Adventures of Superman

Adventures of Superman (Adventures of Superman)
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1. série
1. Superman on Earth (Superman on Earth)
2. The Haunted Lighthouse (The Haunted Lighthouse)
3. The Case of the Talkative Dummy (The Case of the Talkative Dummy)
4. Mystery of the Broken Statues (Mystery of the Broken Statues)
5. The Monkey Mystery (The Monkey Mystery)
6. Night of Terror (Night of Terror)
7. The Birthday Letter (The Birthday Letter)
8. The Mind Machine (The Mind Machine)
9. Rescue (Rescue)
10. The Secret of Superman (The Secret of Superman)
11. No Holds Barred (No Holds Barred)
12. The Deserted Village (The Deserted Village)
13. The Stolen Costume (The Stolen Costume)
14. Treasure of the Incas (Treasure of the Incas)
15. Double Trouble (Double Trouble)
16. Mystery in Wax (Mystery in Wax)
17. The Runaway Robot (The Runaway Robot)
18. Drums of Death (Drums of Death)
19. The Evil Three (The Evil Three)
20. The Riddle of the Chinese Jade (The Riddle of the Chinese Jade)
21. The Human Bomb (The Human Bomb)
22. Czar of the Underworld (Czar of the Underworld)
23. Ghost Wolf (Ghost Wolf)
24. Crime Wave (Crime Wave)
25. The Unknown People: Part I (The Unknown People: Part I)
26. The Unknown People: Part II (The Unknown People: Part II)
2. série
1. Five Minutes to Doom (Five Minutes to Doom)
2. The Big Squeeze (The Big Squeeze)
3. The Man Who Could Read Minds (The Man Who Could Read Minds)
4. Jet Ace (Jet Ace)
5. Shot in the Dark (Shot in the Dark)
6. The Defeat of Superman (The Defeat of Superman)
7. Superman in Exile (Superman in Exile)
8. A Ghost for Scotland Yard (A Ghost for Scotland Yard)
9. The Dog Who Knew Superman (The Dog Who Knew Superman)
10. The Face and the Voice (The Face and the Voice)
11. The Man in the Lead Mask (The Man in the Lead Mask)
12. Panic in the Sky (Panic in the Sky)
13. The Machine That Could Plot Crimes (The Machine That Could Plot Crimes)
14. Jungle Devil (Jungle Devil)
15. My Friend Superman (My Friend Superman)
16. The Clown Who Cried (The Clown Who Cried)
17. The Boy Who Hated Superman (The Boy Who Hated Superman)
18. Semi-Private Eye (Semi-Private Eye)
19. Perry White's Scoop (Perry White's Scoop)
20. Beware the Wrecker (Beware the Wrecker)
21. The Golden Vulture (The Golden Vulture)
22. Jimmy Olsen, Boy Editor (Jimmy Olsen, Boy Editor)
23. Lady in Black (Lady in Black)
24. Star of Fate (Star of Fate)
25. The Whistling Bird (The Whistling Bird)
26. Around the World with Superman (Around the World with Superman)
3. série
1. Through the Time Barrier (Through the Time Barrier)
2. The Talking Clue (The Talking Clue)
3. The Lucky Cat (The Lucky Cat)
4. Superman Week (Superman Week)
5. Great Caesar's Ghost (Great Caesar's Ghost)
6. Test of a Warrior (Test of a Warrior)
7. Olsen's Millions (Olsen's Millions)
8. Clark Kent, Outlaw (Clark Kent, Outlaw)
9. The Magic Necklace (The Magic Necklace)
10. The Bully of Dry Gulch (The Bully of Dry Gulch)
11. Flight to the North (Flight to the North)
12. The Seven Souvenirs (The Seven Souvenirs)
13. King for a Day (King for a Day)
4. série
1. Joey (Joey)
2. The Unlucky Number (The Unlucky Number)
3. The Big Freeze (The Big Freeze)
4. Peril by Sea (Peril by Sea)
5. Topsy Turvy (Topsy Turvy)
6. Jimmy the Kid (Jimmy the Kid)
7. The Girl Who Hired Superman (The Girl Who Hired Superman)
8. The Wedding of Superman (The Wedding of Superman)
9. Dagger Island (Dagger Island)
10. Blackmail (Blackmail)
11. The Deadly Rock (The Deadly Rock)
12. The Phantom Ring (The Phantom Ring)
13. The Jolly Roger (The Jolly Roger)
5. série
1. Peril in Paris (Peril in Paris)
2. Tin Hero (Tin Hero)
3. The Town That Wasn't (The Town That Wasn't)
4. Tomb of Zaharan (Tomb of Zaharan)
5. The Man Who Made Dreams Come True (The Man Who Made Dreams Come True)
6. Disappearing Lois (Disappearing Lois)
7. Money to Burn (Money to Burn)
8. Close Shave (Close Shave)
9. The Phony Alibi (The Phony Alibi)
10. The Prince Albert Coat (The Prince Albert Coat)
11. The Stolen Elephant (The Stolen Elephant)
12. Mr. Zero (Mr. Zero)
13. Whatever Goes Up (Whatever Goes Up)
6. série
1. The Last Knight (The Last Knight)
2. The Magic Secret (The Magic Secret)
3. Divide and Conquer (Divide and Conquer)
4. The Mysterious Cube (The Mysterious Cube)
5. The Atomic Captive (The Atomic Captive)
6. The Superman Silver Mine (The Superman Silver Mine)
7. The Big Forget (The Big Forget)
8. The Gentle Monster (The Gentle Monster)
9. Superman's Wife (Superman's Wife)
10. Three in One (Three in One)
11. The Brainy Burro (The Brainy Burro)
12. The Perils of Superman (The Perils of Superman)
13. All That Glitters (All That Glitters)