Divoká karta

Divoká karta (Wild Card)
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. The Learning Curve (The Learning Curve)
3. Con Artistry (Con Artistry)
4. Hell Week (Hell Week)
5. Dearly Beloved (Dearly Beloved)
6. Dead Again (Dead Again)
7. The Cheese Stands Alone (The Cheese Stands Alone)
8. No Bull (No Bull)
9. Mimi's Assetts (Mimi's Assetts)
10. Spooked (Spooked)
11. Sand Trap (Sand Trap)
12. Black Sheep (Black Sheep)
13. Bullet Proof (Bullet Proof)
14. Backstabbed (Backstabbed)
15. Auntie Venom (Auntie Venom)
16. Block Party (Block Party)
17. Candy Land (Candy Land)
18. Queen Bea (Queen Bea)
2. série
1. A Felony for Melanie (A Felony for Melanie)
2. Dr. Sidney Loses a Kidney (Dr. Sidney Loses a Kidney)
3. Sniper Shot, Intern Hot (Sniper Shot, Intern Hot)
4. Roses Are Red, Violets Are Busiek (Roses Are Red, Violets Are Busiek)
5. Bound and Gagged, Your Husband Was Snagged (Bound and Gagged, Your Husband Was Snagged)
6. Wham Bam, Thank You Dan (Wham Bam, Thank You Dan)
7. Slam Dunk Funk (Slam Dunk Funk)
8. Die, Die, Who Am I? (Die, Die, Who Am I?)
9. Premonition Mission (Premonition Mission)
10. Bada Bing, Bada Busiek (Bada Bing, Bada Busiek)
11. Tick Tock, Writer's Block (Tick Tock, Writer's Block)
12. Blind in a Bind (Blind in a Bind)
13. Russian Missus Gets No Kisses (Russian Missus Gets No Kisses)
14. See Ya Later, Investigator! (See Ya Later, Investigator!)
15. A Whisper from Zoe's Sister (A Whisper from Zoe's Sister)
16. Multiple Personality Fatality (Multiple Personality Fatality)
17. My Boyfriend Is an Axe Murderer (My Boyfriend Is an Axe Murderer)
18. Zoe's Phony Matrimony (Zoe's Phony Matrimony)