Beyblade: Metal Fusion

Beyblade: Metal Fusion (Beyblade: Metal Fusion) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Maiorita Pegashisu (Maiorita Pegashisu)
2. Reône no kiba! (Reône no kiba!)
3. Vorufu no yabou! (Vorufu no yabou!)
4. Tosshin! Buru pawâ! (Tosshin! Buru pawâ!)
5. Fukushuu no Kyansâ (Fukushuu no Kyansâ)
6. Episode #1.6 (Episode #1.6)
7. Episode #1.7 (Episode #1.7)
8. Episode #1.8 (Episode #1.8)
9. Episode #1.9 (Episode #1.9)
10. Episode #1.10 (Episode #1.10)
11. Episode #1.11 (Episode #1.11)
12. Episode #1.12 (Episode #1.12)
13. Erudorago, kakusei! (Erudorago, kakusei!)
14. Ryuusei no kioku (Ryuusei no kioku)
15. Nazo no hyouma (Nazo no hyouma)
16. Kareinaru Ariesu (Kareinaru Ariesu)
17. Hakugin no Pegashisu (Hakugin no Pegashisu)
18. Midori no jigoku (Midori no jigoku)
19. Taggu batoru o kouryakuseyo! (Taggu batoru o kouryakuseyo!)
20. Kaimaku! Sabaibaru batoru (Kaimaku! Sabaibaru batoru)
21. Kotou no senshitachi (Kotou no senshitachi)
22. Senritsu no ribera (Senritsu no ribera)
23. Batoru burêdâzu e no michi (Batoru burêdâzu e no michi)
24. Utsukushiki Akuira (Utsukushiki Akuira)
25. Episode #1.25 (Episode #1.25)
26. Yami ni mau tsubasa (Yami ni mau tsubasa)
27. Rannyuu! Charenji macchi (Rannyuu! Charenji macchi)
28. Dâku Kyansâ no kanikani daisakusen (Dâku Kyansâ no kanikani daisakusen)
29. Episode #1.29 (Episode #1.29)
30. Ayashiki Paishîzu (Ayashiki Paishîzu)
31. Futago no Jemiosu (Futago no Jemiosu)
32. Arashi no batoru roiyaru (Arashi no batoru roiyaru)
33. Fenikkusu no chikai (Fenikkusu no chikai)
34. Kagayake Birugo! (Kagayake Birugo!)
35. Episode #1.35 (Episode #1.35)
36. Hikisakareta Tsubasa (Hikisakareta Tsubasa)
37. Moudoku Esukorupio (Moudoku Esukorupio)
38. Hashire Ginga (Hashire Ginga)
39. Gekitotsu! Fenikkusu vs Pegashisu (Gekitotsu! Fenikkusu vs Pegashisu)
40. Go! Batoru bureidâzu (Go! Batoru bureidâzu)
41. Sâpento no kyoufu (Sâpento no kyoufu)
42. Doragon no seisai (Doragon no seisai)
43. Shikumareta taisen (Shikumareta taisen)
44. Takusareta omoi (Takusareta omoi)
45. Gyakushuu no Akuira (Gyakushuu no Akuira)
46. Kiera Ribura (Kiera Ribura)
47. Hagane no kizuna (Hagane no kizuna)
48. Hikari to yami no shinjitsu (Hikari to yami no shinjitsu)
2. série
1. Densetsu o motomete (Densetsu o motomete)
2. Daisan no otoko (Daisan no otoko)
3. Kaimaku! Sekai taikai (Kaimaku! Sekai taikai)
4. Racheruta no ishi (Racheruta no ishi)
5. Gokkan no chi Roshia (Gokkan no chi Roshia)
6. Souzetsu! Kanaami desumacchi! (Souzetsu! Kanaami desumacchi!)
7. Ribura shutsujin! (Ribura shutsujin!)
8. The Festival of Warriors (The Festival of Warriors)
9. Shinobiyoru yami (Shinobiyoru yami)
10. The Axe of Destruction (The Axe of Destruction)
11. The Dragon Emperor Returns (The Dragon Emperor Returns)
12. Exceed the Limit (Exceed the Limit)
13. Dark Eagle (Dark Eagle)
14. Gravity Destroyer (Gravity Destroyer)
15. The Friend's Name is Zeo (The Friend's Name is Zeo)
16. Our Slogan Is Number 1 (Our Slogan Is Number 1)
17. The Plot Thickens (The Plot Thickens)
18. The Compass of Fate Byxis (The Compass of Fate Byxis)
19. The Wicked Peacock Befall (The Wicked Peacock Befall)
20. The Guard Dog of Hades, Kerbecs (The Guard Dog of Hades, Kerbecs)
21. The Furious DJ Battle (The Furious DJ Battle)
22. The Final Countdown (The Final Countdown)
23. The Dragon Emperor Descends (The Dragon Emperor Descends)
24. Spirits Last Battle (Spirits Last Battle)
25. Showdown! Ginka vs. Damian (Showdown! Ginka vs. Damian)
26. Charge! Hades City (Charge! Hades City)
27. The Fallen Emperor (The Fallen Emperor)
3. série
1. Fragment of the Star (Fragment of the Star)
2. Legend Blader (Legend Blader)
3. Kenta and Sora (Kenta and Sora)
4. The Oath of the Phoenix (The Oath of the Phoenix)
5. L-Drago on the Move (L-Drago on the Move)
6. The God of Destruction's Revival!? (The God of Destruction's Revival!?)
7. The Child of Nemesis (The Child of Nemesis)
8. Come Together, Legendary Bladers! (Come Together, Legendary Bladers!)
9. Diablo Nemesis (Diablo Nemesis)
10. To the Final Battle Ground (To the Final Battle Ground)
11. The Lost Kingdom (The Lost Kingdom)
12. The Missing Star of the Four Seasons (The Missing Star of the Four Seasons)
13. Flash Sagittario (Flash Sagittario)
14. Hades Persistence (Hades Persistence)
15. A Ray of Hope (A Ray of Hope)