Archie Bunker's Place

Archie Bunker's Place (Archie Bunker's Place) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Archie's New Partner: Part 1 (Archie's New Partner: Part 1)
2. Archie's New Partner: Part 2 (Archie's New Partner: Part 2)
3. Edith Gets Hired (Edith Gets Hired)
4. Archie and the Oldest Profession (Archie and the Oldest Profession)
5. Edith Versus the Energy Crisis (Edith Versus the Energy Crisis)
6. Bosom Partners (Bosom Partners)
7. Building the Restaurant (Building the Restaurant)
8. The Cook (The Cook)
9. Murray and the Liquor Board (Murray and the Liquor Board)
10. Thanksgiving Reunion: Part 1 (Thanksgiving Reunion: Part 1)
11. Thanksgiving Reunion: Part 2 (Thanksgiving Reunion: Part 2)
12. Barney and the Hooker (Barney and the Hooker)
13. Man of the Year (Man of the Year)
14. The Shabbat Dinner (The Shabbat Dinner)
15. Barney's Lawsuit (Barney's Lawsuit)
16. Blanche and Murray (Blanche and Murray)
17. Murray's Daughter (Murray's Daughter)
18. The Ambush (The Ambush)
19. The Return of Sammy (The Return of Sammy)
20. Archie Fixes Up Fred (Archie Fixes Up Fred)
21. Father and Daughter Night (Father and Daughter Night)
22. Van Ranseleer's Operation (Van Ranseleer's Operation)
23. Veronica's Ex (Veronica's Ex)
24. A Small Mafia Favor (A Small Mafia Favor)
2. série
1. Archie Alone: Part 1 (Archie Alone: Part 1)
2. Archie Alone: Part 2 (Archie Alone: Part 2)
3. Home Again (Home Again)
4. Hiring the Housekeeper (Hiring the Housekeeper)
5. The Wildcat Strike (The Wildcat Strike)
6. Veronica and the Health Inspector (Veronica and the Health Inspector)
7. Murray's Wife (Murray's Wife)
8. The Camping Trip (The Camping Trip)
9. The Incident (The Incident)
10. Custody: Part 1 (Custody: Part 1)
11. Custody: Part 2 (Custody: Part 2)
12. Barney the Gambler (Barney the Gambler)
13. Murray Klein's Place (Murray Klein's Place)
14. Weekend Away (Weekend Away)
15. Stephanie's Science Project (Stephanie's Science Project)
16. Tough Love (Tough Love)
17. The Trashing of the Temple (The Trashing of the Temple)
18. La Cage Aux Bunker (La Cage Aux Bunker)
19. Death of a Saint (Death of a Saint)
20. Goodbye, Murray (Goodbye, Murray)
3. série
1. Billie (Billie)
2. The Business Manager (The Business Manager)
3. The Date (The Date)
4. Norma Rae Bunker (Norma Rae Bunker)
5. Harry's Investment (Harry's Investment)
6. Three's a Crowd (Three's a Crowd)
7. Happy Birthday, Stephanie (Happy Birthday, Stephanie)
8. Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Part 1 (Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Part 1)
9. Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Part 2 (Growing Up Is Hard to Do: Part 2)
10. Stephanie's Dance (Stephanie's Dance)
11. The Photo Contest (The Photo Contest)
12. Stephanie's Tryout (Stephanie's Tryout)
13. The Night Visitor (The Night Visitor)
14. Reggie, 3; Archie, 0 (Reggie, 3; Archie, 0)
15. Blind Man's Bluff (Blind Man's Bluff)
16. A Blast from the Past (A Blast from the Past)
17. Sex and the Single Parent (Sex and the Single Parent)
18. Gloria Comes Home: Part 1 (Gloria Comes Home: Part 1)
19. Gloria Comes Home: Part 2 (Gloria Comes Home: Part 2)
20. Of Mice and Bunker (Of Mice and Bunker)
21. Relapse (Relapse)
22. Love Is Hell (Love Is Hell)
23. The Second Time Around (The Second Time Around)
24. West Side Astoria (West Side Astoria)
25. Billie Moves Out (Billie Moves Out)
26. Rabinowitz 's Brother (Rabinowitz 's Brother)
27. Death of a Lodger (Death of a Lodger)
28. The Battle of Bunker III (The Battle of Bunker III)
29. Gloria: The First Day (Gloria: The First Day)
4. série
1. Archie's Night Out (Archie's Night Out)
2. Gary's Ex (Gary's Ex)
3. The Eyewitnesses (The Eyewitnesses)
4. Double Date (Double Date)
5. From the Waldorf to Astoria (From the Waldorf to Astoria)
6. Stay Out of My Briefs (Stay Out of My Briefs)
7. Break a Leg, Stephanie (Break a Leg, Stephanie)
8. Archie Gets a Head (Archie Gets a Head)
9. Barney Gets Laid Off (Barney Gets Laid Off)
10. Marriage on the Rocks (Marriage on the Rocks)
11. Father Christmas (Father Christmas)
12. Teacher's Pet (Teacher's Pet)
13. Captain Video (Captain Video)
14. The Promotion (The Promotion)
15. Three Women (Three Women)
16. Relief Bartender (Relief Bartender)
17. The Red Herring (The Red Herring)
18. The Boys' Night Out (The Boys' Night Out)
19. I Can Manage (I Can Manage)
20. Store Wars (Store Wars)
21. Bunker Madness (Bunker Madness)
22. No One Said It Was Easy (No One Said It Was Easy)
23. Small Claims Court (Small Claims Court)
24. I'm Torn Here (I'm Torn Here)