Bakugan Battle Brawlers

Bakugan Battle Brawlers (Bakugan Battle Brawlers) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Ryû no senshi (Ryû no senshi)
2. Masquerade Ball (Masquerade Ball)
3. A Feud Between Friends (A Feud Between Friends)
4. Dan and Drago (Dan and Drago)
5. Runo Rules (Runo Rules)
6. A Combination Battle (A Combination Battle)
7. Bakugan Idol (Bakugan Idol)
8. Girls Just Wanna Have Fun (Girls Just Wanna Have Fun)
9. Fight or Flight! (Fight or Flight!)
10. A Perfect Match (A Perfect Match)
11. Grandpa's Got a Brand New Bakugan (Grandpa's Got a Brand New Bakugan)
12. Bakugan Stall (Bakugan Stall)
13. Just for the Shun of It (Just for the Shun of It)
14. The Story of Vestroia (The Story of Vestroia)
15. Duel in the Desert (Duel in the Desert)
16. No Guts No Glory (No Guts No Glory)
17. B.F.F. - Best Friends Forever (B.F.F. - Best Friends Forever)
18. Evolution Revolution (Evolution Revolution)
19. Julie Plays Hard Brawl (Julie Plays Hard Brawl)
20. A Little Help from My Friends! (A Little Help from My Friends!)
21. My Good Friend (My Good Friend)
22. Drago's on Fire (Drago's on Fire)
23. Say It Ain't So, Joe! (Say It Ain't So, Joe!)
24. The Secret of Success! (The Secret of Success!)
25. Trust Me (Trust Me)
26. Doom Dimension or Bust! (Doom Dimension or Bust!)
2. série
1. Invasion of the Vestals (Invasion of the Vestals)
2. Facing Ace (Facing Ace)
3. Get Psyched (Get Psyched)
4. Marucho's Mission (Marucho's Mission)
5. Taste of Defeat (Taste of Defeat)
6. Return of a Friend (Return of a Friend)
7. Cyber Nightmare (Cyber Nightmare)
8. What's the Plan? (What's the Plan?)
9. Freedom Run (Freedom Run)
10. Surprise Visitor (Surprise Visitor)
11. Gate Crashers (Gate Crashers)
12. Unmasked (Unmasked)
13. Voices in the Night (Voices in the Night)
14. Duel in the Dunes (Duel in the Dunes)
15. Last One Standing (Last One Standing)
16. Show Me the Power (Show Me the Power)
17. Dude, Where's My Bakugan? (Dude, Where's My Bakugan?)
18. Gone, Gone Bakugan! (Gone, Gone Bakugan!)
19. Family Ties (Family Ties)
20. Beta City Blues (Beta City Blues)
21. Brotherly Love (Brotherly Love)
22. Underground Takedown (Underground Takedown)
23. Wall to Wall Brawl (Wall to Wall Brawl)
24. Ultimate Bakugan (Ultimate Bakugan)
25. Final Countdown (Final Countdown)
26. Reunion (Reunion)