Centurions: Power X Treme

Centurions: Power X Treme (Centurions: Power X Treme) — 1. série
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1. série
1. The Sky Is on Fire (The Sky Is on Fire)
2. Battle Beneath the Sea (Battle Beneath the Sea)
3. An Alien Affair (An Alien Affair)
4. Found (Found)
5. Sand Doom (Sand Doom)
6. Whalesong (Whalesong)
7. Tornado of Terror (Tornado of Terror)
8. Denver Is Down (Denver Is Down)
9. Micro Menace (Micro Menace)
10. Attack of the Plant-Borg (Attack of the Plant-Borg)
11. Battle Beneath the Ice (Battle Beneath the Ice)
12. Operation Starfall (Operation Starfall)
13. Let the Games Begin (Let the Games Begin)
14. Firebird (Firebird)
15. Cold Calculations (Cold Calculations)
16. Return of Captain Steele (Return of Captain Steele)
17. Three Strikes and You're Dead (Three Strikes and You're Dead)
18. Double Agent (Double Agent)
19. Child's Play (Child's Play)
20. Terror on Ice (Terror on Ice)
21. That Old Black Magic (That Old Black Magic)
22. Max Ray... Traitor (Max Ray... Traitor)
23. Crack the World (Crack the World)
24. The Incredible Shrinking Centurions (The Incredible Shrinking Centurions)
25. Live at Five (Live at Five)
26. The Mummy's Curse (The Mummy's Curse)
27. Counterclock Crisis (Counterclock Crisis)
28. Zombie Master (Zombie Master)
29. Malfunction (Malfunction)
30. Broken Beams (Broken Beams)
31. The Chameleon's Sting (The Chameleon's Sting)
32. Film at Eleven (Film at Eleven)
33. Hacker Must Be Destroyed (Hacker Must Be Destroyed)
34. Showdown at Skystalk (Showdown at Skystalk)
35. The Warrior (The Warrior)
36. Return of Cassandra (Return of Cassandra)
37. Night on Terror Mountain (Night on Terror Mountain)
38. Merlin (Merlin)
39. The Monsters from Below (The Monsters from Below)
40. The Road Devils (The Road Devils)
41. Zone Dancer (Zone Dancer)
42. Firecracker (Firecracker)
43. Traitors Three (Traitors Three)
44. You Only Love Twice (You Only Love Twice)
45. Sungrazer (Sungrazer)
46. Novice (Novice)
47. Breakout (Breakout)
48. Atlantis Adventure (Atlantis Adventure)
49. Atlantis Adventure (Atlantis Adventure)
50. Ghost Warrior (Ghost Warrior)
51. Let the Lightning Fall (Let the Lightning Fall)
52. Cyborg Centurion (Cyborg Centurion)
53. Day of the Animals (Day of the Animals)
54. To Dare Dominion (To Dare Dominion)
55. To Dare Dominion (To Dare Dominion)
56. Hole in the Ocean (Hole in the Ocean)
57. Hole in the Ocean (Hole in the Ocean)
58. The Better Half (The Better Half)
59. The Better Half (The Better Half)
60. Revenge (Revenge)
61. Man or Machine (Man or Machine)
62. Man or Machine (Man or Machine)
63. Man or Machine (Man or Machine)
64. Man or Machine (Man or Machine)
65. Man or Machine (Man or Machine)