Sezame, otevři se

Sezame, otevři se (Sesame Street)
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44. série
18. The Wedding Planner (The Wedding Planner)
19. Lights Camera Bert! (Lights Camera Bert!)
21. Every Plant That Ever Was (Every Plant That Ever Was)
45. série
1. School for Chickens (School for Chickens)
2. Bert's Training Wheels (Bert's Training Wheels)
3. Proud to be Me (Proud to be Me)
4. Numeric-con (Numeric-con)
5. Enthusiastic Penelope (Enthusiastic Penelope)
6. Fifteen's Quinceanera (Fifteen's Quinceanera)
7. A Bicycle Built By Two (A Bicycle Built By Two)
8. Elmo's Dance Video (Elmo's Dance Video)
9. If Me Had That Wand (If Me Had That Wand)
10. Calm Down and Think, Elmo (Calm Down and Think, Elmo)
11. Peter Piper's Purpose (Peter Piper's Purpose)
12. Big Bird Loses His Nest (Big Bird Loses His Nest)
13. Waiting for the Present (Waiting for the Present)
14. Oscar's Trash Plan (Oscar's Trash Plan)
15. Stinky's First Day of Preschool (Stinky's First Day of Preschool)
16. Oscar's Tuxedo (Oscar's Tuxedo)
17. Elmo the Grouch (Elmo the Grouch)
18. Friendship Day (Friendship Day)
19. Chaos at Hooper's Store (Chaos at Hooper's Store)
20. Bert's Sign Painting Challenge (Bert's Sign Painting Challenge)
21. Papa Bear Goes to Preschool (Papa Bear Goes to Preschool)
22. Jack B. Nimble Can't Sit Down (Jack B. Nimble Can't Sit Down)
23. Upside-Down Nursery Rhymes (Upside-Down Nursery Rhymes)
24. Abby Schools in Cool (Abby Schools in Cool)
25. Grover Does It All (Grover Does It All)
26. Everyday Magic (Everyday Magic)
46. série
1. Bedtime Story (Bedtime Story)
2. Mucko Polo, Grouch Explorer (Mucko Polo, Grouch Explorer)
3. Grover's Street Safari (Grover's Street Safari)
4. Saved by Superfoods (Saved by Superfoods)
7. The Best Friend Band (The Best Friend Band)
8. When Dinosaurs Walked Sesame Street (When Dinosaurs Walked Sesame Street)
9. What I Love About Art (What I Love About Art)
10. Say Thank You to Your Face Day (Say Thank You to Your Face Day)
11. Abby's Fairy Garden (Abby's Fairy Garden)
12. Elmo Steps in for Super Grover (Elmo Steps in for Super Grover)
13. The Princess Story (The Princess Story)
14. Enthusiastic Penelope Penguin (Enthusiastic Penelope Penguin)
15. Birdie and the Beast (Birdie and the Beast)
16. Rocco's Playdate (Rocco's Playdate)
17. Camping Show (Camping Show)
18. A Very Cookie Mother's Day (A Very Cookie Mother's Day)
19. Move It! (Move It!)
20. Hooper's Lockdown (Hooper's Lockdown)
21. To the Moon Elmo (To the Moon Elmo)
22. Chicken Thunderstorms (Chicken Thunderstorms)
26. Elmo & the Bookeneers (Elmo & the Bookeneers)
28. Mi Amiguita Rosita (Mi Amiguita Rosita)
29. Dress-Up Me Club (Dress-Up Me Club)
31. The Good Sport (The Good Sport)
32. Sesame Oceans (Sesame Oceans)
33. Don't Get Pushy (Don't Get Pushy)
34. School for Chickens (School for Chickens)
35. Snazzy Society (Snazzy Society)
47. série
3. Abby Helps Clear Things Up (Abby Helps Clear Things Up)
4. Super Sitters (Super Sitters)
5. Having a Ball (Having a Ball)
6. Elmo's Sweet Ride (Elmo's Sweet Ride)
7. Dress Up (Dress Up)
8. Snuffy's Dance (repeat) (Snuffy's Dance (repeat))
9. Norbert's Birthday (Norbert's Birthday)
10. Elmo Comes Clean (Elmo Comes Clean)
11. Baby Bear Learns About Bees (repeat) (Baby Bear Learns About Bees (repeat))
12. Big Bird's Song (Big Bird's Song)
13. Get Ready for Today (Get Ready for Today)
17. Bike Show with a Beat (Bike Show with a Beat)
23. Elmo and Rosita's Rainbow Search (repeat) (Elmo and Rosita's Rainbow Search (repeat))
24. Father's Day (Father's Day)
25. Recycling Fairy (Recycling Fairy)
28. Bert and Ernie Make a Movie (repeat) (Bert and Ernie Make a Movie (repeat))
30. Cast Iron Cooks (repeat) (Cast Iron Cooks (repeat))
35. House of Worm (House of Worm)
36. Wild Animals Shop for Lunch (repeat) (Wild Animals Shop for Lunch (repeat))
37. Sheep in a Jet Pack (Sheep in a Jet Pack)
38. Rocking Rollie (Rocking Rollie)
42. The Camouflage Game (The Camouflage Game)
43. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Twinkle Twinkle Little Star)
44. Bert and Ernie Make a Movie (Bert and Ernie Make a Movie)
45. Big Bird's Big Move (Big Bird's Big Move)
46. Battle of the Chefs (Battle of the Chefs)
47. Hello Rudy (Hello Rudy)
48. Rudy Lets Loose (Rudy Lets Loose)