Longmire (Longmire) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. The Dark Road (The Dark Road)
3. A Damn Shame (A Damn Shame)
4. The Cancer (The Cancer)
5. Dog Soldier (Dog Soldier)
6. The Worst Kind of Hunter (The Worst Kind of Hunter)
7. 8 Seconds (8 Seconds)
8. An Incredibly Beautiful Thing (An Incredibly Beautiful Thing)
9. Dogs, Horses, and Indians (Dogs, Horses, and Indians)
10. Unfinished Business (Unfinished Business)
2. série
1. Unquiet Mind (Unquiet Mind)
2. Carcasses (Carcasses)
3. Death Came in Like Thunder (Death Came in Like Thunder)
4. The Road to Hell (The Road to Hell)
5. Party's Over (Party's Over)
6. Tell It Slant (Tell It Slant)
7. Sound and Fury (Sound and Fury)
8. The Great Spirit (The Great Spirit)
9. Tuscan Red (Tuscan Red)
10. Election Day (Election Day)
11. Natural Order (Natural Order)
12. A Good Death is Hard to Find (A Good Death is Hard to Find)
13. Bad Medicine (Bad Medicine)
3. série
1. The White Warrior (The White Warrior)
2. Of Children and Travelers (Of Children and Travelers)
3. Miss Cheyenne (Miss Cheyenne)
4. In the Pines (In the Pines)
5. Wanted Man (Wanted Man)
6. Reports of My Death (Reports of My Death)
7. Population 25 (Population 25)
8. Harvest (Harvest)
9. Counting Coup (Counting Coup)
10. Ashes to Ashes (Ashes to Ashes)
4. série
1. Down by the River (Down by the River)
2. War Eagle (War Eagle)
3. High Noon (High Noon)
4. Four Arrows (Four Arrows)
5. Help Wanted (Help Wanted)
6. The Calling Back (The Calling Back)
7. Highway Robbery (Highway Robbery)
8. Hector Lives (Hector Lives)
9. Shotgun (Shotgun)
10. What Happens on the Rez... (What Happens on the Rez...)
5. série
1. A Fog That Won't Lift (A Fog That Won't Lift)
2. One Good Memory (One Good Memory)
3. Chrysalis (Chrysalis)
4. The Judas Wolf (The Judas Wolf)
5. Pure Peckinpah (Pure Peckinpah)
6. Objection (Objection)
7. From This Day Forward (From This Day Forward)
8. Stand Your Ground (Stand Your Ground)
9. Continual Soiree (Continual Soiree)
10. The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of (The Stuff Dreams Are Made Of)