Felicity (Felicity) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. The Last Stand (The Last Stand)
3. Hot Objects (Hot Objects)
4. Boggled (Boggled)
5. Spooked (Spooked)
6. Cheating (Cheating)
7. Drawing the Line (Drawing the Line)
8. Drawing the Line (Drawing the Line)
9. Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving)
10. Finally (Finally)
11. Gimme an O! (Gimme an O!)
12. Friends (Friends)
13. Todd Mulcahy (Todd Mulcahy)
14. Todd Mulcahy (Todd Mulcahy)
15. Love and Marriage (Love and Marriage)
16. The Fugue (The Fugue)
17. Assassins (Assassins)
18. Happy Birthday (Happy Birthday)
19. Docuventary (Docuventary)
20. Connections (Connections)
21. The Force (The Force)
22. Felicity Was Here (Felicity Was Here)
2. série
1. Sophomoric (Sophomoric)
2. The List (The List)
3. Ancient History (Ancient History)
4. The Depths (The Depths)
5. Crash (Crash)
6. The Love Bug (The Love Bug)
7. Getting Lucky (Getting Lucky)
8. Family Affairs (Family Affairs)
9. Portraits (Portraits)
10. Great Expectations (Great Expectations)
11. Help for the Lovelorn (Help for the Lovelorn)
12. The Slump (The Slump)
13. Truth or Consequences (Truth or Consequences)
14. True Colors (True Colors)
15. Things Change (Things Change)
16. Revolutions (Revolutions)
17. Docuventary II (Docuventary II)
18. Party Lines (Party Lines)
19. Running Mates (Running Mates)
20. Ben Was Here (Ben Was Here)
21. The Aretha Theory (The Aretha Theory)
22. Final Answer (Final Answer)
23. The Biggest Deal There Is (The Biggest Deal There Is)
3. série
1. The Christening (The Christening)
2. The Anti-Natalie Intervention (The Anti-Natalie Intervention)
3. Hello, I Must Be Going (Hello, I Must Be Going)
4. Greeks and Geeks (Greeks and Geeks)
5. Surprise (Surprise)
6. One Ball, Two Strikes (One Ball, Two Strikes)
7. Kissing Mr. Covington (Kissing Mr. Covington)
8. A Good Egg (A Good Egg)
9. James and the Giant Piece (James and the Giant Piece)
10. Final Touches (Final Touches)
11. And to All a Good Night (And to All a Good Night)
12. Girlfight (Girlfight)
13. Blackout (Blackout)
14. The Break-Up Kit (The Break-Up Kit)
15. Senioritis (Senioritis)
16. It's Raining Men (It's Raining Men)
17. The Last Summer Ever (The Last Summer Ever)
4. série
1. The Declaration (The Declaration)
2. My Best Friend's Wedding (My Best Friend's Wedding)
3. Your Money or Your Wife (Your Money or Your Wife)
4. Miss Conception (Miss Conception)
5. Boooz (Boooz)
6. Oops... Noel Did It Again (Oops... Noel Did It Again)
7. The Storm (The Storm)
8. The Last Thanksgiving (The Last Thanksgiving)
9. Moving On (Moving On)
10. Fire (Fire)
11. A Perfect Match (A Perfect Match)
12. Future Shock (Future Shock)
13. Kiss and Tell (Kiss and Tell)
14. Raising Arizona (Raising Arizona)
15. The Paper Chase (The Paper Chase)
16. Ben Don't Leave (Ben Don't Leave)
17. The Graduate (The Graduate)
18. Time Will Tell (Time Will Tell)
19. The Power of the Ex (The Power of the Ex)
20. Spin the Bottle (Spin the Bottle)
21. Felicity Interrupted (Felicity Interrupted)
22. Back to the Future (Back to the Future)