Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion

Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion (Captain Gallant of the Foreign Legion)
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1. série
1. Introduction (Introduction)
2. Veils of Death (Veils of Death)
3. Firepower (Firepower)
4. Tala's Secret (Tala's Secret)
5. Camel Race (Camel Race)
6. Esprit de Corps (Esprit de Corps)
7. Carnival in Zagora/The Evil Men Do (Carnival in Zagora/The Evil Men Do)
8. 20 Fathoms Under the Desert (20 Fathoms Under the Desert)
9. Strange Sanctuary (Strange Sanctuary)
10. The Prayer Rug (The Prayer Rug)
11. The Golden Loop (The Golden Loop)
12. Caravan Patrol (Caravan Patrol)
13. Tina (Tina)
14. The Captive Oasis (The Captive Oasis)
15. Revenge (Revenge)
16. Stolen Treasure (Stolen Treasure)
17. Ambushed (Ambushed)
18. The Jewel Box (The Jewel Box)
19. The Man with a Map (The Man with a Map)
20. The Dagger of Judah (The Dagger of Judah)
21. The Lady from Zagora (The Lady from Zagora)
22. Pipeline (Pipeline)
23. Double Jeopardy (Double Jeopardy)
24. Desert Justice (Desert Justice)
25. Treasure of the Legion (Treasure of the Legion)
26. The Hostage (The Hostage)
27. The Ransom (The Ransom)
28. The Legion Is Our Home (The Legion Is Our Home)
29. The Traitor (The Traitor)
30. The Hand of Fatima (The Hand of Fatima)
31. The Hat (The Hat)
32. Alibi (Alibi)
33. The Lost Caravan (The Lost Caravan)
34. Masquerade (Masquerade)
35. The Clue of Herodotus (The Clue of Herodotus)
36. The Boy Who Found Christmas (The Boy Who Found Christmas)
37. The Constance Missal (The Constance Missal)
2. série
1. Gallant's New Post (Gallant's New Post)
2. Cuffy's Guides (Cuffy's Guides)
3. The Long Night (The Long Night)
4. Cuffy's Present (Cuffy's Present)
5. The Flaming Hoop (The Flaming Hoop)
6. Rodeo (Rodeo)
7. Fuzzy's Furlough (Fuzzy's Furlough)
8. The Magic Lamp (The Magic Lamp)
9. A Private Affair (A Private Affair)
10. The Informer's Map (The Informer's Map)
11. Cuffy's Good Deed (Cuffy's Good Deed)
12. Guns for Sale (Guns for Sale)
13. Shifting Sands (Shifting Sands)
14. The Gift (The Gift)
15. Mystery Man of the Desert (Mystery Man of the Desert)
16. Out of Bounds (Out of Bounds)
17. Water (Water)
18. Ring of Steel (Ring of Steel)
19. The Third Person (The Third Person)
20. One Accident Too Many (One Accident Too Many)
21. Dr. Legionnaire (Dr. Legionnaire)
22. Rescue (Rescue)
23. Lone Legionaire (Lone Legionaire)
24. Court Martial (Court Martial)
25. The Man from Cairo (The Man from Cairo)
26. Too Many Suspects (Too Many Suspects)