Delfín Flip

Delfín Flip (Flipper)
Chceš seriál do oblíbených? Tak se přihlas!
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Treasure Hunt (Treasure Hunt)
3. Green Freak (Green Freak)
4. True Believer (True Believer)
5. Kidnapped (Kidnapped)
6. Kidnapped, Part Deux (Kidnapped, Part Deux)
7. With Brothers Like This (With Brothers Like This)
8. Submersible (Submersible)
9. F. Scott (F. Scott)
10. That's a Moray! (That's a Moray!)
11. Fish Out Of Water (Fish Out Of Water)
12. Pearl Maker (Pearl Maker)
13. Missile Crisis (Missile Crisis)
14. Hurricane (Hurricane)
15. Surf Gang (Surf Gang)
16. Monkey Island (Monkey Island)
17. Menace to Seaciety (Menace to Seaciety)
18. The Girl Who Came To Dinner (The Girl Who Came To Dinner)
19. Muddy Waters (Muddy Waters)
20. Past Tense (Past Tense)
21. Sharks! (Sharks!)
22. Flipper Speaks! (Flipper Speaks!)
2. série
1. The White Dolphin (The White Dolphin)
2. Sea Horse (Sea Horse)
3. Ghost Ship (Ghost Ship)
4. The Sword of Carlos de Cabral (The Sword of Carlos de Cabral)
5. Radio Free Flipper (Radio Free Flipper)
6. A Day At The Boat Races (A Day At The Boat Races)
7. Maternity Test (Maternity Test)
8. Best Of The Beach (Best Of The Beach)
9. Wedding Bell Blues (Wedding Bell Blues)
10. Ebb Tide (Ebb Tide)
11. Long Weekend (Long Weekend)
12. Paradise Found (Paradise Found)
13. Flipper Goes To Miami (Flipper Goes To Miami)
14. Beach Music (Beach Music)
15. Help Me, Rhonda (Help Me, Rhonda)
16. La Sirene Maya (La Sirene Maya)
17. Mermaid Island (Mermaid Island)
18. The Package (The Package)
19. Retribution Beach (Retribution Beach)
20. On The Ropes (On The Ropes)
21. Target Practice (Target Practice)
22. Reflections (Reflections)
3. série
1. A Fine Romance (A Fine Romance)
2. The Mayday Kid (The Mayday Kid)
3. Swimming With Sharks (Swimming With Sharks)
4. U-Boat (U-Boat)
5. Sea Demons (Sea Demons)
6. Missing (Missing)
7. The Outsiders (The Outsiders)
8. Splashdown (Splashdown)
9. Big Fish, Little Fish (Big Fish, Little Fish)
10. Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving)
11. Silent Night (Silent Night)
12. Storm Island (Storm Island)
13. Lost and Found (Lost and Found)
14. The Challenge (The Challenge)
15. Fallen Hero (Fallen Hero)
16. Predator (Predator)
17. Stars & Stripes (Stars & Stripes)
4. série
1. Wreck of the Zephyr (Wreck of the Zephyr)
2. One Perfect Day (One Perfect Day)
3. A Helping Hand (A Helping Hand)
4. The Wish (The Wish)
5. Saving Tom (Saving Tom)
6. Spring Break (Spring Break)
7. Blind Faith (Blind Faith)
8. Nickels & Dimes (Nickels & Dimes)
9. Hurricane (Hurricane)
10. Free-Diving (Free-Diving)
11. A Night to Remember (A Night to Remember)
12. Princess Weekend (Princess Weekend)
13. Waterworld (Waterworld)
14. Black Dolphin (Black Dolphin)
15. Class (Class)
16. The Inquiry (The Inquiry)
17. Cap in Love (Cap in Love)
18. Message in a Bottle (Message in a Bottle)
19. Going Solo (Going Solo)
20. Kidd's Treasure (Kidd's Treasure)
21. Mr. Mom (Mr. Mom)
22. Mystery Ship (Mystery Ship)
23. Re-Educating Rita (Re-Educating Rita)
24. The Survivor (The Survivor)
25. Destiny (Destiny)
26. Prodigal Father (Prodigal Father)
27. The Dreaming (The Dreaming)