Every Witch Way

Every Witch Way (Every Witch Way) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Discovery (Discovery)
2. The Big Rescue (The Big Rescue)
3. The Big Chill (The Big Chill)
4. I'm a Witch (I'm a Witch)
5. Magic Fight Club (Magic Fight Club)
6. Monkey Business (Monkey Business)
7. Monkey Business II (Monkey Business II)
8. Mac-sic-cle (Mac-sic-cle)
9. I Said, Upside Down (I Said, Upside Down)
10. I-Guana Dance With You (I-Guana Dance With You)
11. I-Guana you Back (I-Guana you Back)
12. I Heart Beau (I Heart Beau)
13. Pantherized (Pantherized)
14. Walk Like a Panther (Walk Like a Panther)
15. Beach Ball (Beach Ball)
16. Lily Frog (Lily Frog)
17. Witches' Flu (Witches' Flu)
18. Hexoren Squared (Hexoren Squared)
19. Which Witch is Which (Which Witch is Which)
20. The Chosen One (The Chosen One)
21. TBA (TBA)
2. série
1. Jax Of Hearts (Jax Of Hearts)
2. Runaway Witch (Runaway Witch)
3. Love Pie Redux (Love Pie Redux)
4. Powers by Proxy (Powers by Proxy)
5. The Fool Moon (The Fool Moon)
6. Daniel Who? (Daniel Who?)
7. No Can Do (No Can Do)
8. Werewolves in Siberia (Werewolves in Siberia)
9. The No-Sleep Sleepover (The No-Sleep Sleepover)
10. Outta Hand (Outta Hand)
11. Double Trouble (Double Trouble)
12. The Emma Squad (The Emma Squad)
13. Missminion (Missminion)
14. The Breakup (The Breakup)
15. Emma Wants a Cracker (Emma Wants a Cracker)
16. Stormageddon (Stormageddon)
17. About A Wizard (About A Wizard)
18. Beach Birthday Bash (Beach Birthday Bash)
19. Zombie Boyfriend (Zombie Boyfriend)
20. Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree (Andi & Philip, Sittin' in a Tree)
21. BF-Never (BF-Never)
22. The Abyss (The Abyss)
23. Emma vs. Emma (Emma vs. Emma)
24. Emma vs. Emma (Emma vs. Emma)
3. série
1. The Beachside 7 (The Beachside 7)
2. Rebel Emma (Rebel Emma)
3. It's Always You (It's Always You)
4. Breaking All the Rules (Breaking All the Rules)
5. Neverending Summer (Neverending Summer)
6. Daniel Darko (Daniel Darko)
7. No More Mr. Nice Guy (No More Mr. Nice Guy)
8. Spider No More (Spider No More)
9. Back to Back (Back to Back)
10. El Cristal de Caballero (El Cristal de Caballero)
11. Kanay vs. Kanay (Kanay vs. Kanay)
12. Invisible Me (Invisible Me)
13. The Truth About Kanays (The Truth About Kanays)
14. Zombie Rescue Team (Zombie Rescue Team)
15. Kangaroo Jax (Kangaroo Jax)
16. Defiance (Defiance)
17. Magical Throwdown (Magical Throwdown)
18. The Kanay Strikes Back (The Kanay Strikes Back)
19. New Witch Order (New Witch Order)
4. série
2. Road Trippin' (Road Trippin')
3. Ever in the Everglades (Ever in the Everglades)
4. Stuck in a Storm (Stuck in a Storm)
5. A Tale of Two Lives (A Tale of Two Lives)
6. Twisted Sister (Twisted Sister)
7. Lunch at Lola's (Lunch at Lola's)
8. Monkey Face Emoji (Monkey Face Emoji)
9. The Final Countdown (The Final Countdown)
10. Diego's Wipedown (Diego's Wipedown)
11. Van Pelt Reunion (Van Pelt Reunion)
12. Back to Square One (Back to Square One)
13. Power in a Bottle (Power in a Bottle)
14. What If? (What If?)
15. Frenemies (Frenemies)
16. Stop Emma (Stop Emma)
17. Mommie Dearest (Mommie Dearest)
18. A Girl's Sacrifice (A Girl's Sacrifice)
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