Coronado 9

Coronado 9 (Coronado 9)
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1. série
1. The Widow of Kill Cove (The Widow of Kill Cove)
2. Stroll in the Park (Stroll in the Park)
3. Doomtown (Doomtown)
4. The Spinster of Nob Hill (The Spinster of Nob Hill)
5. The Groom Came D.O.A. (The Groom Came D.O.A.)
6. The Day Chivalry Died (The Day Chivalry Died)
7. I Came for the Funeral (I Came for the Funeral)
8. I Want to Be Hated (I Want to Be Hated)
9. Four and Twenty Buddhas (Four and Twenty Buddhas)
10. Run Scared (Run Scared)
11. Alibi Bye (Alibi Bye)
12. A Bookie Is Not a Bibliophile (A Bookie Is Not a Bibliophile)
13. Careless Joe (Careless Joe)
14. Remember the Alamo (Remember the Alamo)
15. Blow, Gabriella (Blow, Gabriella)
16. Loser's Circle (Loser's Circle)
17. Obituary of a Small Ape (Obituary of a Small Ape)
18. Film Flam (Film Flam)
19. Londonderry Heiress (Londonderry Heiress)
20. Run, Shep, Run (Run, Shep, Run)
21. Wrong Odds (Wrong Odds)
22. Sincerely Yours, Napoleon (Sincerely Yours, Napoleon)
23. The Man from Way Down Yonder (The Man from Way Down Yonder)
24. Caribbean Chase (Caribbean Chase)
25. Hunt Breakfast (Hunt Breakfast)
26. Excursion to Algiers (Excursion to Algiers)
27. Flight to La Paz (Flight to La Paz)
28. Three's a Shroud (Three's a Shroud)
29. Come with Thy Loot (Come with Thy Loot)
30. The Day Ramon Fell (The Day Ramon Fell)
31. Long Way to Detroit (Long Way to Detroit)
32. But the Patient Died (But the Patient Died)
33. Gone Goose (Gone Goose)
34. The Anxious Mariner (The Anxious Mariner)
35. Flee Now, Pay Later (Flee Now, Pay Later)
36. The Daley Double (The Daley Double)
37. Singapore Girl (Singapore Girl)
38. Blonde Herring (Blonde Herring)
39. They Met in Honolulu (They Met in Honolulu)