Zmije (Viper)
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1. série
1. Pilot (Pilot)
2. Once a Thief ... (Once a Thief ...)
3. Ghosts (Ghosts)
4. Safe as Houses (Safe as Houses)
5. Firehawk (Firehawk)
6. Mind Games (Mind Games)
7. The Face (The Face)
8. Wheels of Fire (Wheels of Fire)
9. Past Tense (Past Tense)
10. Scoop (Scoop)
11. Thief of Hearts (Thief of Hearts)
12. Crown of Thorns (Crown of Thorns)
2. série
1. Winner Take All (Winner Take All)
2. MIG-89 (MIG-89)
3. Condor (Condor)
4. Talk is Cheap (Talk is Cheap)
5. Diamond in the Rough (Diamond in the Rough)
6. Standoff (Standoff)
7. White Fire (White Fire)
8. Die Laughing (Die Laughing)
9. On a Roll (On a Roll)
10. Street Pirates (Street Pirates)
11. Breakdown on Thunder Road (Breakdown on Thunder Road)
12. Manhunt (Manhunt)
13. Turf Wars (Turf Wars)
14. Forget-me-Not (Forget-me-Not)
15. Wheelman (Wheelman)
16. Shutdown (Shutdown)
17. Echo of Murder (Echo of Murder)
18. Thieves Like Us (Thieves Like Us)
19. Cold Storage (Cold Storage)
20. Whistle Blower (Whistle Blower)
21. Black Box (Black Box)
22. The List (The List)
3. série
1. Triple Cross (Triple Cross)
2. Cat and Mouse (Cat and Mouse)
3. The Best Couple (The Best Couple)
4. Hidden Agenda (Hidden Agenda)
5. Out from Oblivion (Out from Oblivion)
6. Storm Watch (Storm Watch)
7. Cold Warriors (Cold Warriors)
8. First Mob Wives' Club (First Mob Wives' Club)
9. Getting MADD (Getting MADD)
10. Wilderness Run (Wilderness Run)
11. Breakout (Breakout)
12. The Getaway (The Getaway)
13. What Makes Sammy Chun (What Makes Sammy Chun)
14. Paper Trail (Paper Trail)
15. Regarding Catlett (Regarding Catlett)
16. Trust No One (Trust No One)
17. Double Team (Double Team)
18. Hot Potato (Hot Potato)
19. Homecoming (Homecoming)
20. Old Acquaintance (Old Acquaintance)
21. Internal Affair (Internal Affair)
22. About Face (About Face)
4. série
1. The Return (The Return)
2. Once a Con (Once a Con)
3. Wisegal (Wisegal)
4. Holy Matrimony (Holy Matrimony)
5. Wanted: Fred or Alive (Wanted: Fred or Alive)
6. The Full Frankie (The Full Frankie)
7. Honest Abe (Honest Abe)
8. Aftermath (Aftermath)
9. Family Matters (Family Matters)
10. The Really Real Re-Enactment (The Really Real Re-Enactment)
11. Best Seller (Best Seller)
12. Seminar from Hell (Seminar from Hell)
13. People Like Us (People Like Us)
14. My Fair Hoodlums (My Fair Hoodlums)
15. Safe House (Safe House)
16. Tiny Bubbles (Tiny Bubbles)
17. Of Course, it's a Miracle (Of Course, it's a Miracle)
18. Holy Terror (Holy Terror)
19. Hell Hath No Fury (Hell Hath No Fury)
20. Attack of the Teki-Ya (Attack of the Teki-Ya)
21. Split Decision - Part: 1 (Split Decision - Part: 1)
22. Split Decision - Part: 2 (Split Decision - Part: 2)
Prison Break