Quack Pack

Quack Pack (Quack Pack)
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1. série
1. The Really Mighty Ducks (The Really Mighty Ducks)
2. Island of the Not-So-Nice (Island of the Not-So-Nice)
3. I.O.U. a U.F.O. (I.O.U. a U.F.O.)
4. Leader of the Quack (Leader of the Quack)
5. All Hands on Duck! (All Hands on Duck!)
6. Pride Goeth Before the Fall Guy (Pride Goeth Before the Fall Guy)
7. Need 4 Speed (Need 4 Speed)
8. The Germinator (The Germinator)
9. The Late Donald Duck (The Late Donald Duck)
10. Tasty Paste (Tasty Paste)
11. Phoniest Home Videos (Phoniest Home Videos)
12. Return of the T-Squad (Return of the T-Squad)
13. Koi Story (Koi Story)
14. Ready, Aim... Duck! (Ready, Aim... Duck!)
15. Pardon My Molecules (Pardon My Molecules)
16. Unusual Suspects (Unusual Suspects)
17. Ducklaration of Independence (Ducklaration of Independence)
18. Can't Take a Yolk (Can't Take a Yolk)
19. Heavy Dental (Heavy Dental)
20. Duck Quake (Duck Quake)
21. Long Arm of the Claw (Long Arm of the Claw)
22. Shrunken Heroes (Shrunken Heroes)
23. Snow Place to Hide (Snow Place to Hide)
24. Huey Duck, P.I. (Huey Duck, P.I.)
25. Take My Duck, Please! (Take My Duck, Please!)
26. Ducks by Nature (Ducks by Nature)
27. Recipe for Adventure (Recipe for Adventure)
28. The Boy Who Cried Ghost (The Boy Who Cried Ghost)
29. Gator Aid (Gator Aid)
30. None Like It Hot (None Like It Hot)
31. Ducky Dearest (Ducky Dearest)
32. Transmission: Impossible (Transmission: Impossible)
33. Nosy Neighbors (Nosy Neighbors)
34. Hit the Road, Backwater Jack (Hit the Road, Backwater Jack)
35. Cat and Louse (Cat and Louse)
36. Hero Today, Don Tomorrow (Hero Today, Don Tomorrow)
37. Captain Donald (Captain Donald)
38. Stunt Double or Nothing (Stunt Double or Nothing)
39. Feats of Clay (Feats of Clay)