Dalziel a Pascoe

Dalziel a Pascoe (Dalziel and Pascoe) — 1. série
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1. série
1. A Clubbable Woman (A Clubbable Woman)
2. An Advancement of Learning (An Advancement of Learning)
3. An Autumn Shroud (An Autumn Shroud)
2. série
1. Ruling Passion (Ruling Passion)
2. A Killing Kindness (A Killing Kindness)
3. Deadheads (Deadheads)
4. Exit Lines (Exit Lines)
3. série
1. Under World (Under World)
2. Child's Play (Child's Play)
3. Bones and Silence (Bones and Silence)
4. The Wood Beyond (The Wood Beyond)
4. série
1. On Beulah Height (On Beulah Height)
2. Recalled to Life (Recalled to Life)
3. Time to Go (Time to Go)
4. The British Grenadier (The British Grenadier)
5. série
1. A Sweeter Lazarus (A Sweeter Lazarus)
2. Cunning Old Fox (Cunning Old Fox)
3. Foreign Bodies (Foreign Bodies)
4. Above the Law (Above the Law)
6. série
1. Walls of Silence (Walls of Silence)
2. Home Truths (Home Truths)
3. Secrets of the Dead (Secrets of the Dead)
4. Truth and Consequences (Truth and Consequences)
7. série
1. The Unwanted (The Unwanted)
2. Mens Sana (Mens Sana)
3. Sins of the Fathers (Sins of the Fathers)
4. For Love Nor Money (For Love Nor Money)
5. Dialogues of the Dead (Dialogues of the Dead)
8. série
1. A Game of Soldiers (A Game of Soldiers)
2. The Price of Fame (The Price of Fame)
3. Great Escapes (Great Escapes)
4. Soft Touch (Soft Touch)
9. série
1. Heads You Lose (Heads You Lose)
2. Dead Meat (Dead Meat)
3. The Dig (The Dig)
4. Dust Thou Art (Dust Thou Art)
10. série
1. Houdini's Ghost (Houdini's Ghost)
2. Glory Days (Glory Days)
3. Wrong Time, Wrong Place (Wrong Time, Wrong Place)
4. Guardian Angel (Guardian Angel)
5. A Death in the Family (A Death in the Family)
11. série
1. The Cave Woman (The Cave Woman)
2. Fallen Angel (Fallen Angel)
3. Demons on Our Shoulders (Demons on Our Shoulders)
4. Project Aphrodite (Project Aphrodite)
5. Under Dark Stars (Under Dark Stars)
Prison Break