Wildfire (Wildfire)
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1. série
1. Pilot, Part 1 (Pilot, Part 1)
2. Pilot, Part 2 (Pilot, Part 2)
3. Trust (Trust)
4. Mothers (Mothers)
5. Guilty (Guilty)
6. The Claiming Race (The Claiming Race)
7. Lost & Found (Lost & Found)
8. The Track (The Track)
9. The Party (The Party)
10. Identity (Identity)
11. Tina Sharp (Tina Sharp)
12. Impressions (Impressions)
13. Loyalty (Loyalty)
2. série
1. Try It Without the Porsche (Try It Without the Porsche)
2. Opportunity Knocks (Opportunity Knocks)
3. A Good Convict Is Hard to Find (A Good Convict Is Hard to Find)
4. Dangerous Liaisons (Dangerous Liaisons)
5. Family Matters (Family Matters)
6. Nothing Takes the Past Away Like the Future (Nothing Takes the Past Away Like the Future)
7. Taking Off (Taking Off)
8. Fear (Fear)
9. Breakdown (Breakdown)
10. 51/49 (51/49)
11. Who Are You (Who Are You)
12. For Love or Money (For Love or Money)
13. Best Laid Plans (Best Laid Plans)
3. série
1. Fairy Tale Endings (Fairy Tale Endings)
2. The Feud (The Feud)
3. Moving On (Moving On)
4. Close to Home (Close to Home)
5. Love vs. Work (Love vs. Work)
6. Kiss Kiss (Kiss Kiss)
7. Push Me, Pull You (Push Me, Pull You)
8. The Goodbye (The Goodbye)
9. Heartless (Heartless)
10. Diplomacy (Diplomacy)
11. You Can't Count on Me (You Can't Count on Me)
12. Picking Sides (Picking Sides)
13. So Long Pardner (So Long Pardner)
4. série
1. The More Things Change: Part 1 (The More Things Change: Part 1)
2. The More Things Change: Part 2 (The More Things Change: Part 2)
3. Calm (Calm)
4. Flames (Flames)
5. The Friend (The Friend)
6. Friendship/Passion (Friendship/Passion)
7. Commitment Issues (Commitment Issues)
8. Life's Too Short (Life's Too Short)
9. Vows (Vows)
10. The Comeback (The Comeback)
11. Being Mrs. Junior (Being Mrs. Junior)
12. The Ties That Bind: Part I (The Ties That Bind: Part I)
13. The Ties That Bind: Part 2 (The Ties That Bind: Part 2)
Prison Break