Nazí a vystrašení

Nazí a vystrašení (Naked and Afraid) — 1. série
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1. série
1. The Jungle Curse (The Jungle Curse)
2. Terror in Tanzania (Terror in Tanzania)
3. Island from Hell (Island from Hell)
4. Punishment in Panama (Punishment in Panama)
5. Breaking Borneo (Breaking Borneo)
6. Beware the Bayou (Beware the Bayou)
7. Bares All (Bares All)
8. Bares All (2) (Bares All (2))
2. série
1. Man vs Amazon (Man vs Amazon)
2. Damned in Africa (Damned in Africa)
3. Paradise Lost (Paradise Lost)
4. Mayan Misery (Mayan Misery)
5. The Pain Forest (The Pain Forest)
6. Meltdown in Bolivia (Meltdown in Bolivia)
7. Bares All: Starvation, Snakes and Strife (Bares All: Starvation, Snakes and Strife)
8. New Season Exposed (New Season Exposed)
3. série
1. New Season Exposed (New Season Exposed)
2. Primal Fear (Primal Fear)
3. Blood in the Water (Blood in the Water)
4. Hearts of Darkness (Hearts of Darkness)
5. Jungle Love (Jungle Love)
6. Argentina Impossible (Argentina Impossible)
7. Playing With Fire (Playing With Fire)
8. Himalayan Hell (Himalayan Hell)
9. Nicaragua Nightmare (Nicaragua Nightmare)
10. Botswana Breakdown (Botswana Breakdown)
11. Dunes of Despair (Dunes of Despair)
12. Naked and Awkward (Naked and Awkward)
4. série
1. Alligator Alley (Alligator Alley)
2. Rumble in the Jungle (Rumble in the Jungle)
3. Mayan Sacrifice (Mayan Sacrifice)
4. Edge of Madness (Edge of Madness)
5. Mexico: Quintana Roo (Mexico: Quintana Roo)
6. Fire on the Mountain (Fire on the Mountain)
7. Lord of the Rats (Lord of the Rats)
8. Guyana: Rupununi (Guyana: Rupununi)
9. Colombian Conflict (Colombian Conflict)
10. Yucatan (Yucatan)
11. Bares All: Survival in Close Quarters (Bares All: Survival in Close Quarters)
12. Garden of Evil (Garden of Evil)
13. Redemption Road (Redemption Road)
14. Surthrive (Surthrive)
15. Easier Said Than Done (Easier Said Than Done)
16. Forsaken (Forsaken)
17. Fear The Unknown (Fear The Unknown)
18. The Darkest Hour (The Darkest Hour)
19. The Swarm (The Swarm)
20. All or Nothing (All or Nothing)
21. TBA (TBA)
22. XL Cast Revealed: Chris Fischer (XL Cast Revealed: Chris Fischer)
23. XL Cast Revealed: Danielle Beauchmin (XL Cast Revealed: Danielle Beauchmin)
24. Redemption Road (Redemption Road)
5. série
1. TBA (TBA)
3. Frozen In Fear (Frozen In Fear)
4. Rise Above (Rise Above)
5. From the Ashes (From the Ashes)
6. All Falls Down (All Falls Down)
7. Blood Sweat & Fear (Blood Sweat & Fear)
8. Hell Or High Water (Hell Or High Water)
9. The Danger Within (The Danger Within)
10. Bares All: Never Give Up (Bares All: Never Give Up)
11. Bad Blood (Bad Blood)
12. Strength In Pain (Strength In Pain)
13. 23 Days (23 Days)
14. Bares All (Bares All)
6. série
1. Into the Wild (Into the Wild)
2. The Serpent Garden (The Serpent Garden)
3. Frozen In Fear (Frozen In Fear)