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National Geographic Explorer (National Geographic Explorer) — 1. série
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24. série
1. Sex, Lies, & Gender (Sex, Lies, & Gender)
2. Chimps on the Edge (Chimps on the Edge)
3. Climbing Redwood Giants (Climbing Redwood Giants)
4. Mystery of the Disembodied Feet (Mystery of the Disembodied Feet)
5. Inside LSD (Inside LSD)
6. Secret History of Diamonds (Secret History of Diamonds)
7. 24 Hours After Asteroid Impact (24 Hours After Asteroid Impact)
8. Nazi Mystery: Twins from Brazil (Nazi Mystery: Twins from Brazil)
9. Narco State (Narco State)
10. Camp Leatherneck (Camp Leatherneck)
11. Python Wars (Python Wars)
12. Vampire Forensics (Vampire Forensics)
13. Inside the Nuclear Threat (Inside the Nuclear Threat)
14. Electronic Armageddon (Electronic Armageddon)
15. Solitary Confinement (Solitary Confinement)
16. 25 Years (25 Years)
17. Journey to an Alien Moon (Journey to an Alien Moon)
18. Fatal Insomnia (Fatal Insomnia)
19. Talibanistan (Talibanistan)
20. Fighting Back: Stories from the Spill (Fighting Back: Stories from the Spill)
21. Inside the DEA (Inside the DEA)
22. 24 Hours After Hiroshima (24 Hours After Hiroshima)
23. Albino Murders (Albino Murders)
24. Inside Bioterror (Inside Bioterror)
25. série
1. Can the Gulf Survive? (Can the Gulf Survive?)
2. Lost Mummies of New Guinea (Lost Mummies of New Guinea)
3. How Man Tamed the Wild (How Man Tamed the Wild)
4. Born to Rage? (Born to Rage?)
5. American Hostage (American Hostage)
6. Lost Cannibals of Europe (Lost Cannibals of Europe)
7. How to Build a Beating Heart (How to Build a Beating Heart)
8. Clash of the Americas (Clash of the Americas)
9. The Real George Washington (The Real George Washington)
10. Mystery of the Murdered Saints (Mystery of the Murdered Saints)
11. The Angel Effect (The Angel Effect)
12. Megapiranha (Megapiranha)
13. Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes (Ghost Ships of the Great Lakes)
14. Stormageddon (Stormageddon)
26. série
1. Brain Games: Watch This! (Brain Games: Watch This!)
2. Brain Games: Pay Attention! (Brain Games: Pay Attention!)
3. Brain Games: Remember This! (Brain Games: Remember This!)
4. The Last Days of Osama Bin Laden (The Last Days of Osama Bin Laden)
5. JFK: The Lost Bullet (JFK: The Lost Bullet)
6. How to Build an Ancient Man (How to Build an Ancient Man)
7. To Catch a Smuggler (To Catch a Smuggler)
8. Hitler's G.I. Death Camp (Hitler's G.I. Death Camp)
9. 400 Million Dollar Emerald (400 Million Dollar Emerald)
10. The Man Who Can Fly (The Man Who Can Fly)
11. Moon Rock Heist (Moon Rock Heist)
12. Finding the Lost da Vinci (Finding the Lost da Vinci)
13. Under Cover: Tennessee Dog Fighting (Under Cover: Tennessee Dog Fighting)