Armstrong Circle Theatre

Armstrong Circle Theatre (Armstrong Circle Theatre)
Chceš seriál do oblíbených? Tak se přihlas!
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1. série
1. The Magnificent Gesture (The Magnificent Gesture)
2. Jackpot (Jackpot)
3. Only This Night (Only This Night)
4. The Chair (The Chair)
5. The Sky Rocket (The Sky Rocket)
6. Local Stop (Local Stop)
7. The Bald Spot (The Bald Spot)
8. The Rocking Horse (The Rocking Horse)
9. The Big Day (The Big Day)
10. Man of Action (Man of Action)
11. Ring Around My Finger (Ring Around My Finger)
12. Remember, Remember? (Remember, Remember?)
13. Blaze of Glory (Blaze of Glory)
14. The First Formal (The First Formal)
15. The Oldest Song (The Oldest Song)
16. That Other Woman (That Other Woman)
17. The Elopement (The Elopement)
18. Round-Up (Round-Up)
19. Give and Take (Give and Take)
20. It's Only a Game (It's Only a Game)
21. Time of Their Lives (Time of Their Lives)
22. Man and Wife (Man and Wife)
23. Person to Person (Person to Person)
24. Best Trip Ever (Best Trip Ever)
25. The Perfect Type (The Perfect Type)
26. Anything But Love (Anything But Love)
27. The Happy Ending (The Happy Ending)
28. Green Eyes (Green Eyes)
29. The Diet (The Diet)
30. Christopher Beach (Christopher Beach)
31. That Man Is Mine (That Man Is Mine)
32. Rooftop (Rooftop)
33. The Younger Generation (The Younger Generation)
34. Silver Service (Silver Service)
35. Those Wonderful People (Those Wonderful People)
36. Super Highway (Super Highway)
37. A Different World (A Different World)
38. That's Simon's Girl (That's Simon's Girl)
39. Twenty-One Days (Twenty-One Days)
40. The Partnership (The Partnership)
41. The Patcher-Upper (The Patcher-Upper)
42. The Hero (The Hero)
43. Double Exposure (Double Exposure)
44. The Moment of Decision (The Moment of Decision)
45. Ghost Town (Ghost Town)
46. Honor Student (Honor Student)
47. Backstage (Backstage)
48. The Big Rainbow (The Big Rainbow)
49. The Open Heart (The Open Heart)
50. Jury Duty (Jury Duty)
51. The Vote Getter (The Vote Getter)
52. Over the Fence (Over the Fence)
53. Lover's Leap (Lover's Leap)
54. The Rookie (The Rookie)
55. Close Harmony (Close Harmony)
56. Buckaroo (Buckaroo)
57. Leave It to Mother (Leave It to Mother)
58. Table for Two (Table for Two)
59. Last Chance (Last Chance)
60. A Beautiful Friendship (A Beautiful Friendship)
61. Mountain Song (Mountain Song)
62. The Mistake (The Mistake)
63. The Man in the Bookshop (The Man in the Bookshop)
64. Bone of Contention (Bone of Contention)
65. Johnny Pickup (Johnny Pickup)
66. By the Book (By the Book)
67. Sleight of Hand (Sleight of Hand)
2. série
1. Flame-Out (Flame-Out)
2. Danny's Tune (Danny's Tune)
3. The Runaway Heart (The Runaway Heart)
4. The Commandant's Clock (The Commandant's Clock)
5. The Lost and Found (The Lost and Found)
6. The Long View (The Long View)
7. Night Song (Night Song)
8. Fog Station (Fog Station)
9. Day Dreams (Day Dreams)
10. The Oldster (The Oldster)
11. Brand from the Burning (Brand from the Burning)
12. Key Witness (Key Witness)
13. Marionettes (Marionettes)
14. Disaster (Disaster)
15. Enter Rosalind (Enter Rosalind)
16. The Snow Deer (The Snow Deer)
17. Pandora's Box (Pandora's Box)
18. It Takes All Kinds (It Takes All Kinds)
19. Price Tag (Price Tag)
20. Yesterday's Magic (Yesterday's Magic)
21. Image (Image)
22. The Yards of Poetry (The Yards of Poetry)
23. The Hat from Hangtown (The Hat from Hangtown)
24. Mr. Bemiss Takes a Trip (Mr. Bemiss Takes a Trip)
25. Domenico (Domenico)
26. The Man in 308 (The Man in 308)
27. The Shoes That Laughed (The Shoes That Laughed)
28. High Ground (High Ground)
29. Way of Courage (Way of Courage)
30. Troubled Sands (Troubled Sands)
31. The Darkroom (The Darkroom)
32. Wedding Day (Wedding Day)
33. The Sergeant (The Sergeant)
34. The Lucky Suit (The Lucky Suit)
35. Dismal Swamp (Dismal Swamp)
36. The Portrait (The Portrait)
37. Breakaway (Breakaway)
38. Fairy Tale (Fairy Tale)
39. Situation Normal (Situation Normal)
40. Cappie's Candles (Cappie's Candles)
41. City Editor (City Editor)
42. For Worse (For Worse)
43. Changing Dream (Changing Dream)
44. The Vase (The Vase)
45. Return the Favor (Return the Favor)
46. A Man and His Conscience (A Man and His Conscience)
47. Round Robin (Round Robin)
48. Recapture (Recapture)
49. Caprice (Caprice)
50. The Thirteenth (The Thirteenth)
3. série
1. Red Tape (Red Tape)
2. Remembrance Island (Remembrance Island)
3. Betrayal (Betrayal)
4. The Gentle Rain (The Gentle Rain)
5. A Godmother for Amy (A Godmother for Amy)
6. A Volcano Is Dancing Here (A Volcano Is Dancing Here)
7. Fable of Honest Harry (Fable of Honest Harry)
8. The Lights Are Bright (The Lights Are Bright)
9. The Nothing Kid (The Nothing Kid)
10. The Visitor (The Visitor)
11. Billy Adams, American (Billy Adams, American)
12. The Thirty-Eighth President (The Thirty-Eighth President)
13. Ski Story (Ski Story)
14. Before Breakfast (Before Breakfast)
15. Black Wedding (Black Wedding)
16. Pilgrimage (Pilgrimage)
17. The Marmalade Scandal (The Marmalade Scandal)
18. Recording Date (Recording Date)
19. The Anchorage (The Anchorage)
20. The Twenty-ninth Theme (The Twenty-ninth Theme)
21. House of Tears (House of Tears)
22. The Checkerboard Heart (The Checkerboard Heart)
23. The Parrot (The Parrot)
24. Transfusion (Transfusion)
25. A Slight Case of April (A Slight Case of April)
26. The Straight and Narrow (The Straight and Narrow)
27. Judy and the Brain (Judy and the Brain)
28. On the Beat (On the Beat)
29. Sunday Storm (Sunday Storm)
30. Candle in a Bottle (Candle in a Bottle)
31. A Matter of Opinion (A Matter of Opinion)
32. The Middle Son (The Middle Son)
4. série
1. Judgment (Judgment)
2. Two Prisoners (Two Prisoners)
3. A Story to Whisper (A Story to Whisper)
4. The Last Tour (The Last Tour)
5. A Time to Live (A Time to Live)
6. Tour of Duty (Tour of Duty)
7. The Free Choice (The Free Choice)
8. Herman (Herman)
9. Julie's Castle (Julie's Castle)
10. The Honor of Littorno (The Honor of Littorno)
11. The Right Approach (The Right Approach)
12. The Bells of Cockaigne (The Bells of Cockaigne)
13. The Beard (The Beard)
14. A Little Morning to Sell (A Little Morning to Sell)
15. The Marshal of Misery Gulch (The Marshal of Misery Gulch)
16. The Debt (The Debt)
17. A Tree in the Empty Room (A Tree in the Empty Room)
18. Return to Ballygally (Return to Ballygally)
19. For Ever and Ever (For Ever and Ever)
20. The Piano Tuner (The Piano Tuner)
21. The Milestone (The Milestone)
22. The Old Man's Gold (The Old Man's Gold)
23. Pride of Jonathan Craig (Pride of Jonathan Craig)
24. The Fight (The Fight)
25. Run to the Magic (Run to the Magic)
26. Evening Star (Evening Star)
27. Tam O'Shanter (Tam O'Shanter)
28. The Fugitive (The Fugitive)
29. So Close the Stars (So Close the Stars)
30. The Military Heart (The Military Heart)
31. My Client, McDuff (My Client, McDuff)
32. The Three Tasks (The Three Tasks)
33. Treasure Trove (Treasure Trove)
34. Gang-Up (Gang-Up)
35. The Hand of the Hunter (The Hand of the Hunter)
36. Man Talk (Man Talk)
37. Breakdown (Breakdown)
38. The Use of Dignity (The Use of Dignity)
5. série
1. The Beautiful Wife (The Beautiful Wife)
2. The First Born (The First Born)
3. Judy and Me (Judy and Me)
4. Explosion (Explosion)
5. The Judged (The Judged)
6. The Runaway (The Runaway)
7. Half a Hero (Half a Hero)
8. Lie Detector (Lie Detector)
9. Scandal That Rocked Paris (Scandal That Rocked Paris)
10. Fred Allen's Sketchbook (Fred Allen's Sketchbook)
11. Flare-Up (Flare-Up)
12. Brink of Disaster (Brink of Disaster)
13. The Contender (The Contender)
14. H Is for Hurricane (H Is for Hurricane)
15. Hit a Blue Note (Hit a Blue Note)
16. Ring Twice for Christmas (Ring Twice for Christmas)
17. Runaway Fast! (Runaway Fast!)
18. Save Me from Treason (Save Me from Treason)
19. The Fatal Trap (The Fatal Trap)
20. The Invisible Handcuffs (The Invisible Handcuffs)
21. Thunder in the House (Thunder in the House)
22. Ladders of Lies (Ladders of Lies)
23. No Room to Breathe (No Room to Breathe)
24. I Found Sixty Million Dollars (I Found Sixty Million Dollars)
25. Sudden Disaster (Sudden Disaster)
26. Stay Away Stranger (Stay Away Stranger)
27. Crack-Up (Crack-Up)
28. Trapped (Trapped)
29. TV or Not TV (TV or Not TV)
30. Buckskin (Buckskin)
31. Leap for Freedom (Leap for Freedom)
32. The Secret of Emily du Vane (The Secret of Emily du Vane)
33. Fight for Tomorrow (Fight for Tomorrow)
34. Crisis (Crisis)
35. The Hallelujah Corner (The Hallelujah Corner)
36. East of Nowhere (East of Nowhere)
37. The Narrow Man (The Narrow Man)
38. Perilous Night (Perilous Night)
39. The Honorable Mrs. Jones (The Honorable Mrs. Jones)
40. Time for Love (Time for Love)
41. Moment of Truth (Moment of Truth)
6. série
1. The Strange War of Sergeant Krezner (The Strange War of Sergeant Krezner)
2. Lost $2 Billion: The Story of Hurricane Diane (Lost $2 Billion: The Story of Hurricane Diane)
3. Minding Our Own Business (Minding Our Own Business)
4. Saturday Visit (Saturday Visit)
5. The Town That Refused to Die (The Town That Refused to Die)
6. I Was Accused (I Was Accused)
7. Nightmare in Red (Nightmare in Red)
8. Ward Three: Four P.M. to Midnight (Ward Three: Four P.M. to Midnight)
9. The Third Ear (The Third Ear)
10. Terror at My Heels (Terror at My Heels)
11. Man in Shadow (Man in Shadow)
12. Five Who Shook the Mighty (Five Who Shook the Mighty)
13. A Baby Named X (A Baby Named X)
14. The Case of Colonel Petrov (The Case of Colonel Petrov)
15. Seventy-three Seconds into Space (Seventy-three Seconds into Space)
16. Devil at the Door (Devil at the Door)
17. The Second Family (The Second Family)
18. H.R. 8438: The Story of a Lost Boy (H.R. 8438: The Story of a Lost Boy)
7. série
1. The Bystander (The Bystander)
2. SOS from the Andrea Doria (SOS from the Andrea Doria)
3. Flare-Up (Flare-Up)
4. Flight # 387 from Budapest (Flight # 387 from Budapest)
5. Search, Seizure and Arrest (Search, Seizure and Arrest)
6. Operation Deep Freeze: Crash of the Otter (Operation Deep Freeze: Crash of the Otter)
7. Divorcees Anonymous (Divorcees Anonymous)
8. The Freedom Fighters of Hungary (The Freedom Fighters of Hungary)
9. Error in Judgement (Error in Judgement)
10. The Trial of Poznan (The Trial of Poznan)
11. Four Homes for Danny (Four Homes for Danny)
12. Arson: File #732 (Arson: File #732)
13. Slow Assassination: Peron vs. La Prensa (Slow Assassination: Peron vs. La Prensa)
14. Night Court (Night Court)
15. Day of Disaster (Day of Disaster)
16. Three Cents Worth of Fear (Three Cents Worth of Fear)
17. Counterfeit Inc. (Counterfeit Inc.)
18. The Hunted (The Hunted)
8. série
1. Buried 2000 Years: The Dead Sea Scrolls (Buried 2000 Years: The Dead Sea Scrolls)
2. Crisis on Tangier Island (Crisis on Tangier Island)
3. Assignment: Junkies' Alley (Assignment: Junkies' Alley)
4. John Doe #154 (John Doe #154)
5. Have Jacket, Will Travel (Have Jacket, Will Travel)
6. Thief of Diamonds (Thief of Diamonds)
7. The Shepherd of Paris (The Shepherd of Paris)
8. The Mummy Complex (The Mummy Complex)
9. U.F.O: Enigma of the Skies (U.F.O: Enigma of the Skies)
10. The New Class (The New Class)
11. Thirty Days to Reconsider (Thirty Days to Reconsider)
12. The Meanest Crime in the World (The Meanest Crime in the World)
13. The Trusted Thief (The Trusted Thief)
14. The Vanished (The Vanished)
15. Accused of Murder (Accused of Murder)
16. Twelve Cases of Murder (Twelve Cases of Murder)
9. série
1. Case for Room 310 (Case for Room 310)
2. The House of Flying Objects (The House of Flying Objects)
3. Money for Sale (Money for Sale)
4. The Nautilus (The Nautilus)
5. The Invisible Mark (The Invisible Mark)
6. And Bring Home a Baby (And Bring Home a Baby)
7. The Man with a Thousand Names (The Man with a Thousand Names)
8. Miracle at Spring Hill (Miracle at Spring Hill)
9. House of Cards (House of Cards)
10. White Collar Bandit (White Collar Bandit)
11. The Innocent Killer (The Innocent Killer)
12. Trail of Diamonds (Trail of Diamonds)
13. Sound of Violence (Sound of Violence)
14. Thunder Over Berlin (Thunder Over Berlin)
15. Prescription-Hypnosis (Prescription-Hypnosis)
16. The Monkey Ride (The Monkey Ride)
17. Sound of Violence (Sound of Violence)
18. The Zone of Silence (The Zone of Silence)
10. série
1. The Zone of Silence (The Zone of Silence)
2. The Jailbreak (The Jailbreak)
3. 35 Rue Du Marche (35 Rue Du Marche)
4. Security Risk (Security Risk)
5. Operation Moonshine (Operation Moonshine)
6. The Boy on Page One (The Boy on Page One)
7. Full Disclosure (Full Disclosure)
8. Ghost Bomber (Ghost Bomber)
9. House of Cards (House of Cards)
10. Raid in Beatnik Village (Raid in Beatnik Village)
11. The Numbers Racket (The Numbers Racket)
12. Dishonor System (Dishonor System)
13. Separate Parents (Separate Parents)
14. Positive Identification (Positive Identification)
15. Illegal Entry (Illegal Entry)
16. The Prison Professor (The Prison Professor)
17. Full Disclosure (Full Disclosure)
18. Operation Moonshine (Operation Moonshine)
19. Security Risk (Security Risk)
20. Dishonor System (Dishonor System)
21. Ghost Bomber (Ghost Bomber)
11. série
1. Engineer of Death: The Eichmann Story (Engineer of Death: The Eichmann Story)
2. The Antique Swindle (The Antique Swindle)
3. The Hidden World (The Hidden World)
4. A Memory of a Murder (A Memory of a Murder)
5. The Immortal Piano (The Immortal Piano)
6. Black Market Babies (Black Market Babies)
7. Medicine Man (Medicine Man)
8. The Spy Next Door (The Spy Next Door)
9. Battle of Hearts (Battle of Hearts)
10. The Fortune Tellers (The Fortune Tellers)
11. Minerva's Children (Minerva's Children)
12. The Crime Without a Country (The Crime Without a Country)
13. Briefing from Room 103 (Briefing from Room 103)
14. Moment of Panic (Moment of Panic)
15. Days of Confusion: The Story of College Admissions (Days of Confusion: The Story of College Admissions)
16. Parole Granted (Parole Granted)
17. The Dedicated American, the Story of Dr. Gordon Seagrave (The Dedicated American, the Story of Dr. Gordon Seagrave)
18. The Spy Next Door (The Spy Next Door)
19. A Memory of a Murder (A Memory of a Murder)
20. The Crime Without a Country (The Crime Without a Country)
21. Moment of Panic (Moment of Panic)
22. Days of Confusion: The Story of College Admissions (Days of Confusion: The Story of College Admissions)
12. série
1. Legend of Murder: The Untold Story of Lizzie Borden (Legend of Murder: The Untold Story of Lizzie Borden)
2. A Chapter on Tyranny: Dateline Berlin (A Chapter on Tyranny: Dateline Berlin)
3. The Thief of Charity (The Thief of Charity)
4. Track of an Unknown: The Story of North American Air Defense (Track of an Unknown: The Story of North American Air Defense)
5. Spin a Crooked Record (Spin a Crooked Record)
6. The Battle of Hearts (The Battle of Hearts)
7. Window on the West (Window on the West)
8. Securities for Suckers (Securities for Suckers)
9. Runaway Road: Story of a Missing Person (Runaway Road: Story of a Missing Person)
10. The Perfect Accident (The Perfect Accident)
11. Assignment: Teenage Junkies (Assignment: Teenage Junkies)
12. The Man Who Refused to Die (The Man Who Refused to Die)
13. Merchants of Evil (Merchants of Evil)
14. Patterns of Hope (Patterns of Hope)
15. Black Bird of Space (Black Bird of Space)
16. Anatomy of Betrayal: Dateline Cuba (Anatomy of Betrayal: Dateline Cuba)
17. The Secret Crime (The Secret Crime)
18. Journey to Oblivion (Journey to Oblivion)
19. One Good Turn (One Good Turn)
20. Assignment: Teenage Junkies (Assignment: Teenage Junkies)
21. The Battle of Hearts (The Battle of Hearts)
22. Merchants of Evil (Merchants of Evil)
13. série
1. The Cross and the Dragon (The Cross and the Dragon)
2. Smash Up (Smash Up)
3. The Friendly Thieves (The Friendly Thieves)
4. Tunnel to Freedom (Tunnel to Freedom)
5. A City Betrayed (A City Betrayed)
6. The Assassin (The Assassin)
7. Escape to Nowhere (Escape to Nowhere)
8. Invitation to Treason (Invitation to Treason)
9. The Journey of Poh Lin (The Journey of Poh Lin)
10. The Counterfeit League (The Counterfeit League)
11. Ordeal by Fire (Ordeal by Fire)
12. Project: Pied Piper (Project: Pied Piper)
13. Five Kilos of Junk (Five Kilos of Junk)
14. The Health Fraud (The Health Fraud)
15. The Embezzler (The Embezzler)
16. A Square Mile of Hope (A Square Mile of Hope)
17. The Aggressor Force (The Aggressor Force)
18. The Great Land Swindle (The Great Land Swindle)
19. Secret Document X256 (Secret Document X256)