Hennesey (Hennesey)
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Hennesey Meets Honeyboy (Hennesey Meets Honeyboy)
3. Hennesey Meets Harvey Spencer Blair III (Hennesey Meets Harvey Spencer Blair III)
4. Hennesey and Peyton Place (Hennesey and Peyton Place)
5. Shore Patrol (Shore Patrol)
6. Pork Chops and Apple Sauce (Pork Chops and Apple Sauce)
7. Harvey Blair Returns (Harvey Blair Returns)
8. Hennesey Meets Mrs. Horatio Grief (Hennesey Meets Mrs. Horatio Grief)
9. Hennesey Goes Home (Hennesey Goes Home)
10. Hennesey and the Lady Doctor (Hennesey and the Lady Doctor)
11. The Baby Sitter (The Baby Sitter)
12. The Christmas Show (The Christmas Show)
13. The Matchmaker (The Matchmaker)
14. More of Harvey Spencer Blair (More of Harvey Spencer Blair)
15. Space Man (Space Man)
16. Hennesey Joins the Marines (Hennesey Joins the Marines)
17. Hennesey Meets Fuji (Hennesey Meets Fuji)
18. Hello, Cobra Leader (Hello, Cobra Leader)
19. Hennesey and the Ancient Vehicle (Hennesey and the Ancient Vehicle)
20. Dr. Blair Again (Dr. Blair Again)
21. The Annapolis Man (The Annapolis Man)
22. Hennesey Meets Mr. Wilkins (Hennesey Meets Mr. Wilkins)
23. Senior Nurse (Senior Nurse)
24. Scarlet Woman in White (Scarlet Woman in White)
25. Angel Face (Angel Face)
26. What Is Dr. Blair? (What Is Dr. Blair?)
27. We're Glad It's You (We're Glad It's You)
28. Calling Dr. King (Calling Dr. King)
29. Which One Is Wagner? (Which One Is Wagner?)
30. Big Brother (Big Brother)
31. Bonjour, Mr. Hennesey (Bonjour, Mr. Hennesey)
2. série
1. Hail to the Chief (Hail to the Chief)
2. Tell It to the Chaplain (Tell It to the Chaplain)
3. Hennesey à La Gunn (Hennesey à La Gunn)
4. The Marriage of Dr. Blair (The Marriage of Dr. Blair)
5. The Captain's Dilemma (The Captain's Dilemma)
6. Miss San Diego Navy (Miss San Diego Navy)
7. Hennesey and the Submarine (Hennesey and the Submarine)
8. Come Home, Dr. Rogers (Come Home, Dr. Rogers)
9. Harvey's Horse (Harvey's Horse)
10. The Underfed Fullback (The Underfed Fullback)
11. The Reunion (The Reunion)
12. The Hat (The Hat)
13. The Stutterer (The Stutterer)
14. The Promotion (The Promotion)
15. The Specialist (The Specialist)
16. Harvey Spencer Blair and His Electric Money Machine (Harvey Spencer Blair and His Electric Money Machine)
17. Hennesey vs. Crandall (Hennesey vs. Crandall)
18. Join the Navy, Please (Join the Navy, Please)
19. The Apartment (The Apartment)
20. Max Remembers Papa (Max Remembers Papa)
21. The Novelist (The Novelist)
22. Harvey's Doll (Harvey's Doll)
23. The Wedding (The Wedding)
24. The Green-Eyed Monster (The Green-Eyed Monster)
25. Admiral and Son (Admiral and Son)
26. The Nogoodnik (The Nogoodnik)
27. Harvey's Pad (Harvey's Pad)
28. The Patient Vanishes (The Patient Vanishes)
29. Shore Patrol Revisited (Shore Patrol Revisited)
30. A Star Is Born (A Star Is Born)
31. His Honor, Dr. Blair (His Honor, Dr. Blair)
32. The Signover (The Signover)