Suspense (Suspense)
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1. série
1. Revenge (Revenge)
2. Suspicion (Suspicion)
3. Cabin B-13 (Cabin B-13)
4. The Man Upstairs (The Man Upstairs)
5. After Dinner Story (After Dinner Story)
6. The Creeper (The Creeper)
7. A Night at an Inn (A Night at an Inn)
8. Dead Ernest (Dead Ernest)
9. Post Mortem (Post Mortem)
10. The Monkey's Paw (The Monkey's Paw)
11. Murder Through the Looking Glass (Murder Through the Looking Glass)
12. The Doors on the Thirteenth Floor (The Doors on the Thirteenth Floor)
13. The Yellow Scarf (The Yellow Scarf)
14. Help Wanted (Help Wanted)
15. Stolen Empire (Stolen Empire)
16. The Hands of Mr. Ottermole (The Hands of Mr. Ottermole)
2. série
1. Lunch Box (Lunch Box)
2. Collector's Item (Collector's Item)
3. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)
4. The Comic Strip Murder (The Comic Strip Murder)
5. Dr. Violet (Dr. Violet)
6. A Cask of Amontillado (A Cask of Amontillado)
7. The Serpent Ring (The Serpent Ring)
8. The Murderer (The Murderer)
9. Black Passage (Black Passage)
10. Suspicion (Suspicion)
11. The Thin Edge of Violence (The Thin Edge of Violence)
12. The Third One (The Third One)
13. Man in the House (Man in the House)
14. The Scar (The Scar)
15. The Gray Helmet (The Gray Helmet)
16. The Seeker and the Sought (The Seeker and the Sought)
17. The Case of Lady Sannox (The Case of Lady Sannox)
18. Morning Boat to Africa (Morning Boat to Africa)
19. The Bomber Command (The Bomber Command)
20. Summer Storm (Summer Storm)
21. The Horizontal Man (The Horizontal Man)
22. The Distant Island (The Distant Island)
23. Escape This Night (Escape This Night)
24. The Suicide Club (The Suicide Club)
25. Roman Holiday (Roman Holiday)
26. The Man Who Talked in His Sleep (The Man Who Talked in His Sleep)
27. The Ledge (The Ledge)
28. The Parcel (The Parcel)
29. My Old Man's Badge (My Old Man's Badge)
30. The Second Class Passenger (The Second Class Passenger)
31. 1000 To One (1000 To One)
32. Steely, Steely Eyes (Steely, Steely Eyes)
33. Murder at the Mardi Gras (Murder at the Mardi Gras)
34. The Gentleman from America (The Gentleman from America)
35. Death of a Dummy (Death of a Dummy)
36. Red Wine (Red Wine)
37. One and One's a Lonesome (One and One's a Lonesome)
38. Photo Finish (Photo Finish)
39. Listen, Listen (Listen, Listen)
40. Black Bronze (Black Bronze)
41. I'm No Hero (I'm No Hero)
42. Wisteria Cottage (Wisteria Cottage)
3. série
1. Poison (Poison)
2. A Pocketful of Murder (A Pocketful of Murder)
3. Edge of Panic (Edge of Panic)
4. Dark Shadows (Dark Shadows)
5. Six to One (Six to One)
6. The Monkey's Paw (The Monkey's Paw)
7. Criminals Mark (Criminals Mark)
8. The Man Who Would Be King (The Man Who Would Be King)
9. Breakdown (Breakdown)
10. Halloween Hold-Up (Halloween Hold-Up)
11. Nightmare (Nightmare)
12. The Brush Off (The Brush Off)
13. The Death Cards (The Death Cards)
14. The Hands of Mr. Ottermole (The Hands of Mr. Ottermole)
15. The Guy from Nowhere (The Guy from Nowhere)
16. The Mallet (The Mallet)
17. Dancing Dan's Christmas (Dancing Dan's Christmas)
18. The Tip (The Tip)
19. Death in a River (Death in a River)
20. Tough Cop (Tough Cop)
21. The Fool's Heart (The Fool's Heart)
22. Dead Fall (Dead Fall)
23. The Rose Garden (The Rose Garden)
24. Night Break (Night Break)
25. Double Entry (Double Entry)
26. The Victims (The Victims)
27. Margin for Safety (Margin for Safety)
28. Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde)
29. On a Country Road (On a Country Road)
30. Telephone Call (Telephone Call)
31. The Three of Silence (The Three of Silence)
32. Go Home Dead Man (Go Home Dead Man)
33. The Foggy Night Visitor (The Foggy Night Visitor)
34. The Juiceman (The Juiceman)
35. Murderers' Meeting (Murderers' Meeting)
36. No Friend Like an Old Friend (No Friend Like an Old Friend)
37. Murder in the Ring (Murder in the Ring)
38. Too Hot to Live (Too Hot to Live)
39. Escape This Night (Escape This Night)
40. Vamp Till Dead (Vamp Till Dead)
41. The Call (The Call)
42. De Mortuis (De Mortuis)
43. A Killing in Abilene (A Killing in Abilene)
44. The Greatest Crime (The Greatest Crime)
45. Blood on the Trumpet (Blood on the Trumpet)
46. Tent on the Beach (Tent on the Beach)
47. Wisteria Cottage (Wisteria Cottage)
48. The Incident at Story Point (The Incident at Story Point)
49. A Vision of Death (A Vision of Death)
50. Killers of the City (Killers of the City)
51. Death Sabre (Death Sabre)
52. This Is Your Confession: Part 1 (This Is Your Confession: Part 1)
53. This Is Your Confession: Part 2 (This Is Your Confession: Part 2)
54. This Way Out (This Way Out)
55. Strange for a Killer (Strange for a Killer)
4. série
1. Merryman's Murder (Merryman's Murder)
2. Doctor Anonymous (Doctor Anonymous)
3. Santa Fe Flight (Santa Fe Flight)
4. High Street (High Street)
5. The Fifth Dummy (The Fifth Dummy)
6. The Train from Czechoslovakia (The Train from Czechoslovakia)
7. Court Day (Court Day)
8. Moonfleet: Part 1 (Moonfleet: Part 1)
9. Moonfleet: Part 2 (Moonfleet: Part 2)
10. Frisco Payoff (Frisco Payoff)
11. Mikki (Mikki)
12. The Far- Off House (The Far- Off House)
13. Mediation in Mexico (Mediation in Mexico)
14. Pier 17 (Pier 17)
15. The Lonely Place (The Lonely Place)
16. Routine Patrol (Routine Patrol)
17. Flare Week (Flare Week)
18. The Spider (The Spider)
19. The Red Signal (The Red Signal)
20. Death Drum (Death Drum)
21. Betrayal in Vienna (Betrayal in Vienna)
22. North of Shanghai (North of Shanghai)
23. Summer Night (Summer Night)
24. Night Drive (Night Drive)
25. Day of Infamy (Day of Infamy)
26. Four Days to Kill (Four Days to Kill)
27. The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Part 1 (The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Part 1)
28. The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Part 2 (The Mystery of Edwin Drood: Part 2)
29. Black Panther (Black Panther)
30. Night of Evil (Night of Evil)
31. Alibi Me (Alibi Me)
32. The Purloined Letter (The Purloined Letter)
33. The Mandarin Murders (The Mandarin Murders)
34. The Corsage (The Corsage)
35. Hunted Down (Hunted Down)
36. The Debt (The Debt)
37. Murder of Necessity (Murder of Necessity)
38. House of Masks (House of Masks)
39. Phantom of the Riveria (Phantom of the Riveria)
40. Night of Reckoning (Night of Reckoning)
41. Fifty Beautiful Girls (Fifty Beautiful Girls)
42. For the Love of Randi (For the Love of Randi)
43. The Crooked Frame (The Crooked Frame)
44. Death Cargo (Death Cargo)
45. Remember Me? (Remember Me?)
46. Her Last Adventure (Her Last Adventure)
47. Woman in Love (Woman in Love)
48. The Old Lady of Bayeux (The Old Lady of Bayeux)
49. Call from a Killer (Call from a Killer)
50. The Return of Dr. Bourdette (The Return of Dr. Bourdette)
51. Set-Up for Death (Set-Up for Death)
52. The Beach of Falesa (The Beach of Falesa)
53. The Man in the Mirror (The Man in the Mirror)
5. série
1. Blue Panther (Blue Panther)
2. The Man Who Had Seven Hours (The Man Who Had Seven Hours)
3. All Hallow's Eve (All Hallow's Eve)
4. The Moving Target (The Moving Target)
5. Monsieur Vidocq (Monsieur Vidocq)
6. The Whispering Killer (The Whispering Killer)
7. A Time of Innocence (A Time of Innocence)
8. The Girl Who Saw Tomorrow (The Girl Who Saw Tomorrow)
9. The Tortured Hand (The Tortured Hand)
10. The Deadly Lamb (The Deadly Lamb)
11. The Invisible Killer (The Invisible Killer)
12. Little Camorra (Little Camorra)
13. Mr. Matches (Mr. Matches)
14. Vacancy for Death (Vacancy for Death)
15. Career (Career)
16. Mutiny Below (Mutiny Below)
17. A Study in Stone (A Study in Stone)
18. The Quarry (The Quarry)
19. They Haven't Killed Me Yet (They Haven't Killed Me Yet)
20. The Kiss-Off (The Kiss-Off)
21. The Legend of Lizzie (The Legend of Lizzie)
22. The Black Prophet (The Black Prophet)
23. Portrait of Constance (Portrait of Constance)
24. Death in the Cave (Death in the Cave)
25. Kiss Me Again, Stranger (Kiss Me Again, Stranger)
26. The Duel (The Duel)
27. F.O.B. Vienna (F.O.B. Vienna)
28. The Suitor (The Suitor)
29. The Death of an Editor (The Death of an Editor)
30. Come Into My Parlor (Come Into My Parlor)
31. The Adventure of the Black Baronet (The Adventure of the Black Baronet)
32. The Queen's Ring (The Queen's Ring)
33. The Man Who Cried Wolf (The Man Who Cried Wolf)
34. See No Evil (See No Evil)
35. The Signal Man (The Signal Man)
36. The Fury of Señorita Gomez (The Fury of Señorita Gomez)
37. The Mascot (The Mascot)
38. The Dutch Schultz Story (The Dutch Schultz Story)
39. Pigeons in the Cave (Pigeons in the Cave)
40. The Dance (The Dance)
41. Vial of Death (Vial of Death)
42. Point Blank (Point Blank)
43. Nightmare at Ground Zero (Nightmare at Ground Zero)
44. Death in the Passing (Death in the Passing)
45. Paradise Junction (Paradise Junction)
46. Reign of Terror (Reign of Terror)
47. The Darkest Night (The Darkest Night)
48. The Riddle of Mayerling (The Riddle of Mayerling)
6. série
1. The Sister (The Sister)
2. Death at Skirkerud Pond (Death at Skirkerud Pond)
3. The Accounting (The Accounting)
4. The Valley of the Kings (The Valley of the Kings)
5. The Others (The Others)
6. The Interruption (The Interruption)
7. Needle in a Haystack (Needle in a Haystack)
8. The Newcomer (The Newcomer)
9. My Short Walk to Freedom (My Short Walk to Freedom)
10. Laugh It Off (Laugh It Off)
11. The Dance (The Dance)
12. Cagliostro and the Chess Player (Cagliostro and the Chess Player)
13. The Gift of Fear (The Gift of Fear)
14. Mr. Nobody (Mr. Nobody)
15. Diamonds in the Sky (Diamonds in the Sky)
16. The Scrap Iron Curtain (The Scrap Iron Curtain)
17. The Haunted (The Haunted)
18. An Affair with a Ghost (An Affair with a Ghost)
19. The Man Who Wouldn't Talk (The Man Who Wouldn't Talk)
20. The Moonstone (The Moonstone)
21. The Execution (The Execution)
22. Death on the Screen (Death on the Screen)
23. I Do Solemnly Swear (I Do Solemnly Swear)
24. Before the Act (Before the Act)
25. The Fourth Degree (The Fourth Degree)
26. The Tenth Reunion (The Tenth Reunion)
27. Torment (Torment)
28. Open Transom (Open Transom)
29. Operation: Barracuda (Operation: Barracuda)
30. The Return Journey (The Return Journey)
31. The Terror Begins (The Terror Begins)
32. Smoke (Smoke)
33. Operation Nightmare (Operation Nightmare)
34. Breakout (Breakout)
35. Fingerprints (Fingerprints)
36. Race Against Murder (Race Against Murder)
37. North Side (North Side)
38. The Pistol Shot (The Pistol Shot)
39. String (String)
40. The Hunted (The Hunted)
41. The Girl in Car Thirty-two (The Girl in Car Thirty-two)
42. Conversation at an Inn (Conversation at an Inn)
43. Once a Killer (Once a Killer)
44. Main Feature: Death (Main Feature: Death)
45. The Last Stand (The Last Stand)
46. The Iron Cop (The Iron Cop)
47. Barn Burning (Barn Burning)