Nature (Nature)
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27. série
1. White Falcon, White Wolf (White Falcon, White Wolf)
2. Clever Monkeys (Clever Monkeys)
3. American Eagle (American Eagle)
4. The Wolf That Changed America (The Wolf That Changed America)
5. The Dragon Chronicles (The Dragon Chronicles)
6. Is That Skunk? (Is That Skunk?)
7. Drakensberg (Drakensberg)
8. Why We Love Cats and Dogs (Why We Love Cats and Dogs)
9. Kilauea (Kilauea)
10. Frogs (Frogs)
11. The Loneliest Animals (The Loneliest Animals)
12. Eagles of Mull (Eagles of Mull)
13. Victoria Falls (Victoria Falls)
28. série
1. Cloud (Cloud)
2. Born Wild (Born Wild)
3. Black Mamba (Black Mamba)
4. Fellowship of the Whales (Fellowship of the Whales)
5. Hummingbirds (Hummingbirds)
6. Clash (Clash)
7. Wild Balkans (Wild Balkans)
8. Invasion of the Giant Pythons (Invasion of the Giant Pythons)
9. Moment of Impact: Episode 1: Hunters & Herds (Moment of Impact: Episode 1: Hunters & Herds)
10. Moment of Impact: Episode 2: Jungle (Moment of Impact: Episode 2: Jungle)
29. série
1. A Murder of Crows (A Murder of Crows)
2. Braving Iraq (Braving Iraq)
3. Wolverine (Wolverine)
4. Revealing the Leopard (Revealing the Leopard)
5. Elsa's Legacy (Elsa's Legacy)
6. Birds of the Gods (Birds of the Gods)
7. The Himalayas (The Himalayas)
8. Broken Tail (Broken Tail)
9. Outback Pelicans (Outback Pelicans)
10. Survivors of the Firestorm (Survivors of the Firestorm)
11. Salmon (Salmon)
12. Bears of the Last Frontier: City of Bears (Bears of the Last Frontier: City of Bears)
13. Bears of the Last Frontier: The Road North (Bears of the Last Frontier: The Road North)
14. Bears of the Last Frontier: Arctic Wanderers (Bears of the Last Frontier: Arctic Wanderers)
30. série
1. Radioactive Wolves (Radioactive Wolves)
2. The Animal House (The Animal House)
3. Jungle Eagle (Jungle Eagle)
4. My Life as a Turkey (My Life as a Turkey)
5. Kangaroo Mob (Kangaroo Mob)
6. Fortress of the Bears (Fortress of the Bears)
7. Raccoon Nation (Raccoon Nation)
8. Ocean Giants: Giant Lives (Ocean Giants: Giant Lives)
9. Ocean Giants: Deep Thinkers (Ocean Giants: Deep Thinkers)
10. Ocean Giants: Voices of the Sea (Ocean Giants: Voices of the Sea)
11. River of No Return (River of No Return)
12. The White Lions (The White Lions)
13. Cracking the Koala Code (Cracking the Koala Code)
14. Siberian Tiger Quest (Siberian Tiger Quest)
15. Magic of the Snowy Owl (Magic of the Snowy Owl)
16. Animal Odd Couples (Animal Odd Couples)
17. Ducks: Wings on Water (Ducks: Wings on Water)
31. série
2. Magic of the Snowy Owl (Magic of the Snowy Owl)
3. Animal Odd Couples (Animal Odd Couples)
4. An Original DUCKumentary (An Original DUCKumentary)
5. Attenborough’s Life Stories: Life on Camera (Attenborough’s Life Stories: Life on Camera)
6. Attenborough’s Life Stories, Part 2 of 3 (Attenborough’s Life Stories, Part 2 of 3)
7. Attenborough’s Life Stories, Part 3 of 3 (Attenborough’s Life Stories, Part 3 of 3)
8. Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo (Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo)
9. What Plants Talk About (What Plants Talk About)
10. The Mystery of Eels (The Mystery of Eels)
11. Legendary White Stallions (Legendary White Stallions)
12. The Private Life of Deer (The Private Life of Deer)
13. Great Zebra Exodus (Great Zebra Exodus)
14. Saving Otter 501 (Saving Otter 501)
15. Love in the Animal Kingdom (Love in the Animal Kingdom)
16. Parrot Confidential (Parrot Confidential)
32. série
2. Love in the Animal Kingdom (Love in the Animal Kingdom)
3. Parrot Confidential (Parrot Confidential)
4. Meet the Coywolf (Meet the Coywolf)
5. The Funkiest Monkeys (The Funkiest Monkeys)
6. Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem (Honey Badgers: Masters of Mayhem)
7. Ireland's Wild River (Ireland's Wild River)
8. My Bionic Pet (My Bionic Pet)
9. Touching the Wild (Touching the Wild)
10. Snow Monkeys (Snow Monkeys)
11. Leave It to Beavers (Leave It to Beavers)
12. The Gathering Swarms (The Gathering Swarms)
13. Fabulous Frogs (Fabulous Frogs)
33. série
1. Animal Misfits (Animal Misfits)
2. A Sloth Named Velcro (A Sloth Named Velcro)
3. Invasion of the Killer Whales (Invasion of the Killer Whales)
4. Wild France (Wild France)
5. Penguin Post Office (Penguin Post Office)
6. Owl Power (Owl Power)
7. The Last Orangutan Eden (The Last Orangutan Eden)
8. Animal Homes: The Nest (Animal Homes: The Nest)
9. Animal Homes: Location, Location, Location (Animal Homes: Location, Location, Location)
10. Animal Homes: Animal Cities (Animal Homes: Animal Cities)
11. Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La (Mystery Monkeys of Shangri-La)
12. Animal Childhood (Animal Childhood)
13. The Sagebrush Sea (The Sagebrush Sea)
34. série
1. Nature's Miracle Orphans: Second Chances (Nature's Miracle Orphans: Second Chances)
2. Nature's Miracle Orphans: Wild Lessons (Nature's Miracle Orphans: Wild Lessons)
3. Big Birds Can't Fly (Big Birds Can't Fly)
4. Soul of the Elephant (Soul of the Elephant)
5. Pets: Wild At Heart: Playful Creatures (Pets: Wild At Heart: Playful Creatures)
6. Pets: Wild At Heart: Secretive Creatures (Pets: Wild At Heart: Secretive Creatures)
7. Natural Born Hustlers: Staying Alive (Natural Born Hustlers: Staying Alive)
8. Natural Born Hustlers: The Hunger Hustle (Natural Born Hustlers: The Hunger Hustle)
9. Natural Born Hustlers: Sex, Lies & Dirty Tricks (Natural Born Hustlers: Sex, Lies & Dirty Tricks)
10. Moose: Life of a Twig Eater (Moose: Life of a Twig Eater)
11. Raising the Dinosaur Giant (Raising the Dinosaur Giant)
12. Snow Chick (Snow Chick)
13. Animal Reunions (Animal Reunions)
14. India's Wandering Lions (India's Wandering Lions)
15. Nature's Perfect Partners (Nature's Perfect Partners)
16. Jungle Animal Hospital (Jungle Animal Hospital)
35. série
1. Super Hummingbirds (Super Hummingbirds)
2. My Congo (My Congo)
3. Giraffes: Africa's Gentle Giants (Giraffes: Africa's Gentle Giants)
4. The Story Of Cats: Asia To Africa (The Story Of Cats: Asia To Africa)
5. The Story Of Cats: Into The Americas (The Story Of Cats: Into The Americas)