Reasonable Doubts

Reasonable Doubts (Reasonable Doubts)
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Hard Bargains (Hard Bargains)
3. Making Dirt Stick (Making Dirt Stick)
4. Daddy's Little Girl (Daddy's Little Girl)
5. ...and Sleep Won't Come (...and Sleep Won't Come)
6. The Silent Treatment (The Silent Treatment)
7. Tangled up in Blue (Tangled up in Blue)
8. Aftermath (Aftermath)
9. One Woman's Word (One Woman's Word)
10. Graduation Day (Graduation Day)
11. Pure Gold (Pure Gold)
12. Dicky's Got the Blues (Dicky's Got the Blues)
13. The Shadow of Death (The Shadow of Death)
14. The Discomfort Zone (The Discomfort Zone)
15. Fish Out of Water (Fish Out of Water)
16. Burning Desire (Burning Desire)
17. Love Is Strange (Love Is Strange)
18. Home Is Where the Heart Is (Home Is Where the Heart Is)
19. Maggie Finds Her Soul (Maggie Finds Her Soul)
20. Home to Roost (Home to Roost)
21. Change of Plans (Change of Plans)
2. série
1. Lifelines: Part 1 (Lifelines: Part 1)
2. Lifelines: Part 2 (Lifelines: Part 2)
3. FAP (FAP)
4. Moment of Doubt (Moment of Doubt)
5. Mercury in Retrograde (Mercury in Retrograde)
6. Try to Be Nice, What Does It Get You? (Try to Be Nice, What Does It Get You?)
7. Brother's Keeper (Brother's Keeper)
8. Self Defense (Self Defense)
9. A Rose Is a Rose (A Rose Is a Rose)
10. Silence (Silence)
11. Legacy (Legacy)
12. Two Women (Two Women)
13. The Iceman (The Iceman)
14. Run Through the Jungle (Run Through the Jungle)
15. Thank God, It's Friday (Thank God, It's Friday)
16. Sister, Can You Spare a Dime? (Sister, Can You Spare a Dime?)
17. Crumbling Systems (Crumbling Systems)
18. Diminished Capacity (Diminished Capacity)
19. Wish You Were Here (Wish You Were Here)
20. The Ties That Bind: Part 1 (The Ties That Bind: Part 1)
21. The Ties That Bind: Part 2 (The Ties That Bind: Part 2)
22. Trust Me on This: Part 1 (Trust Me on This: Part 1)
23. Trust Me on This: Part 2 (Trust Me on This: Part 2)