Zlomysl (Iznogoud)
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1. série
1. The Hideaway Bed (The Hideaway Bed)
2. Hats Off! (Hats Off!)
3. The Magic Catalogue (The Magic Catalogue)
4. Hopping back to the Future (Hopping back to the Future)
5. Iznogoud's Unlucky Star (Iznogoud's Unlucky Star)
6. Iznogoud's Student (Iznogoud's Student)
7. Big Eyes (Big Eyes)
8. The Time Machine (The Time Machine)
9. Croaking the Night Away (Croaking the Night Away)
10. One for the Road (One for the Road)
11. State Visit (State Visit)
12. The Mysterious Poster Hanger (The Mysterious Poster Hanger)
13. The Pic-Nic (The Pic-Nic)
14. The Sultan's Double (The Sultan's Double)
15. The Western Potion (The Western Potion)
16. The Genie (The Genie)
17. Goldfingers (Goldfingers)
18. Incognito (Incognito)
19. It's a Dog's Tune (It's a Dog's Tune)
20. A Wonderful Machine (A Wonderful Machine)
21. The Curse of the Diamond (The Curse of the Diamond)
22. Close Encounters of an Odd Kind (Close Encounters of an Odd Kind)
23. The Challenge (The Challenge)
24. Slip Sliding in the Sultanate (Slip Sliding in the Sultanate)
25. The Crazy Cruise (The Crazy Cruise)
26. Watch Out! There's a Fly About! (Watch Out! There's a Fly About!)
27. Giant's Island (Giant's Island)
28. Tall Tales (Tall Tales)
29. Elections in the Sultanate (Elections in the Sultanate)
30. The Wax Museum (The Wax Museum)
31. The Genie of the Mirror (The Genie of the Mirror)
32. The Memory Potion (The Memory Potion)
33. Sweet Dreams (Sweet Dreams)
34. A Fairy Tale (A Fairy Tale)
35. Musical Chairs (Musical Chairs)
36. The Magic Puzzle (The Magic Puzzle)
37. In the Summertime (In the Summertime)
38. The Sultan's Sceptre (The Sultan's Sceptre)
39. The Sheikh's Potion (The Sheikh's Potion)
40. Nut's Day (Nut's Day)
41. The Sultan's Portrait (The Sultan's Portrait)
42. The Mysterious Ointment (The Mysterious Ointment)
43. Iznogoud's Nest Eggs (Iznogoud's Nest Eggs)
44. The Road to Nowhere (The Road to Nowhere)
45. The Invisible Thread (The Invisible Thread)
46. The Magical Carpet (The Magical Carpet)
47. Magic Memories (Magic Memories)
48. Souvenir's Island (Souvenir's Island)
49. The Maze (The Maze)
50. Mean Genie (Mean Genie)
51. Tiger Hunt (Tiger Hunt)
52. A Hairy Statuette (A Hairy Statuette)