Less Than Perfect

Less Than Perfect (Less Than Perfect)
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Ice Cream With Lydia (Ice Cream With Lydia)
3. Claude the Liar (Claude the Liar)
4. Queen of England (Queen of England)
5. The Vacation (The Vacation)
6. The Pole (The Pole)
7. Future Shock (Future Shock)
8. Meet the Folks (Meet the Folks)
9. Claude the Heartbreaker (Claude the Heartbreaker)
10. One Office Party Too Many (One Office Party Too Many)
11. A Claude Casey in Production (A Claude Casey in Production)
12. Claude's Got a Secret (Claude's Got a Secret)
13. Telephone (Telephone)
14. High Maintenance (High Maintenance)
15. Valentine's Day (Valentine's Day)
16. Breaking Up (Breaking Up)
17. Picture Perfect Party (Picture Perfect Party)
18. The New Guy (The New Guy)
19. Oh Papa (Oh Papa)
20. A Little Love for Lydia (A Little Love for Lydia)
21. Save the Squirrel, But Bet the Over/Under (Save the Squirrel, But Bet the Over/Under)
22. The Umbrella (The Umbrella)
2. série
1. Choices (Choices)
2. From the Office of Will Butler (From the Office of Will Butler)
3. It Takes a Pillage (It Takes a Pillage)
4. New York Evening (New York Evening)
5. Shampoo (Shampoo)
6. Rules (Rules)
7. All About Claude (All About Claude)
8. Roomies (Roomies)
9. Claude's Alternative Thanksgiving (Claude's Alternative Thanksgiving)
10. The Girl Next Door (The Girl Next Door)
11. Claude the Terminator (Claude the Terminator)
12. Santa Claude (Santa Claude)
13. What About That! (What About That!)
14. Two Camps (Two Camps)
15. Love Stinks (Sometimes) (Love Stinks (Sometimes))
16. The Crush (The Crush)
17. Claude's Apartment (Claude's Apartment)
18. 22 Minus 1 Equals 4 (22 Minus 1 Equals 4)
19. Riding in Cars with Falafel (Riding in Cars with Falafel)
20. Dating Protocol at GNB (Dating Protocol at GNB)
21. Arctic Nights (Arctic Nights)
22. Claude's Roxanne (Claude's Roxanne)
23. The Pimp Hat (The Pimp Hat)
24. Claude on One Knee (Claude on One Knee)
3. série
1. Supply Man Down (Supply Man Down)
2. Claude Wants to Know (Claude Wants to Know)
3. Ain't It a Shame, Claude (Ain't It a Shame, Claude)
4. Ignoring Lydia (Ignoring Lydia)
5. Knock, Knock, Who's Dead? (Knock, Knock, Who's Dead?)
6. From the Chair to the Couch (From the Chair to the Couch)
7. Shoo-In (Shoo-In)
8. We're Bad People (We're Bad People)
9. Mom's the Word (Mom's the Word)
10. Claude's Romantic Hideaway (Claude's Romantic Hideaway)
11. Claude's 15 Minutes of Christmas (Claude's 15 Minutes of Christmas)
12. Emotions Eleven (Emotions Eleven)
13. You Can Leave the Lights On (You Can Leave the Lights On)
14. I Just Don't Like Her (I Just Don't Like Her)
15. Playhouse (Playhouse)
16. Distractions (Distractions)
17. Get Away (Get Away)
18. Pre-Wedded Bliss (Pre-Wedded Bliss)
19. Claude's Extreme Makeover (Claude's Extreme Makeover)
20. Amicably Yours (Amicably Yours)
21. Casey V. Kronsky (Casey V. Kronsky)
22. Claude the Expert (Claude the Expert)
4. série
1. The Devil Wears Burberry: Part 1 (The Devil Wears Burberry: Part 1)
2. The Devil Wears Burberry: Part 2 (The Devil Wears Burberry: Part 2)
3. A Crush Grows in Brooklyn (A Crush Grows in Brooklyn)
4. Why Are You Hurting Claude? (Why Are You Hurting Claude?)
5. Flirting with De-feet (Flirting with De-feet)
6. The Owl Specialist (The Owl Specialist)
7. Red Carpet Claude (Red Carpet Claude)
8. Kip Steadman's Guide to Dating (Kip Steadman's Guide to Dating)
9. Reinventing the Wheel (Reinventing the Wheel)
10. And the Award Goes To (And the Award Goes To)
11. I Hear an Ear (I Hear an Ear)
12. Banished and Famished (Banished and Famished)
13. Sex, Lies and Office Supplies (Sex, Lies and Office Supplies)