Masterchef Junior

Masterchef Junior (Masterchef Junior) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Here Come The Kids (Here Come The Kids)
2. School's Out... But The Masterchef Kitchen Is Open! (School's Out... But The Masterchef Kitchen Is Open!)
3. Whip It (Whip It)
4. Bad Food Bares (Bad Food Bares)
5. Restaurant Takeovers (Restaurant Takeovers)
6. Junior Edition: Finale, Part 1 (Junior Edition: Finale, Part 1)
7. Junior Edition: Finale, Part 2 (Junior Edition: Finale, Part 2)
2. série
1. The Next Generation (The Next Generation)
2. Flip It! (Flip It!)
3. Mom Knows Best (Mom Knows Best)
4. An Egg-Cellent Adventure (An Egg-Cellent Adventure)
5. Pop-Up Restaurant (Pop-Up Restaurant)
6. A Cut Above the Rest (A Cut Above the Rest)
7. The Finale (The Finale)
3. série
1. The Class of 2015 (The Class of 2015)
2. Easy as Pie (Easy as Pie)
3. Grandad Gordon! (Grandad Gordon!)
4. Raw Talent (Raw Talent)
5. Family Style (Family Style)
6. Restaurant Takeover (Restaurant Takeover)
7. The Crème de la Crème…Brulee (The Crème de la Crème…Brulee)
8. The Finale (The Finale)
4. série
1. New Kids on the Chopping Block (New Kids on the Chopping Block)
2. A Sweet Surprise (A Sweet Surprise)
3. One Small Step (One Small Step)
4. The Good, the Bad, and the Smelly (The Good, the Bad, and the Smelly)
5. Happy Birthday (Happy Birthday)
6. When Life Gives You Lemons (When Life Gives You Lemons)
7. Blind Ambition (Blind Ambition)
8. Hatching a Plan (Hatching a Plan)
9. Tag Team Time (Tag Team Time)
10. A Gordon Ramsay Dinner Party (A Gordon Ramsay Dinner Party)
11. Head Of The Class (Head Of The Class)
12. The Finale (The Finale)
5. série
1. Quest for an Apron, Pt. 1 (Quest for an Apron, Pt. 1)
2. Quest for an Apron, Pt. 2 (Quest for an Apron, Pt. 2)
3. Just Like Gordon (Just Like Gordon)
4. Batter Hurry Up (Batter Hurry Up)
5. Kitchen Emergency (Kitchen Emergency)
6. A Presidential Mystery Box (A Presidential Mystery Box)
7. Episode 7 (Episode 7)