Phil of the Future

Phil of the Future (Phil of the Future)
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1. série
1. Your Cheatin' Heart (Your Cheatin' Heart)
2. Unification Day (Unification Day)
3. Meet the Curtis (Meet the Curtis)
4. Phillin' In (Phillin' In)
5. Tanner (Tanner)
6. Raging Bull (Raging Bull)
7. My Way (My Way)
8. Daddy Dearest (Daddy Dearest)
9. Pheremonally Yours (Pheremonally Yours)
10. Future Tutor (Future Tutor)
11. Future Jock (Future Jock)
12. You Say Toe-Mato (You Say Toe-Mato)
13. Doggie Daycare (Doggie Daycare)
14. We'll Fix it In Editing (We'll Fix it In Editing)
15. Halloween (Halloween)
16. Age Before Beauty (Age Before Beauty)
17. Neander-Phil (Neander-Phil)
18. Double Trouble (Double Trouble)
19. Milkin' It (Milkin' It)
20. Corner Pocket (Corner Pocket)
21. Team Diffy (Team Diffy)
2. série
1. Versa Day (Versa Day)
2. Virtu-Date (Virtu-Date)
3. The Giggle (The Giggle)
4. Dinner Time (Dinner Time)
5. Tia, Via, or Me... Uhh (Tia, Via, or Me... Uhh)
6. Get Ready to Go-Go (Get Ready to Go-Go)
7. Phil Without a Future (Phil Without a Future)
8. Time Release Capsule (Time Release Capsule)
9. Mummy's Boy (Mummy's Boy)
10. Maybe-Sitting (Maybe-Sitting)
11. Good Phil Hunting (Good Phil Hunting)
12. Pim-Cipal (Pim-Cipal)
13. Phil of the Garage (Phil of the Garage)
14. It's a Wonder-Phil Life (It's a Wonder-Phil Life)
15. Christmas Break (Christmas Break)
16. Stuck in the Meddle With You (Stuck in the Meddle With You)
17. Broadcast Blues (Broadcast Blues)
18. Happy Nird-day (Happy Nird-day)
19. Ill of the Future (Ill of the Future)
20. Where's The Wizard? (Where's The Wizard?)
21. Not-So-Great Great Great Grandpa (Not-So-Great Great Great Grandpa)
22. Back to the Future (Not the Movie) (Back to the Future (Not the Movie))