Baby Steps

Baby Steps (Beibî suteppu)
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1. série
1. Tennis and Notes (Tennis and Notes)
2. Methodical and Unorganized (Methodical and Unorganized)
3. The Contest Is a Fight (The Contest Is a Fight)
4. Face of Conviction (Face of Conviction)
5. A First Match Full of Surprises (A First Match Full of Surprises)
6. Diamond in the Rough (Diamond in the Rough)
7. Nine-Square and Reality (Nine-Square and Reality)
8. One Year and Twenty Notebooks (One Year and Twenty Notebooks)
9. Diligence is my Style (Diligence is my Style)
10. Unease on the Edge (Unease on the Edge)
11. Risk and Possibility (Risk and Possibility)
12. Improvement by Memory (Improvement by Memory)
13. Art and Technique (Art and Technique)
14. Putting the Pieces Together (Putting the Pieces Together)
15. Plan to be Forceful (Plan to be Forceful)
16. Beast and Initiative (Beast and Initiative)
17. Pro At My Age (Pro At My Age)
18. Determination and Presentation (Determination and Presentation)
19. Resolve and Hell (Resolve and Hell)
20. Meat Buns and Yakisoba (Meat Buns and Yakisoba)
21. Consistency and Change (Consistency and Change)
22. Fundamentals are the Weakness (Fundamentals are the Weakness)
23. Reckless 100-Square (Reckless 100-Square)
24. Duty and Desire (Duty and Desire)
25. Eichiro and Natsu (Eichiro and Natsu)
2. série
1. The World and the Wall (The World and the Wall)
2. A Vicious Circle Is Lucky (A Vicious Circle Is Lucky)
3. Data for the Future (Data for the Future)
4. Awakening to Simplicity (Awakening to Simplicity)
5. Takuma's Decision (Takuma's Decision)
6. First Encounter by Scouting (First Encounter by Scouting)
7. Revenge at the Critical Moment (Revenge at the Critical Moment)
8. The Speed of Evolution (The Speed of Evolution)
9. Baffled by Intuition (Baffled by Intuition)
10. Start with a Roar (Start with a Roar)
11. Choices and Explosive Power (Choices and Explosive Power)
12. Full Force Toward Adversity (Full Force Toward Adversity)
13. Gathering of Rivals (Gathering of Rivals)
14. Moonlight and the Sound of Waves (Moonlight and the Sound of Waves)
15. A Hero and Loud Cheers (A Hero and Loud Cheers)
16. Whish, Then Fwoom (Whish, Then Fwoom)
17. Dramatic by Nature (Dramatic by Nature)
18. Visualize the Pressure (Visualize the Pressure)
19. A Rude First Meeting (A Rude First Meeting)
20. Psychological Warfare and Self-Control (Psychological Warfare and Self-Control)
21. Good, Evil and Rules (Good, Evil and Rules)
22. Existence is the Driving Force (Existence is the Driving Force)
23. Aggresive is Ideal (Aggresive is Ideal)
24. Recklessness and Surprise (Recklessness and Surprise)
25. Final Set (Final Set)