Madam Secretary

Madam Secretary (Madam Secretary) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Another Benghazi (Another Benghazi)
3. The Operative (The Operative)
4. Just Another Normal Day (Just Another Normal Day)
5. Blame Canada (Blame Canada)
6. The Call (The Call)
7. Passage (Passage)
8. Need to Know (Need to Know)
9. So It Goes (So It Goes)
10. Collateral Damage (Collateral Damage)
11. Game On (Game On)
12. Standoff (Standoff)
13. Chains of Command (Chains of Command)
14. Whisper of the Ax (Whisper of the Ax)
15. The Ninth Circle (The Ninth Circle)
16. Tamerlane (Tamerlane)
17. Face the Nation (Face the Nation)
18. The Time Is at Hand (The Time Is at Hand)
19. Spartan Figures (Spartan Figures)
20. The Necessary Art (The Necessary Art)
21. The Kill List (The Kill List)
22. There But for the Grace of God (There But for the Grace of God)
2. série
1. The Show Must Go On (The Show Must Go On)
2. The Doability Doctrine (The Doability Doctrine)
3. The Rusalka (The Rusalka)
4. Waiting for Taleju (Waiting for Taleju)
5. The Long Shot (The Long Shot)
6. Catch and Release (Catch and Release)
7. You Say You Want a Revolution (You Say You Want a Revolution)
8. Lights Out (Lights Out)
9. Russian Roulette (Russian Roulette)
10. The Greater Good (The Greater Good)
11. Unity Node (Unity Node)
12. The Middle Way (The Middle Way)
13. Invasive Species (Invasive Species)
14. Left of the Boom (Left of the Boom)
15. Right of the Boom (Right of the Boom)
16. Hijriyyah (Hijriyyah)
17. Higher Learning (Higher Learning)
18. On the Clock (On the Clock)
19. Desperate Remedies (Desperate Remedies)
20. Ghost Detainee (Ghost Detainee)
21. Connection Lost (Connection Lost)
22. Render Safe (Render Safe)
23. Vartius (Vartius)
3. série
1. Sea Change (Sea Change)
2. The Linchpin (The Linchpin)
3. South China Sea (South China Sea)
4. The Dissent Memo (The Dissent Memo)
5. The French Revolution (The French Revolution)
6. The Statement (The Statement)
7. Tectonic Shift (Tectonic Shift)
8. Breakout Capacity (Breakout Capacity)
9. Snap Back (Snap Back)
10. The Race (The Race)
11. Gift Horse (Gift Horse)
12. The Detour (The Detour)
13. The Beautiful Game (The Beautiful Game)
14. Labor of Love (Labor of Love)
15. Break in Diplomacy (Break in Diplomacy)