Portlandia (Portlandia) — 1. série
Chceš seriál do oblíbených? Tak se přihlas!
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1. série
1. Farm (Farm)
2. A Song for Portland (A Song for Portland)
3. Aimee (Aimee)
4. Mayor Is Missing (Mayor Is Missing)
5. Blunderbuss (Blunderbuss)
6. Baseball (Baseball)
2. série
1. Mixology (Mixology)
2. One Moore Episode (One Moore Episode)
3. Cool Wedding (Cool Wedding)
4. Grover (Grover)
5. Cops Redesign (Cops Redesign)
6. Cat Nap (Cat Nap)
7. Motorcycle (Motorcycle)
8. Feminist Book Store 10th Anniversary (Feminist Book Store 10th Anniversary)
9. No Olympics (No Olympics)
10. Brunch Village (Brunch Village)
3. série
1. Winter in Portlandia (Winter in Portlandia)
2. Take Back MTV (Take Back MTV)
3. Missionaries (Missionaries)
4. Nina's Birthday (Nina's Birthday)
5. Squiggleman (Squiggleman)
6. Off the Grid (Off the Grid)
7. The Temp (The Temp)
8. Soft Opening (Soft Opening)
9. Alexandra (Alexandra)
10. No-Fo-O-Fo-Bridge (No-Fo-O-Fo-Bridge)
11. Blackout (Blackout)
4. série
1. Sharing Finances (Sharing Finances)
2. Ecoterrorists (Ecoterrorists)
3. Celery Guy (Celery Guy)
4. Pull-Out King (Pull-Out King)
5. Spyke Drives (Spyke Drives)
6. Bahama Knights (Bahama Knights)
7. Trail Blazers (Trail Blazers)
8. Late in Life Drug Use (Late in Life Drug Use)
9. 3D Printer (3D Printer)
10. Getting Away (Getting Away)
5. série
1. The Story of Toni and Candace (The Story of Toni and Candace)
2. The Fiancé (The Fiancé)
3. Healthcare (Healthcare)
4. Seaworld (Seaworld)
5. 4th of July (4th of July)
6. Fashion (Fashion)
7. Doug Becomes a Feminist (Doug Becomes a Feminist)
8. House for Sale (House for Sale)
9. You Can Call Me Al (You Can Call Me Al)
10. Dead Pets (Dead Pets)
6. série
1. Pickathon (Pickathon)
2. Going Gray (Going Gray)
3. Shville (Shville)
4. Weirdo Beach (Weirdo Beach)
5. Breaking Up (Breaking Up)
7. Family Emergency (Family Emergency)
8. First Feminist City (First Feminist City)
9. Lance is Smart (Lance is Smart)
10. Noodle Monster (Noodle Monster)
7. série
1. The Storytellers (The Storytellers)
2. Carrie Dates a Hunk (Carrie Dates a Hunk)
3. Fred's Cell Phone Company (Fred's Cell Phone Company)
4. Separation Anxiety (Separation Anxiety)
5. Amore (Amore)
6. Friend Replacement (Friend Replacement)
7. Portland Secedes (Portland Secedes)
8. Ants (Ants)
9. Passenger Rating (Passenger Rating)
10. TBA (TBA)