Becker (Becker)
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Take These Pills and Shove 'Em (Take These Pills and Shove 'Em)
3. Sex in the Inner City (Sex in the Inner City)
4. Tell Me Lies (Tell Me Lies)
5. My Dinner with Becker (My Dinner with Becker)
6. Man Plans, God Laughs (Man Plans, God Laughs)
7. City Lights (City Lights)
8. Physician, Heal Thyself (Physician, Heal Thyself)
9. Choose Me (Choose Me)
10. P.C. World (P.C. World)
11. Scriptus Interruptus (Scriptus Interruptus)
12. Love! Lies! Bleeding! (Love! Lies! Bleeding!)
13. Becker the Elder (Becker the Elder)
14. Larry Spoke (Larry Spoke)
15. Activate Your Choices (Activate Your Choices)
16. Limits & Boundaries (Limits & Boundaries)
17. Partial Law (Partial Law)
18. Saving Harvey Cohen (Saving Harvey Cohen)
19. Truth and Consequences (Truth and Consequences)
20. Drive, They Said (Drive, They Said)
21. Lucky Day (Lucky Day)
22. Regarding Reggie (Regarding Reggie)
2. série
1. Point of Contact (Point of Contact)
2. Imm-Oral Fixations (Imm-Oral Fixations)
3. Cyrano De-Beckerac (Cyrano De-Beckerac)
4. Linda Quits (Linda Quits)
5. My Boyfriend's Back (My Boyfriend's Back)
6. Shovel Off to Buffalo (Shovel Off to Buffalo)
7. He Said, She Said (He Said, She Said)
8. Stumble in the Bronx (Stumble in the Bronx)
9. Hate Thy Neighbor (Hate Thy Neighbor)
10. Pain in the Aspirin (Pain in the Aspirin)
11. Blind Curve (Blind Curve)
12. Santa on Ice (Santa on Ice)
13. The Hypocratic Oath (The Hypocratic Oath)
14. The Rumor (The Rumor)
15. All the Rage (All the Rage)
16. Old Yeller (Old Yeller)
17. The Roast That Ruined Them (The Roast That Ruined Them)
18. For Whom the Toll Calls (For Whom the Toll Calls)
19. The Bearer of Bad Tidings (The Bearer of Bad Tidings)
20. One Angry Man (One Angry Man)
21. Sight Unseen (Sight Unseen)
22. Crosstalk (Crosstalk)
23. Cooked (Cooked)
24. Panic on the 86th (Panic on the 86th)
3. série
1. The Film Critic (The Film Critic)
2. SuperBob (SuperBob)
3. One Wong Move (One Wong Move)
4. What Indifference a Day Makes (What Indifference a Day Makes)
5. The Usual Suspects (The Usual Suspects)
6. The Wrong Man (The Wrong Man)
7. Beckerethics (Beckerethics)
8. Smoke'em If You Got 'Em (Smoke'em If You Got 'Em)
9. Dr. Angry Head (Dr. Angry Head)
10. Margaret's Dream (Margaret's Dream)
11. Heart Breaker (Heart Breaker)
12. The Trouble with Harry (The Trouble with Harry)
13. The Princess Cruise (The Princess Cruise)
14. Pretty Poison (Pretty Poison)
15. 2001 1/2: A Graduation Odyssey (2001 1/2: A Graduation Odyssey)
16. Elder Hostile (Elder Hostile)
17. The Ugly Truth (The Ugly Truth)
18. The More You Know (The More You Know)
19. You Say Gay Son I Say Godson (You Say Gay Son I Say Godson)
20. Nocturnal Omissions (Nocturnal Omissions)
21. The TorMentor (The TorMentor)
22. Small Wonder (Small Wonder)
23. Sue You (Sue You)
24. Trials and Defibrillations (Trials and Defibrillations)
4. série
1. Psycho Therapy (Psycho Therapy)
2. Breakfast of Chumpions (Breakfast of Chumpions)
3. Jake's Jaunt (Jake's Jaunt)
4. Dog Days (Dog Days)
5. Really Good Advice (Really Good Advice)
6. Get Me Out of Here (Get Me Out of Here)
7. Hanging with Jake (Hanging with Jake)
8. Dinner and a Showdown (Dinner and a Showdown)
9. The Buddy System (The Buddy System)
10. The Ghost of Christmas Presents (The Ghost of Christmas Presents)
11. Another Tricky Day (Another Tricky Day)
12. The Ex-Files (The Ex-Files)
13. Barter Sauce (Barter Sauce)
14. V-Day (V-Day)
15. It Had to Be Ew (It Had to Be Ew)
16. Let's Talk About Sex (Let's Talk About Sex)
17. Picture Imperfect (Picture Imperfect)
18. Talking Points (Talking Points)
19. Too Much, Too Late (Too Much, Too Late)
20. Piece Talks (Piece Talks)
21. Parannoyed (Parannoyed)
22. MisSteaks (MisSteaks)
23. Much Ado About Nothing (Much Ado About Nothing)
24. Everybody Loves Becker (Everybody Loves Becker)
5. série
1. Someone's in the Kitchen with Reggie? (Someone's in the Kitchen with Reggie?)
2. Do the Right Thing (Do the Right Thing)
3. L.A. Woman (L.A. Woman)
4. And the Heartbeat Goes On (And the Heartbeat Goes On)
5. The Grand Gesture (The Grand Gesture)
6. The 100th (The 100th)
7. Papa Does Preach (Papa Does Preach)
8. Atlas Shirked (Atlas Shirked)
9. Blind Injustice (Blind Injustice)
10. Chris-Mess (Chris-Mess)
11. Once Upon a Time (Once Upon a Time)
12. Bad to the Bone (Bad to the Bone)
13. But I've Got Friends I Haven't Used Yet (But I've Got Friends I Haven't Used Yet)
14. The Pain in the Neck (The Pain in the Neck)
15. Nightmare on Becker Street (Nightmare on Becker Street)
16. The Job (The Job)
17. Thank You for Not Smoking (Thank You for Not Smoking)
18. Amanda Moves Out (Amanda Moves Out)
19. Ms. Fortune (Ms. Fortune)
20. Mr. and Ms. Conception (Mr. and Ms. Conception)
21. Chris' Ex (Chris' Ex)
22. Daytime Believer (Daytime Believer)
6. série
1. What's Love Got to Do with It? (What's Love Got to Do with It?)
2. Dates & Nuts (Dates & Nuts)
3. A Little Ho-mance (A Little Ho-mance)
4. Spontaneous Combustion (Spontaneous Combustion)
5. The Unbelievable Wrongness of Talking (The Unbelievable Wrongness of Talking)
6. Afterglow (Afterglow)
7. Sister Spoils the Turkey (Sister Spoils the Turkey)
8. Chock Full O'Nuts (Chock Full O'Nuts)
9. A First Class Flight (A First Class Flight)
10. Margaret Sings the Blues (Margaret Sings the Blues)
11. Snow Means Snow (Snow Means Snow)
12. Subway Story (Subway Story)
13. DNR (DNR)