Cardfight!! Vanguard

Cardfight!! Vanguard (Cardfight!! Vanguard)
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8. série
1. Welcome to the NEXT STAGE!! (Welcome to the NEXT STAGE!!)
2. Dragon Awaiting Awakening (Dragon Awaiting Awakening)
3. Kazuma's Ritual (Kazuma's Ritual)
4. The "Ki" Prince of Fukuhara (The "Ki" Prince of Fukuhara)
5. Smile of Queen and Schemes (Smile of Queen and Schemes)
6. Crossover (Crossover)
7. My Blooming Future (My Blooming Future)
8. Beyond the Sea of Tears (Beyond the Sea of Tears)
9. The Flower's Dazzling Bloom (The Flower's Dazzling Bloom)
10. A Presence that Cannot be Exceeded (A Presence that Cannot be Exceeded)
11. To me, you are...!! (To me, you are...!!)
12. The Last Chance (The Last Chance)
13. Decisive Battle!!! Striders VS Trinity Dragon!!! (Decisive Battle!!! Striders VS Trinity Dragon!!!)
14. Are you ready to FIGHT!! (Are you ready to FIGHT!!)
15. Battlefield!! First Stage (Battlefield!! First Stage)
16. Dawn of Nippon (Dawn of Nippon)
17. Light's Signpost (Light's Signpost)
18. Mano A Mano (Mano A Mano)
19. Sorrow Skyscraper (Sorrow Skyscraper)
20. The Unyielding Pirate Princess (The Unyielding Pirate Princess)
21. The Enchanting Magia (The Enchanting Magia)
22. Creeping Threat (Creeping Threat)
23. Strong, Violent, and Beautiful (Strong, Violent, and Beautiful)
24. The Knights Who Swore Loyalty To Their Swords (The Knights Who Swore Loyalty To Their Swords)
25. Chaos of the Curtain Fall (Chaos of the Curtain Fall)
26. The Returning Vanguard! (The Returning Vanguard!)
27. Chrono VS Aichi (Chrono VS Aichi)
28. Ibuki's Trial (Ibuki's Trial)
29. Diffrider (Diffrider)
30. The Glow I Saw That Day (The Glow I Saw That Day)
31. Weak Creatures (Weak Creatures)
32. Evil Eye Sovereign (Evil Eye Sovereign)
33. Human Potential (Human Potential)
34. Brother's Reunion (Brother's Reunion)
35. Liberation of Destiny (Liberation of Destiny)
36. Fukuhara's Choice (Fukuhara's Choice)
37. Our Vanguard (Our Vanguard)
38. Episode 38 (Episode 38)
39. Beacon of Revival (Beacon of Revival)
40. Episode 40 (Episode 40)
41. Episode 41 (Episode 41)
42. Episode 42 (Episode 42)
43. Episode 43 (Episode 43)
44. Episode 44 (Episode 44)
45. Episode 45 (Episode 45)
46. Verno's Challenge (Verno's Challenge)
47. At the End of the Light (At the End of the Light)
48. Dragon of Awakening (Dragon of Awakening)