Cagneyová a Laceyová

Cagneyová a Laceyová (Cagney & Lacey)
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1. série
0. Pilot (Pilot)
1. You Call This Plain Clothes? (You Call This Plain Clothes?)
2. Pop Used to Work Chinatown (Pop Used to Work Chinatown)
3. Beyond the Golden Door (Beyond the Golden Door)
4. Street Scene (Street Scene)
5. Suffer the Children (Suffer the Children)
6. Better Than Equal (Better Than Equal)
2. série
1. Witness to an Incident (Witness to an Incident)
2. One of Our Own (One of Our Own)
3. Beauty Burglars (Beauty Burglars)
4. High Steel (High Steel)
5. Hot Line (Hot Line)
6. Internal Affairs (Internal Affairs)
7. Mr. Lonelyhearts (Mr. Lonelyhearts)
8. Conduct Unbecoming (Conduct Unbecoming)
9. I'll Be Home for Christmas (I'll Be Home for Christmas)
10. Recreational Use (Recreational Use)
11. Hopes and Dreams (Hopes and Dreams)
12. The Grandest Jewel Thief of Them All (The Grandest Jewel Thief of Them All)
13. Affirmative Action (Affirmative Action)
14. Open and Shut Case (Open and Shut Case)
15. Jane Doe #37 (Jane Doe #37)
16. Date Rape (Date Rape)
17. Burn Out (Burn Out)
18. Chop Shop (Chop Shop)
19. Let Them Eat Pretzels (Let Them Eat Pretzels)
20. The Gang's All Here (The Gang's All Here)
21. A Cry for Help (A Cry for Help)
22. The Informant (The Informant)
3. série
1. Matinee (Matinee)
2. A Killer's Dozen (A Killer's Dozen)
3. Victimless Crime (Victimless Crime)
4. The Bounty Hunter (The Bounty Hunter)
5. Baby Broker (Baby Broker)
6. Partners (Partners)
7. Choices (Choices)
4. série
1. Child Witness (Child Witness)
2. Heat (Heat)
3. Insubordination (Insubordination)
4. Old Debts (Old Debts)
5. Fathers & Daughters (Fathers & Daughters)
6. Taxicab Murders (Taxicab Murders)
7. Unusual Occurence (Unusual Occurence)
8. Thank God It's Monday (Thank God It's Monday)
9. Hooked (Hooked)
10. Lady Luck (Lady Luck)
11. Out of Control (Out of Control)
12. American Dream (American Dream)
13. Happily Ever After (Happily Ever After)
14. Rules of the Game (Rules of the Game)
15. Stress (Stress)
16. Who Says It's Fair: Part 1 (Who Says It's Fair: Part 1)
17. Who Says It's Fair: Part 2 (Who Says It's Fair: Part 2)
18. Lost and Found (Lost and Found)
19. Two Grand (Two Grand)
20. Con Games (Con Games)
21. Violation (Violation)
22. Organized Crime (Organized Crime)
5. série
1. On the Street (On the Street)
2. Ordinary Hero (Ordinary Hero)
3. The Psychic (The Psychic)
4. Lottery (Lottery)
5. Entrapment (Entrapment)
6. The Clinic (The Clinic)
7. Mothers & Sons (Mothers & Sons)
8. Filial Duty (Filial Duty)
9. Old Ghosts (Old Ghosts)
10. Power (Power)
11. Play It Again, Santa (Play It Again, Santa)
12. The Rapist (The Rapist)
13. Act of Conscience (Act of Conscience)
14. DWI (DWI)
15. The Gimp (The Gimp)
16. Family Connections (Family Connections)
17. Post Partum (Post Partum)
18. The Man Who Shot Trotsky (The Man Who Shot Trotsky)
19. Exit Stage Center (Exit Stage Center)
20. Capitalism (Capitalism)
21. Extradition (Extradition)
22. A Safe Place (A Safe Place)
23. Model Citizens (Model Citizens)
24. Parting Shots (Parting Shots)
6. série
1. Schedule One (Schedule One)
2. Culture Clash (Culture Clash)
3. Sorry, Right Number (Sorry, Right Number)
4. Disenfranchised (Disenfranchised)
5. Role Call (Role Call)
6. The Zealot (The Zealot)
7. The Marathon (The Marathon)
8. Rites of Passage (Rites of Passage)
9. Revenge (Revenge)
10. To Thine Own Self Be True (To Thine Own Self Be True)
11. Cost of Living (Cost of Living)
12. Waste Deep (Waste Deep)
13. Favors (Favors)
14. Ahead of the Game (Ahead of the Game)
15. Easy Does It (Easy Does It)
16. To Sir, with Love (To Sir, with Love)
17. Divine Couriers (Divine Couriers)
18. Right to Remain Silent (Right to Remain Silent)
19. Special Treatment (Special Treatment)
20. Happiness Is a Warm Gun (Happiness Is a Warm Gun)
21. Turn, Turn, Turn: Part 1 (Turn, Turn, Turn: Part 1)
22. Turn, Turn, Turn: Part 2 (Turn, Turn, Turn: Part 2)
7. série
1. No Vacancy (No Vacancy)
2. The City Is Burning (The City Is Burning)
3. Loves Me Not (Loves Me Not)
4. Different Drummer (Different Drummer)
5. You've Come a Long Way, Baby (You've Come a Long Way, Baby)
6. Video Verite (Video Verite)
7. Greed (Greed)
8. Secrets (Secrets)
9. Don't I Know You? (Don't I Know You?)
10. Old Flames (Old Flames)
11. Trading Places (Trading Places)
12. Shadow of a Doubt (Shadow of a Doubt)
13. Hello Goodbye (Hello Goodbye)
14. School Daze (School Daze)
15. Land of the Free (Land of the Free)
16. A Class Act (A Class Act)
17. Button, Button (Button, Button)
18. Amends (Amends)
19. Friendly Fire (Friendly Fire)
20. Yup (Yup)
21. A Fair Shake: Part 1 (A Fair Shake: Part 1)
22. A Fair Shake: Part 2 (A Fair Shake: Part 2)