Ben 10: Ultimate Alien

Ben 10: Ultimate Alien (Ben 10: Ultimate Alien) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Fame (Fame)
2. Duped (Duped)
3. Hit 'Em Where They Live (Hit 'Em Where They Live)
4. Computer Games (Computer Games)
5. Escape from Aggregor (Escape from Aggregor)
6. Too Hot to Handle (Too Hot to Handle)
7. Andreas' Fault (Andreas' Fault)
8. Fused (Fused)
9. Hero Time (Hero Time)
10. Ultimate Aggregor (Ultimate Aggregor)
11. Map of Infinity (Map of Infinity)
12. Reflected Glory (Reflected Glory)
13. Deep (Deep)
14. Where the Magic Happens (Where the Magic Happens)
15. Perplexahedron (Perplexahedron)
16. The Forge of Creation (The Forge of Creation)
17. Nor Iron Bars a Cage (Nor Iron Bars a Cage)
18. The Enemy of My Enemy (The Enemy of My Enemy)
19. Absolute Power: Part One (Absolute Power: Part One)
20. Absolute Power: Part Two (Absolute Power: Part Two)
2. série
1. The Transmogrification of Eunice (The Transmogrification of Eunice)
2. Eye of the Beholder (Eye of the Beholder)
3. Return of Dr. Viktor (Return of Dr. Viktor)
4. The Big Story (The Big Story)
5. Girl Trouble (Girl Trouble)
6. Revenge of the Swarm (Revenge of the Swarm)
7. The Creature from Beyond (The Creature from Beyond)
8. Basic Training (Basic Training)
9. It's Not Easy Being Gwen (It's Not Easy Being Gwen)
10. Ben 10,000 Returns (Ben 10,000 Returns)
11. Moonstruck (Moonstruck)
12. Prisoner #775 Is Missing (Prisoner #775 Is Missing)
13. The Purge (The Purge)
14. Simian Says (Simian Says)
15. Greetings From Techadon (Greetings From Techadon)
16. The Flame Keeper's Circle (The Flame Keeper's Circle)
17. Double or Nothing (Double or Nothing)
18. The Perfect Girlfriend (The Perfect Girlfriend)
19. Ultimate Sacrifice (Ultimate Sacrifice)
20. The Widening Gyre (The Widening Gyre)
21. The Mother of All Vreedles (The Mother of All Vreedles)
22. A Knight to Remember (A Knight to Remember)
23. Solitary Alignment (Solitary Alignment)
24. Inspector #13 (Inspector #13)
25. The Enemy of my Frenemy (The Enemy of my Frenemy)
26. Couples Retreat (Couples Retreat)
27. Catch a Falling Star (Catch a Falling Star)
28. The Eggman Cometh (The Eggman Cometh)
29. Night of the Living Nightmare (Night of the Living Nightmare)
30. The Beginning of the End (The Beginning of the End)
31. The Ultimate Enemy (1) (The Ultimate Enemy (1))
32. The Ultimate Enemy (2) (The Ultimate Enemy (2))