Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic (Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic)
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1. série
1. Aladdin and Alibaba (Aladdin and Alibaba)
2. Dungeon Suite (Dungeon Suite)
3. Magician of Creation (Magician of Creation)
4. The People of the Plains (The People of the Plains)
5. Dungeon Capturer (Dungeon Capturer)
6. Warrior Tribe Fanalis (Warrior Tribe Fanalis)
7. His Name Is Sinbad (His Name Is Sinbad)
8. A Broken Promise (A Broken Promise)
9. A Prince's Duty (A Prince's Duty)
10. His Name Is Judar (His Name Is Judar)
11. A New Visitor (A New Visitor)
12. Determination and Separation (Determination and Separation)
13. Prince of Rebellion (Prince of Rebellion)
14. Alibaba's Answer (Alibaba's Answer)
15. Cassim's Answer (Cassim's Answer)
16. Wisdom of Solomon (Wisdom of Solomon)
17. Smile (Smile)
18. The Kingdom of Sindria (The Kingdom of Sindria)
19. The Culprit's Name Is Sinbad (The Culprit's Name Is Sinbad)
20. The Two Princes (The Two Princes)
21. Zagan Labyrinth (Zagan Labyrinth)
22. Household of Flames (Household of Flames)
23. Battle Cry (Battle Cry)
24. Fall Into Depravity (Fall Into Depravity)
25. Alibaba and Aladdin (Alibaba and Aladdin)
2. série
1. Premonition of a Journey (Premonition of a Journey)
2. Departure (Departure)
3. Setting Sail (Setting Sail)
4. Pirates (Pirates)
5. Mother (Mother)
6. A Kind Person (A Kind Person)
7. Kouha Ren Appears (Kouha Ren Appears)
8. Days of Training (Days of Training)
9. The Reim Empire (The Reim Empire)
10. The High Priestess (The High Priestess)
11. The Great Rift (The Great Rift)
12. A New Emperor (A New Emperor)
13. Titus Alexius (Titus Alexius)
14. The Hidden Citizens (The Hidden Citizens)
15. The Magicians' Country (The Magicians' Country)
16. Remaining Life (Remaining Life)
17. Declaration of War (Declaration of War)
18. Reim's Threat (Reim's Threat)
19. A Real Magi (A Real Magi)
20. Reunion (Reunion)
21. The King Vessel (The King Vessel)
22. The Things I Want to Protect (The Things I Want to Protect)
23. The Djinn Warriors (The Djinn Warriors)
24. Time of Destruction (Time of Destruction)
25. Welcome Home (Welcome Home)