's Civil Rights (Archie's Civil Rights)
13. Gloria Is Nervous (Gloria Is Nervous)
14. Birth of the Baby: Part 1 (Birth of the Baby: Part 1)
15. Birth of the Baby: Part 2 (Birth of the Baby: Part 2)
16. New Year's Wedding (New Year's Wedding)
17. Archie the Babysitter (Archie the Babysitter)
18. Archie Finds a Friend (Archie Finds a Friend)
19. Mike's Move (Mike's Move)
20. Archie's Weighty Problem (Archie's Weighty Problem)
21. Love by Appointment (Love by Appointment)
22. Joey's Baptism (Joey's Baptism)
23. Gloria and Mike's House Guests (Gloria and Mike's House Guests)
24. Edith's Night Out (Edith's Night Out)
7. série
1. Archie's Brief Encounter: Part 1 (Archie's Brief Encounter: Part 1)
2. Archie's Brief Encounter: Part 2 (Archie's Brief Encounter: Part 2)
3. Archie's Brief Encounter: Part 3 (Archie's Brief Encounter: Part 3)
4. The Unemployment Story: Part 1 (The Unemployment Story: Part 1)
5. The Unemployment Story: Part 2 (The Unemployment Story: Part 2)
6. Archie's Operation: Part 1 (Archie's Operation: Part 1)
7. Archie's Operation: Part 2 (Archie's Operation: Part 2)
8. Beverly Rides Again (Beverly Rides Again)
9. Teresa Moves In (Teresa Moves In)
10. Mike and Gloria's Will (Mike and Gloria's Will)
11. Mr. Edith Bunker (Mr. Edith Bunker)
12. Archie's Secret Passion (Archie's Secret Passion)
13. The Baby Contest (The Baby Contest)
14. Gloria's False Alarm (Gloria's False Alarm)
15. The Draft Dodger (The Draft Dodger)
16. The Boarder Patrol (The Boarder Patrol)
17. Archie's Chair (Archie's Chair)
18. Mike Goes Skiing (Mike Goes Skiing)
19. Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye (Stretch Cunningham, Goodbye)
20. The Joys of Sex (The Joys of Sex)
21. Mike the Pacifist (Mike the Pacifist)
22. Fire (Fire)
23. Mike and Gloria Split (Mike and Gloria Split)
24. Archie the Liberal (Archie the Liberal)
25. Archie's Dog Day Afternoon (Archie's Dog Day Afternoon)
8. série
1. Archie Gets the Business: Part 1 (Archie Gets the Business: Part 1)
2. Archie Gets the Business: Part 2 (Archie Gets the Business: Part 2)
3. Cousin Liz (Cousin Liz)
4. Edith's 50th Birthday: Part 1 (Edith's 50th Birthday: Part 1)
5. Edith's 50th Birthday: Part 2 (Edith's 50th Birthday: Part 2)
6. Unequal Partners (Unequal Partners)
7. Archie's Grand Opening (Archie's Grand Opening)
8. Archie's Bitter Pill (Archie's Bitter Pill)
9. Archie's Road Back (Archie's Road Back)
10. Archie and the KKK: Part 1 (Archie and the KKK: Part 1)
11. Archie and the KKK: Part 2 (Archie and the KKK: Part 2)
12. Mike and Gloria Meet (Mike and Gloria Meet)
13. Edith's Crisis of Faith: Part 1 (Edith's Crisis of Faith: Part 1)
14. Edith's Crisis of Faith: Part 2 (Edith's Crisis of Faith: Part 2)
15. The Commercial (The Commercial)
16. Super Bowl Sunday (Super Bowl Sunday)
17. Aunt Iola's Visit (Aunt Iola's Visit)
18. Love Comes to the Butcher (Love Comes to the Butcher)
19. Two's a Crowd (Two's a Crowd)
20. Stalemates (Stalemates)
21. The Brother (The Brother)
22. Mike's New Job (Mike's New Job)
23. The Dinner Guest (The Dinner Guest)
24. The Stivics Go West (The Stivics Go West)
9. série
1. Little Miss Bunker (Little Miss Bunker)
2. End in Sight (End in Sight)
3. Reunion on Hauser Street (Reunion on Hauser Street)
4. What'll We Do with Stephanie? (What'll We Do with Stephanie?)
5. Edith's Final Respects (Edith's Final Respects)
6. Weekend in the Country (Weekend in the Country)
7. Archie's Other Wife (Archie's Other Wife)
8. Edith Versus the Bank (Edith Versus the Bank)
9. Return of the Waitress (Return of the Waitress)
10. Bogus Bills (Bogus Bills)
11. The Bunkers Go West (The Bunkers Go West)
12. California, Here We Are: Part 1 (California, Here We Are: Part 1)
13. California, Here We Are: Part 2 (California, Here We Are: Part 2)
14. A Night at the PTA (A Night at the PTA)
15. A Girl Like Edith (A Girl Like Edith)
16. The Appendectomy (The Appendectomy)
17. Stephanie and the Crime Wave (Stephanie and the Crime Wave)
18. Barney the Gold Digger (Barney the Gold Digger)
19. The Return of Archie's Brother (The Return of Archie's Brother)
20. Stephanie's Conversion (Stephanie's Conversion)
21. Edith Gets Fired (Edith Gets Fired)
22. The Family Next Door (The Family Next Door)
23. The Return of Stephanie's Father (The Return of Stephanie's Father)
24. Too Good Edith (Too Good Edith)