Colt .45

Colt .45 (Colt .45)
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1. série
1. The Peacemaker (The Peacemaker)
2. A Time to Die (A Time to Die)
3. The Three Thousand Dollar Bullet (The Three Thousand Dollar Bullet)
4. Gallows at Granite Gap (Gallows at Granite Gap)
5. Small Man (Small Man)
6. Final Payment (Final Payment)
7. One Good Turn (One Good Turn)
8. Last Chance (Last Chance)
9. Young Gun (Young Gun)
10. Rebellion (Rebellion)
11. The Gypsies (The Gypsies)
12. Sign in the Sand (Sign in the Sand)
13. The Mirage (The Mirage)
14. Blood Money (Blood Money)
15. Dead Reckoning (Dead Reckoning)
16. Decoy (Decoy)
17. Rare Specimen (Rare Specimen)
18. Mantrap (Mantrap)
19. Ghost Town (Ghost Town)
20. The Golden Gun (The Golden Gun)
21. Circle of Fear (Circle of Fear)
22. Split Second (Split Second)
23. Point of Honor (Point of Honor)
24. The Deserters (The Deserters)
25. The Manbuster (The Manbuster)
26. Long Odds (Long Odds)
2. série
1. The Escape (The Escape)
2. Dead Aim (Dead Aim)
3. The Magic Box (The Magic Box)
4. The Confession (The Confession)
5. The Man Who Loved Lincoln (The Man Who Loved Lincoln)
6. The Sanctuary (The Sanctuary)
7. The Saga of Sam Bass (The Saga of Sam Bass)
8. Amnesty (Amnesty)
9. The Pirate (The Pirate)
10. Law West of the Pecos (Law West of the Pecos)
11. Don't Tell Joe (Don't Tell Joe)
12. Return to El Paso (Return to El Paso)
13. Night of Decision (Night of Decision)
3. série
1. Queen of Dixie (Queen of Dixie)
2. The Reckoning (The Reckoning)
3. The Devil's Godson (The Devil's Godson)
4. The Rival Gun (The Rival Gun)
5. The Hothead (The Hothead)
6. A Legend of Buffalo Bill (A Legend of Buffalo Bill)
7. Yellow Terror (Yellow Terror)
8. Tar and Feathers (Tar and Feathers)
9. Alias Mr. Howard (Alias Mr. Howard)
10. Calamity (Calamity)
11. Under False Pretenses (Under False Pretenses)
12. Impasse (Impasse)
13. Arizona Anderson (Arizona Anderson)
14. The Cause (The Cause)
15. Phantom Trail (Phantom Trail)
16. Breakthrough (Breakthrough)
17. Chain of Command (Chain of Command)
18. Alibi (Alibi)
19. Absent Without Leave (Absent Without Leave)
20. Strange Encounter (Strange Encounter)
21. Trial by Rope (Trial by Rope)
22. The Gandy Dancers (The Gandy Dancers)
23. Martial Law (Martial Law)
24. Attack (Attack)
25. Bounty List (Bounty List)
26. Appointment in Agoura (Appointment in Agoura)
27. Showdown at Goldtown (Showdown at Goldtown)
28. The Trespasser (The Trespasser)