Star proti silám zla

Star proti silám zla (Star vs. the Forces of Evil)
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1. série
1. Star Comes to Earth/Party with a Pony (Star Comes to Earth/Party with a Pony)
2. Monster Arm/The Other Exchange Student (Monster Arm/The Other Exchange Student)
3. Match Maker/School Spirit (Match Maker/School Spirit)
4. Cheer Up Star/Quest Buy (Cheer Up Star/Quest Buy)
5. Diaz Family Vacation/Brittney's Party (Diaz Family Vacation/Brittney's Party)
6. Mewberty/Pixtopia (Mewberty/Pixtopia)
7. Lobster Claws/Sleep Spells (Lobster Claws/Sleep Spells)
8. Blood Moon Ball/Fortune Cookies (Blood Moon Ball/Fortune Cookies)
9. Freeze Day/Royal Pain (Freeze Day/Royal Pain)
10. St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses (St. Olga's Reform School for Wayward Princesses)
11. Mewnipendence Day/The Banagic Incident (Mewnipendence Day/The Banagic Incident)
12. Interdimensional Field Trip/Marco Grows A Beard (Interdimensional Field Trip/Marco Grows A Beard)
13. Storm the Castle (Storm the Castle)
2. série
1. My New Wand! (My New Wand!)
2. Ludo in the Wild (Ludo in the Wild)
3. Mr. Candle Cares (Mr. Candle Cares)
4. Red Belt (Red Belt)
5. Star on Wheels (Star on Wheels)
6. Fetch (Fetch)
7. Star vs. Echo Creek (Star vs. Echo Creek)
8. Wand to Wand (Wand to Wand)
9. Starstruck (Starstruck)
10. Camping Trip (Camping Trip)
11. Starsitting (Starsitting)
12. On the Job (On the Job)
13. Goblin Dogs (Goblin Dogs)
14. By the Book (By the Book)
15. Game of Flags (Game of Flags)
16. Girls' Day Out (Girls' Day Out)
17. Sleepover (Sleepover)
18. Gift of the Card (Gift of the Card)
19. Friendenemies (Friendenemies)
20. Is Mystery (Is Mystery)
21. Hungry Larry (Hungry Larry)
22. Spider with a Top Hat (Spider with a Top Hat)
23. Into the Wand (Into the Wand)
24. Pizza Thing (Pizza Thing)
25. Page Turner (Page Turner)
26. Naysaya (Naysaya)
27. Bon Bon the Birthday Clown, Part 1 (Bon Bon the Birthday Clown, Part 1)
28. Bon Bon the Birthday Clown, Part 2 (Bon Bon the Birthday Clown, Part 2)
29. Raid the Cave (Raid the Cave)
30. Trickstar (Trickstar)
31. Baby (Baby)
32. Running With Scissors (Running With Scissors)
33. Mathmagic (Mathmagic)
34. The Bounce Lounge (The Bounce Lounge)
35. Crystal Clear (Crystal Clear)
36. The Hard Way (The Hard Way)
37. Heinous (Heinous)
38. All Belts Are Off (All Belts Are Off)
39. Collateral Damage (Collateral Damage)
40. Just Friends (Just Friends)
41. Face The Music (Face The Music)
42. Starcrushed (Starcrushed)