Heybot! (Heybot!)
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1. série
1. HeyBot Is Born with a Hey-Boom! (HeyBot Is Born with a Hey-Boom!)
2. Screw-Ya Versus VocaReemans! (Screw-Ya Versus VocaReemans!)
3. Scary-Scary! It`s My First Scary Story! (Scary-Scary! It`s My First Scary Story!)
4. The Art of the Bonehead! How to Raise a Screw Tree! (The Art of the Bonehead! How to Raise a Screw Tree!)
5. Hey, Heybot`s Missing, Y`Know! (Hey, Heybot`s Missing, Y`Know!)
6. Rushing Out! The VocaBattle Race! (Rushing Out! The VocaBattle Race!)
7. Episode 7 (Episode 7)
8. Episode 8 (Episode 8)
9. Episode 9 (Episode 9)
10. Saturn Is Hell! (Saturn Is Hell!)
11. Mystery! The Cursed Screw Island (Mystery! The Cursed Screw Island)
12. Episode 12 (Episode 12)
13. Scrape, Plop (Scrape, Plop)
14. A Bonehead Castaway's Tale?! (A Bonehead Castaway's Tale?!)
15. The Screw Island Chronicle Scroll! (The Screw Island Chronicle Scroll!)
16. It's Vocammy's Turn! (It's Vocammy's Turn!)
17. Episode 17 (Episode 17)
18. Episode 18 (Episode 18)
19. Let's Rock to Steaming Rock-and-Roll! (Let's Rock to Steaming Rock-and-Roll!)
20. Heybot-Style Kitchen Battle?! (Heybot-Style Kitchen Battle?!)
21. The Blip-Blopping of Glitchy Time (The Blip-Blopping of Glitchy Time)
22. Riscrewing Sun! (Riscrewing Sun!)
23. They're After the Screw Soul! (They're After the Screw Soul!)
24. Big Brother x Little Brother (Big Brother x Little Brother)
25. The Shooting Star That Slipped and Fell (The Shooting Star That Slipped and Fell)
26. Episode 26 (Episode 26)
27. Episode 27 (Episode 27)
28. Farewell, My Beloved Moekath! (Farewell, My Beloved Moekath!)
29. It's Really Good! It's Totally Cool! (It's Really Good! It's Totally Cool!)
30. I Can't Forget (I Can't Forget)
31. Episode 31 (Episode 31)
32. Episode 32 (Episode 32)