See Dad Run

See Dad Run (See Dad Run)
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. See Dad Lose Janie (See Dad Lose Janie)
3. See Dad Play Coach (See Dad Play Coach)
4. See Dad Rise from the Dead (See Dad Rise from the Dead)
5. See Dad Get Wah-Wah'd (See Dad Get Wah-Wah'd)
6. See Dad Meet Matthew Pearson (See Dad Meet Matthew Pearson)
7. See Dad One Night Only (See Dad One Night Only)
8. See Dad Catch a Rat (See Dad Catch a Rat)
9. See Dad Run Christmas Into the Ground (See Dad Run Christmas Into the Ground)
10. See Dad Campaign (See Dad Campaign)
11. See Dad Get Schooled (See Dad Get Schooled)
12. See Dad Assist Kevin (See Dad Assist Kevin)
13. See Dad Run, But He Can't Hide (See Dad Run, But He Can't Hide)
14. See Dad Get Married and Married (See Dad Get Married and Married)
15. See Dad as the Great and Powerful Hobbs (See Dad as the Great and Powerful Hobbs)
16. See Dad Play Hard to Get (See Dad Play Hard to Get)
17. See Dad Get Janie Into Kindergarten (See Dad Get Janie Into Kindergarten)
18. See Dad Host a Play Group (See Dad Host a Play Group)
19. See Dad Get Attacked by Promzilla (See Dad Get Attacked by Promzilla)
20. See Dad See Through Grandma (See Dad See Through Grandma)
2. série
1. See Dad Swoon (See Dad Swoon)
2. See Dad Get the Family to the Airport (See Dad Get the Family to the Airport)
3. See Dad Be Normal.ish (See Dad Be Normal.ish)
4. See Dad Throw a Birthday Party (See Dad Throw a Birthday Party)
5. See Dad McLivin' with the McGinleys (See Dad McLivin' with the McGinleys)
6. See Dad Prove He Has Chemistry (See Dad Prove He Has Chemistry)
7. See Dad Run a Fever (See Dad Run a Fever)
8. See Dad Send Emily Flowers (See Dad Send Emily Flowers)
9. See Dad Run Halloween (See Dad Run Halloween)
10. See Dad Dance Around the Truth (See Dad Dance Around the Truth)
11. See Dad See Dad Run (See Dad See Dad Run)
12. See Dad Have a Career (See Dad Have a Career)
13. See Dad See Joe Sleepwalk (See Dad See Joe Sleepwalk)
14. See Dad Run Until He Drops (See Dad Run Until He Drops)
15. See Dad Roast the Toast (See Dad Roast the Toast)
3. série
1. See Dad Nail Valentine's Day (See Dad Nail Valentine's Day)
2. See Dad Downsize (See Dad Downsize)
3. See Dad Run Joe Into Detention (See Dad Run Joe Into Detention)
4. See Dad Teach Emily to Drive (See Dad Teach Emily to Drive)
5. See Dad Run Into Marcus' Nephew (See Dad Run Into Marcus' Nephew)
6. See Dad Rough It (See Dad Rough It)
7. See Dad Ruin Joe's Teacher (See Dad Ruin Joe's Teacher)
8. See Dad Lose the Forest for the Treehouse (See Dad Lose the Forest for the Treehouse)
9. See Dad Become Room Mom (See Dad Become Room Mom)
10. See Dad Live at Five (See Dad Live at Five)
11. See Dad Watch Janie Run Away (See Dad Watch Janie Run Away)
12. See Dad Fire Original Katie Again (See Dad Fire Original Katie Again)
13. See Dad Get in the Ring (See Dad Get in the Ring)
14. See Dad Rest His Case (See Dad Rest His Case)
15. See Dad Runner Up (See Dad Runner Up)