Mr. Novak

Mr. Novak (Mr. Novak) — 1. série
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1. série
1. First Year, First Day (First Year, First Day)
2. To Lodge and Dislodge (To Lodge and Dislodge)
3. I Don't Even Live Here (I Don't Even Live Here)
4. X Is the Unknown Factor (X Is the Unknown Factor)
5. A Single Isolated Incident (A Single Isolated Incident)
6. The Risk (The Risk)
7. Hello, Miss Phipps (Hello, Miss Phipps)
8. To Break a Camel's Back (To Break a Camel's Back)
9. A Feeling for Friday (A Feeling for Friday)
10. Pay the Two Dollars (Pay the Two Dollars)
11. Love in the Wrong Season (Love in the Wrong Season)
12. The Boy Without a Country (The Boy Without a Country)
13. A Thousand Voices (A Thousand Voices)
14. My Name Is Not Legion (My Name Is Not Legion)
15. He Who Can Does (He Who Can Does)
16. The Song of Songs (The Song of Songs)
17. The Exile (The Exile)
18. Sparrow on the Wire (Sparrow on the Wire)
19. The Private Life of Douglas Morgan Jr. (The Private Life of Douglas Morgan Jr.)
20. The Death of a Teacher (The Death of a Teacher)
21. I'm on the Outside (I'm on the Outside)
22. Chin Up, Mr. Novak (Chin Up, Mr. Novak)
23. Fear Is a Handful of Dust (Fear Is a Handful of Dust)
24. How Does Your Garden Grow? (How Does Your Garden Grow?)
25. The Tower (The Tower)
26. One Way to Say Goodbye (One Way to Say Goodbye)
27. Day in the Year (Day in the Year)
28. Moment Without Armor (Moment Without Armor)
29. Fare Thee Well (Fare Thee Well)
30. The Senior Prom (The Senior Prom)
2. série
1. Moonlighting (Moonlighting)
2. With a Hammer in His Hand, Lord, Lord! (With a Hammer in His Hand, Lord, Lord!)
3. Visions of Sugar Plums (Visions of Sugar Plums)
4. Little Girl Lost (Little Girl Lost)
5. One Monday Afternoon (One Monday Afternoon)
6. Let's Dig a Little Grammar (Let's Dig a Little Grammar)
7. The People Doll: You Wind It Up and It Makes Mistakes (The People Doll: You Wind It Up and It Makes Mistakes)
8. Boy Under Glass (Boy Under Glass)
9. Born of Kings and Angels (Born of Kings and Angels)
10. 'A' Is for Anxiety ('A' Is for Anxiety)
11. Johnny Ride the Pony: One, Two, Three (Johnny Ride the Pony: One, Two, Three)
12. Beyond a Reasonable Doubt (Beyond a Reasonable Doubt)
13. Love Among the Grown-Ups (Love Among the Grown-Ups)
14. From the Brow of Zeus (From the Brow of Zeus)
15. An Elephant Is Like a Tree (An Elephant Is Like a Tree)
16. Enter a Strange Animal (Enter a Strange Animal)
17. Beat the Plowshare, Edge the Sword (Beat the Plowshare, Edge the Sword)
18. Faculty Follies: Part 1 (Faculty Follies: Part 1)
19. Faculty Follies: Part 2 (Faculty Follies: Part 2)
20. The Silent Dissuaders (The Silent Dissuaders)
21. Mountains to Climb (Mountains to Climb)
22. May Day, May Day... (May Day, May Day...)
23. Where Is There to Go, Billie, But Up? (Where Is There to Go, Billie, But Up?)
24. The Tender Twigs (The Tender Twigs)
25. Honor--and All That (Honor--and All That)
26. The Student Who Never Was (The Student Who Never Was)
27. There's a Penguin in My Garden (There's a Penguin in My Garden)
28. The Firebrand (The Firebrand)
29. And Then I Wrote... (And Then I Wrote...)
30. Once a Clown (Once a Clown)