It's Me or the Dog

It's Me or the Dog (It's Me or the Dog) — 1. série
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1. série
1. The Prince of Chaos (The Prince of Chaos)
2. Episode #1.2 (Episode #1.2)
3. Boxed In (Boxed In)
4. Episode #1.4 (Episode #1.4)
5. The Fickle Five (The Fickle Five)
6. The Not So Great Danes (The Not So Great Danes)
7. The Wild and Wacky Weimaraners (The Wild and Wacky Weimaraners)
8. The Montrous Mutts (The Montrous Mutts)
9. Untamed and Untrained (Untamed and Untrained)
10. Boys Vs. Girls (Boys Vs. Girls)
11. Toilet Trouble (Toilet Trouble)
12. Bullheaded Bulldog (Bullheaded Bulldog)
13. No Small Problem (No Small Problem)
14. Bad Apple (Bad Apple)
15. Pit Bull Predicament (Pit Bull Predicament)
16. The Loves of His Life (The Loves of His Life)
17. Puppy Love (Puppy Love)
18. Hollywood Hounds (Hollywood Hounds)
19. Making Room for Baby (Making Room for Baby)
20. Growing Pains (Growing Pains)
21. Episode #1.21 (Episode #1.21)
22. Episode #1.22 (Episode #1.22)
23. Episode #1.23 (Episode #1.23)
24. Episode #1.24 (Episode #1.24)
25. Episode #1.25 (Episode #1.25)
2. série
1. Pool Party (Pool Party)
2. Summer Cookout (Summer Cookout)
3. Unhappy Campers (Unhappy Campers)
4. The Dog Spinster (The Dog Spinster)
5. Dog Days of Summer (Dog Days of Summer)
3. série
1. Til Dogs Do Us Part (Til Dogs Do Us Part)
2. The Terrier Takes Manhattan (The Terrier Takes Manhattan)
3. The Castle Goes to the Dogs (The Castle Goes to the Dogs)
4. Bone of Contention (Bone of Contention)
5. Calamitous Canines (Calamitous Canines)
6. Menace to High Society (Menace to High Society)
7. Episode #3.7 (Episode #3.7)
8. Six Chihuahuas Under (Six Chihuahuas Under)
9. The Woof Pack (The Woof Pack)
10. Taming Indiana (Taming Indiana)
4. série
1. The Berry Bunch (The Berry Bunch)
2. House of Horror (House of Horror)
3. Great Dane Devotion (Great Dane Devotion)
4. Tiny Tyrant (Tiny Tyrant)
5. Killer Instincts (Killer Instincts)
6. Eight Is Enough (Eight Is Enough)
7. Dangerous Territory (Dangerous Territory)
8. Nervous Newlyweds (Nervous Newlyweds)
9. Weathering the Storm (Weathering the Storm)
10. Man vs. Manny (Man vs. Manny)
11. Ask Victoria (Ask Victoria)
12. Three Pampered Pups (Three Pampered Pups)
13. Lazy Dog Days (Lazy Dog Days)
14. Florence and Fiona (Florence and Fiona)
15. Bulldog Battle (Bulldog Battle)
16. Living on the Edge (Living on the Edge)
17. Feisty Females (Feisty Females)
18. Double Trouble (Double Trouble)
19. Bully Breeds (Bully Breeds)
20. Episode #4.20 (Episode #4.20)
21. The Un-Adoptables (The Un-Adoptables)