Drake & Josh

Drake & Josh (Drake & Josh)
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1. série
1. Hug Me, Brother (Hug Me, Brother)
2. Dune Buggy (Dune Buggy)
3. Believe Me, Brother (Believe Me, Brother)
4. Two Idiots and a Baby (Two Idiots and a Baby)
5. First Crush (First Crush)
6. Grammy (Grammy)
2. série
1. The Bet (The Bet)
2. Guitar (Guitar)
3. Movie Job (Movie Job)
4. Football (Football)
5. Pool Shark (Pool Shark)
6. Smart Girl (Smart Girl)
7. Little Diva (Little Diva)
8. Blues Brothers (Blues Brothers)
9. Driver's License (Driver's License)
10. Number One Fan (Number One Fan)
11. Mean Teacher (Mean Teacher)
12. The Gary Grill (The Gary Grill)
13. Drew & Jerry (Drew & Jerry)
14. Honor Council (Honor Council)
3. série
1. Drake and Josh Inn (Drake and Josh Inn)
2. The Peruvian Puff Pepper (The Peruvian Puff Pepper)
3. We're Married (We're Married)
4. Mindy's Back (Mindy's Back)
5. The Affair (The Affair)
6. Playing the Field (Playing the Field)
7. Helen's Surgery (Helen's Surgery)
8. Paging Doctor Drake (Paging Doctor Drake)
9. Foam Finger (Foam Finger)
10. Girl Power (Girl Power)
11. Sheep Thrills (Sheep Thrills)
12. Megan's New Teacher (Megan's New Teacher)
13. Little Sibling (Little Sibling)
14. Theater Thug (Theater Thug)
15. The Demonator (The Demonator)
16. Alien Invasion (Alien Invasion)
17. Dr. Phyllis Show (Dr. Phyllis Show)
4. série
1. Josh Runs Into Oprah (Josh Runs Into Oprah)
2. Vicious Tiberius (Vicious Tiberius)
3. The Wedding (The Wedding)
4. Mindy Loves Josh (Mindy Loves Josh)
5. Who's Got Game? (Who's Got Game?)
6. The Great Doheny (The Great Doheny)
7. I Love Sushi (I Love Sushi)
8. The Storm (The Storm)
9. My Dinner with Bobo (My Dinner with Bobo)
10. Tree House (Tree House)
11. Josh Is Done (Josh Is Done)
12. Eric Punches Drake (Eric Punches Drake)
13. Megan's Revenge (Megan's Revenge)
14. Steered Straight (Steered Straight)
15. Megan's First Kiss (Megan's First Kiss)
16. Battle of Panthatar (Battle of Panthatar)
17. The Really Big Shrimp (The Really Big Shrimp)
18. The Really Big Shrimp (The Really Big Shrimp)
19. Helicopter (Helicopter)
20. Dance Contest (Dance Contest)
21. The Return of Milo (The Return of Milo)
22. The Birthday Party (The Birthday Party)
23. Drake's Dad and Josh's Mom (Drake's Dad and Josh's Mom)