Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin

Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin (Ocean Mysteries with Jeff Corwin) — 1. série
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1. série
1. Mysterious Manta Ray (Mysterious Manta Ray)
2. Great Gators (Great Gators)
3. Turtle Tale (Turtle Tale)
4. All's Whale That Ends Whale (All's Whale That Ends Whale)
5. Birds of a Feather (Birds of a Feather)
6. Reef Madness (Reef Madness)
7. Best of Ocean Mysteries Part 1 (Best of Ocean Mysteries Part 1)
8. Alien Invaders (Alien Invaders)
9. Tagging Along (Tagging Along)
10. Tough Jobs (Tough Jobs)
11. Otterly Delightful (Otterly Delightful)
12. Marine E.R. (Marine E.R.)
13. Animals in Human Care (Animals in Human Care)
14. Stand by Your Manatee (Stand by Your Manatee)
15. Otter the Blue (Otter the Blue)
16. Best of Ocean Mysteries Part 2: Jeff's Favorite Ocean Memories (Best of Ocean Mysteries Part 2: Jeff's Favorite Ocean Memories)
17. Circle of Life (Circle of Life)
18. Secrets of the Deep (Secrets of the Deep)
19. Best of Ocean Mysteries Part 3: Where Are They Now? (Best of Ocean Mysteries Part 3: Where Are They Now?)
20. Hawaiian Monk Seals (Hawaiian Monk Seals)
21. Hawaii Fly-O (Hawaii Fly-O)
22. Turtle Tale: Part 2 (Turtle Tale: Part 2)
23. Elephan-TASTIC! Seals (Elephan-TASTIC! Seals)
24. Best of Ocean Mysteries Part 4: A Look Back (Best of Ocean Mysteries Part 4: A Look Back)
25. Dolphin Tales: Part 1 (Dolphin Tales: Part 1)
26. Dolphin Tales: Part 2 (Dolphin Tales: Part 2)
2. série
1. The Dolphins of Indian River Lagoon (The Dolphins of Indian River Lagoon)
2. Seals of Approval (Seals of Approval)
3. Steller Sea Lions (Steller Sea Lions)
4. To the Ocean and Back (To the Ocean and Back)
5. Saving Sea Lions (Saving Sea Lions)
6. Best of: Wonders Beneath the Waves (Best of: Wonders Beneath the Waves)
7. The Great Return (The Great Return)
8. A Bird's Eye View of Alaska (A Bird's Eye View of Alaska)
9. Eye of the Sand Tiger (Eye of the Sand Tiger)
10. Best of: Adventure Alaska (Best of: Adventure Alaska)
11. Gone Fishin' (Gone Fishin')
12. Beluga Tales (Beluga Tales)
13. Bear Neccessities (Bear Neccessities)
14. Bringing Up Babies (Bringing Up Babies)
15. Thar' She Blows (Thar' She Blows)
16. Best of: Jeff's Favorite Moments (Best of: Jeff's Favorite Moments)
17. Manatees of the Caribbean (Manatees of the Caribbean)
18. Be Careful What You Fish For (Be Careful What You Fish For)
19. Penguins Down Under (Penguins Down Under)
20. New Zealand Island Adventure (New Zealand Island Adventure)
21. New Sealand (New Sealand)
22. Queenstown (Queenstown)
23. The Living Fossil (The Living Fossil)
24. Journey with Gentle Giants (Journey with Gentle Giants)
25. Best of: Adventure New Zealand (Best of: Adventure New Zealand)
26. Healthy Habits (Healthy Habits)
5. série
11. Exploring exotic sea creatures (Exploring exotic sea creatures)
12. Exploring exotic sea creatures, Part 2 (Exploring exotic sea creatures, Part 2)