Masters of Sex

Masters of Sex (Masters of Sex) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Race To Space (Race To Space)
3. Standard Deviation (Standard Deviation)
4. Thank You for Coming (Thank You for Coming)
5. Catherine (Catherine)
6. Brave New World (Brave New World)
7. All Together Now (All Together Now)
8. Love and Marriage (Love and Marriage)
9. Involuntary (Involuntary)
10. Fallout (Fallout)
11. Phallic Victories (Phallic Victories)
12. Manhigh (Manhigh)
2. série
1. Parallax (Parallax)
2. Kyrie Eleison (Kyrie Eleison)
3. Fight (Fight)
4. Dirty Jobs (Dirty Jobs)
5. Giants (Giants)
6. Blackbird (Blackbird)
7. Asterion (Asterion)
8. Mirror, Mirror (Mirror, Mirror)
9. Story of My Life (Story of My Life)
10. Below the Belt (Below the Belt)
11. One for the Money, Two for the Show (One for the Money, Two for the Show)
12. The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (The Revolution Will Not Be Televised)
3. série
1. Parliament of Owls (Parliament of Owls)
2. Three's a Crowd (Three's a Crowd)
3. The Excitement of Release (The Excitement of Release)
4. Undue Influence (Undue Influence)
5. Matters of Gravity (Matters of Gravity)
6. Two Scents (Two Scents)
7. Monkey Business (Monkey Business)
8. Surrogates (Surrogates)
9. High Anxiety (High Anxiety)
10. Through a Glass, Darkly (Through a Glass, Darkly)
11. Party of Four (Party of Four)
12. Full Ten Count (Full Ten Count)
4. série
1. Freefall (Freefall)
2. Inventory (Inventory)
3. The Pleasure Protocol (The Pleasure Protocol)
4. Coats or Keys (Coats or Keys)
5. Outliers (Outliers)
6. Family Only (Family Only)
7. In to Me You See (In to Me You See)
8. Topeka (Topeka)
9. Night and Day (Night and Day)
10. The Eyes of God (The Eyes of God)